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Mutual Funds in India are Paving Way for Golden Future

A fact has been brought to light by a report, suggesting that, people in India are terror-stricken to invest their money in mutual funds market owing to the mounting risks and inadequacy of guidance. People have attached many myths with mutual fund investing and the myths spread like bacteria in the air. These myths are gripping their fingers because the people tend to believe what they hear. “Half-knowledge is more harmful than no knowledge”, perfectly coincides here. Hence, the clients should not formulate any flawed beliefs. Thorough research is quite necessary before investing your hard-earned money.

Online Mutual Fund: Myths Prevailing in the Market

Some misconceptions are ruling the mutual fund market in India. They need to be disentangled, so that, the light of the mutual funds can dawn upon each and every investor equally. The following are the myths related to the investing industry, read and understand them carefully:

  1. Investing is only possible through lump sum: People who believe that an investor can investonly when he/she has an ample amount to invest should get their facts updated soon or else they will mislead themselves as well as others. The answer to this misconception lies in the elementary principle which says, there are two investment strategies followed in mf namely, Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) and lump sum. Through SIP, an investor can invest online in mutual funds using equal installments on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis. On the other hand lump sum is a one-time investment scheme. Thus, there is no restriction on the amount to be invested through it. It depends entirely on the financial status and preference of the client.
  2. Capital investment and mutual fund investment are identical: The money invested through MF's is re-invested in the share market, and then too, it is entirely different from directly investing in share market. When an investor invests directly in the share market, the burden of the investment is solely borne by him. The funds are directly affected by the bullish and bearish fluctuations of the market. In addition, to this, one single investor can’t invest in all the separate companies at the same time. In contrast, to the capital investment, investing in funds principally focuses on pooling up the investment of similar kind of investors and then re-invest their money through the schemes which fulfills the requirements of the clients on the whole. In mutual fund investing, the clients are secure from the direct shocks of the market fluctuations. Also, when the funds are pooled up through the AMCs (Asset Management Companies) an enormous amount is conglomerated, facilitating diversified investment, which would otherwise be difficult with a single investor.
  3. Investing in an eminent MF will reap high returns: Its performance doesn’t depend on the ranking it gets through CRISIL or any other rating agency. It is the other way round. The ranking signifies that the rating agencies provide the score to the schemes by the performance they show. The rating is no benchmark for the performance of the funds, as it keeps on changing monthly. Thus, choose a fund depending on your need and not based on its score. Each AMC harbors a variety of funds to cater to the needs of diverse customers.

Mutual Funds Advantages:

The above myths have highly moved people away from the mutual funds despite serving with countless benefits. The below given are a few key benefits of mutual fund that give it an upper hand over capital investment. They are as follows:

  • Safe and secure: The investment through mf is an indirect investment in the capital market. Even though the funds are affected by the market fluctuations but the impact is quite low as compared to the direct investment in the capital market. For example, Ram invests Rs. 50,000/- directly in the share market. When the market is bearish, it may be possible that the worth of Mr. Ram's investment becomes Rs.45,000/-. This shows a direct impact on his finances. Now, look at Mr. Mohan, who is investing Rs. 40,000/- through mutual funds. This calculation is made easy with the help of online SIP calculator and can see even with the fluctuating market situations, his money worth will not fluctuate. Only the number of units he will get in return of the investment will differ. Thus, making online mutual funds investment a much easier task for the clients having time and money constraints.
  • Optimum profit maximization: It optimizes the profit generation process. The simple reason being the pooled investment strategy. The AMCs pools up investment of many small investors which form quite a substantial amount. The small investors may not be able to invest in diversified portfolios, but the AMCs are easily able to do so.
  • Long-term perspective: This industry earns profit mainly from the capital market. Therefore, it follows the same rule as the capital market. Only long-term view gives an increased rate of return to the investor. Either lump sum or SIP gives you profit when you give it time to grow. For example, if you take a SIP at the age of 30 years till your retirement. The amount of the SIP is Rs. 4000/- monthly. Your total amount invested will be Rs. 14,40,000/-. Let us say your fund grows at 10% p.a., then your corpus will be Rs. 91,17,301/-. Now, if your friend starts his investment late at the age of 40 years and continues to invest till retirement a sum of Rs. 6000/- monthly. Then his total amount invested may be equal to your total amount invested. But, his corpus will be much less (Rs. 45,94,181/-) given the same rate of interest. Therefore, the difference is clearly reflected in the figures.
  • Diversification in portfolio: It allow greater diversification regarding portfolio. You might be thinking the work of diversification can be accomplished by investing directly in the capital market also. The same is not true. Let us assume a person having a surplus of Rs. 60,000 intends to put the entire money in the listed Large-cap industries. But with a small amount as this it is not possible to invest in the shares of all the giant players individually. But, it can be made possible with the help of this industry. There are many schemes of the AMCs, which invest solely in the listed Large-Cap companies.

The mutual fund industry provides you an unmatched alternative homing an amalgamation of capital investment and security in one single scheme. Even with the soaring distress in the market, it seems to be an unparalleled resort of efficient and effective investing. The experts at MySIPOnline review the performance of all the schemes constantly before suggesting them to the investors. After the ground work is consummated minutely, the plans make their way to our website.

What our clients say...
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  • “Mutual funds are subject to market risk” this is the single line which created a doubt in me when I used to think about investing in mutual funds. But one day I came across a post from, after reading which I felt a bit comfortable and contacted their customer support. They told me about debt schemes through which I can enjoy moderate growth with minimal risk. It has been 3 years and my investments have only gone up. Thank you very much for the help guys.

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