Mid Cap Funds

Mid Cap Mutual Funds - Appreciating Capital Growth with Consistency

The mid cap funds are those who allocate the assets in the companies fall at 101st to 150th position in the full market capitalisation. These funds keep the principal amount of investors at a moderately high risk to offer them long-term capital appreciation. The mid cap mutual funds are ideal for the investors looking for the wealth creation and have the investment horizon of 5 years or more.

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Fund Name Latest NAV (₹) Rating Return (%) Double Money In 1 Lac Grew To (₹)  
Kotak Emerging Equity Scheme - Growth
Very High risk | Mid Cap  
91.54 5 32.09 5Y 6M 2.33 L Invest
Axis Midcap Fund - Regular Plan - Growth
Very High risk | Mid Cap  
78.61 5 23.09 5Y 5M 1.99 L Invest
132.02 4 35.54 4Y 7M 2.49 L Invest
DSP Midcap Fund - Regular Plan - Growth
Very High risk | Mid Cap  
105.77 4 19.56 8Y 8M 1.88 L Invest
Franklin India Prima Fund-Growth
Very High risk | Mid Cap
1840.93 4 25.59 7Y 11M 1.91 L Invest
2767.81 3 33.2 5Y 4M 2.48 L Invest
ICICI Prudential MidCap Fund - Growth
Average risk | Mid Cap  
194.11 3 31.63 7Y 4M 2.06 L Invest
107.8 3 27.25 5Y 8M 2.19 L Invest
311.52 3 27.19 5Y 10M 2.22 L Invest
62.6 2 35.7 5Y 1M 2.36 L Invest

Mid Cap Funds : The Unparalleled Growth Perspective

The Mid Cap Fund primarily invest in those companies which have been operating in the market for some time now and have gained a little momentum in the path of growth. Initially launched as a small-cap company, over the years of hard-work and ethical working the enterprises that have excelled in the industry are known as the Mid Cap Mutual Fund. The capital employed for the companies is INR. 50-200 Billion. They are the businesses that have shown tremendous growth on the financial front and has made the use of capital in a positive direction. Thus, obtained is the result of the competency of the company to survive through the odds and evens of the financial market and the strategy “ Survival of the fittest holds true here”.

From the variegated categories of equity mutual funds,  top mid cap funds online in India share its own charm. This particular category of the mutual fund family delivers copious returns when markets perform extremely well. On one hand, these funds have the capacity to project the best returns in the bullish market while on the other hand, they tend to show a very subtle return. These variations altogether bring a combined effect on the returns which a client receives from them. Mid cap fund are the mutual fund schemes which aim at investing in those companies that may be small regarding capital employed, but the growth avenues are rising day by day. The shares of these businesses relatively have a decent pricing, and so the investments in such enterprises through the mutual funds lead to greater diversification needs. Thus, clients have access to a more diversified portfolio which leads to secure the money of the clients in a shielded manner.

Mid Cap Mutual Fund: Keynotes

Investing in Mid Cap Funds as discussed may be riskier for your portfolio. But, here are some of the important feature of this category which can facilitate you to enhance the quality and diversification of your portfolio on the whole.

  1. Tremendous growth perspectives:- Is it possible to compare the growth of a child who is in his growing age and an adult who has crossed the barriers of growth(in terms of height, memory, speech,etc.)? Obviously, it is not possible to expect a year old toddler to ride a bike himself. Similarly, one cannot accept the sight of a 25 years old person to act like a small kid. The reason for the reaction is the knowledge that we have gained over the years. The child as we all know will grow at a faster pace by acquiring strength and developing the body parts. But, as far as the growth of adult is concerned there is no scope for increasing the height, the only growth over the years will be the growing signs of aging. Similarly, mid cap fund invests in the companies which have extreme growth chances to facilitate the clients in order to get the maximum returns from their mutual fund schemes as compared to the well-established companies.
  2. Long-term association is required:- Warren Buffet once said,”If you are not willing to own a stock for 10 years, then don’t even think of owning it for 10 minutes”. It means that the clients have to be very patient while investing in the these mutual funds. As these investments have higher growth potential at the same time, it takes a little longer to show the returns. The clients have to invest for a stretched span of time, and so they will have to hold constantly their investments in the schemes which would average their returns. As discussed earlier the mid cap mutual funds falls prey to the market tantrums quickly and at the same time has the power to recover from that loss in the bullish times. So, if the client invests for a long time spell, it would be easier for them in order to use their money optimally and get a copious return for their investments.
  3. More resources can be deployed:- Mid-cap companies have a lot of capacity to use up the extra resources for expanding the business. Thus, the top mid cap fund online investment plan have the perspective of making growth through the extreme ability of the companies to accommodate more and more resources generating more profits by increasing their productivity. Whereas the giant companies have most of their resources exhausted and if they have to diversify they require a huge capital to do so. Thus, they make a profit from their existing productivity and even if they grow then too it is a slow process. But, the Mid-cap companies make rapid progress and try to achieve their goals.

Thus, mid cap mutual fund is capable of providing investment avenues for the clients which will not only help them to maximize profit but tend to earn higher amount of profits in the long run. The clients thus have to make sure that their investment follows a constant path towards achieving their financial goals. My SIP Online provides the best possible solutions for the clients to invest in mid-cap mutual funds through SIP through the online mode and can calculate the return using SIP return calculator. Clients can enjoy the liberty of choosing their schemes and customize their portfolio. However, our team of experts is ready to assist customers as and when they require.

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Mysip online is a fantastic online platform for investing in mutual funds. I invested in mid cap fund through this portal as I wanted to achieve higher returns on my investment. Before I started investing at MySIPonline, I visited many other online portals and researched for the one providing the best services. I found it more convenient than the other, and the services it provides are awesome. Thanks!!! I am willing to add more schemes into my portfolio, if you have any advisory services too then kindly provide.
Vipul Chattopadhyay Kolkata, West Bengal
I am a clerk and do not have ample amount to invest in stock market. I wanted to accumulate wealth in the coming 10 years for providing a better future to my children. On a relative’s advice I registered on My SIP online. The expert team advised me to invest in mid cap fund online. It has been 5 years now and I am more than satisfied with the returns of my investment.
Vineet Sharma Bangalore, Karnataka
Best experience of investing in mutual funds. My SIP Online is offering extremely great services of investing in mf online. I have an investment portfolio which contains three mid cap funds. I chose all the schemes as per the recommendation and found them very effective too. Even I have researched for the data and facts shown on the portal, and I found them correct and usable. Thanks.
Ankush Bansal Mumbai, Maharashtra
I considered the mid cap funds as low grade and did not even think of investing in them. Once in a discussion with my friends I came to know about the productivity of these schemes and also about Mysiponline. I started investing in mid-cap mutual funds through online SIP plans. I was able to earn returns more than any other scheme I have ever known. I suggest them to everyone now.
Shikhar Vyas Chennai, Tamil Nadu
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