What is a Mutual Fund?

Mutual Fund is an investment option where money is collected from people that share common investment interest. This collective investment is then managed by professional mutual fund managers to provide investors with optimal returns. MySIPonline offers the simplest way of investing in mutual funds online with the best recommendations by the expert. Get the complete overview of Types of Mutual Funds, Best Funds to Buy, Advantages of Mutual Fund Investment & much more.

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Top MF Schemes To Invest

No schemes in Mutual Fund can be termed as the best as there are thousands of schemes available. The scheme that will be best-suited to one depends entirely on the aims and needs. The experts at MySIPonline have chosen some mutual Funds schemes which can suit the majority of investors according to the latest market trends. These schemes are selected after comprehensive research on several parameters. They have performed well in the past and possess a beneficial prospect due to many reasons.

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Fund Name Latest NAV (₹) Rating Return (%) Double Money In (Yrs) 1 Lac Grew To (₹)  
17.84 1.7 1.65 L Invest
17.49 1.5 1.62 L Invest
15.57 2.5 1.55 L Invest
14.54 12.3 1.50 L Invest
14.54 1.9 1.51 L Invest
14.5 2.6 1.50 L Invest
14.11 37.8 1.49 L Invest
13.96 2.9 1.48 L Invest
13.54 11.6 1.47 L Invest
13.49 10 1.46 L Invest

Mutual Funds - Overview

Mutual fund is known to be one of the best investment avenues in India. Learn about what are mutual funds, how it works and benefits of mutual fund investment.

  • Types

    Mutual funds are divided into various categories based on the asset class and method of investment. SEBI has stated the parameters for multiple categories of mutual funds which are discussed below.

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  • Benefits

    MF have multiple benefits which favour the statement of AMFI 'Mutual Fund Sahi Hai.' Due to several advantages, its popularity is rapidly increasing along with the number of investors.

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  • Objectives

    The Mutual Funds are chosen to fulfil various financial goals in a convenient and efficient manner. The objectives for which mutual funds investments are most commonly chosen are described below.

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  • Direct Vs Regular Funds

    MFs are available to everyone in two different plans, namely direct plans and regular plans.

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  • Methods of Investing

    SIP and lumpsum are the two methods of investing in mf. There are various advantages as well as disadvantages of one over the other.

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  • How to Choose Mutual Funds

    An investor can select the best scheme for oneself if he/she reads the various parameters of the mutual fund schemes before investing in.

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How does Mutual Fund Works?

Each investment in mutual funds allots specific units to the investor, which represent holdings in a particular fund. The price of the unit depends upon the 'Net Asset Value' or NAV. The profits generated through investments is dispersed proportionally to every unit of the mutual fund. The gain or loss of the investment in mutual funds depends entirely on the rise and fall of the NAV. Let's take an example of a mutual fund, say X fund whose NAV is Rs 10. An investor buys 100 units of that fund which will cost him Rs 1000. Now, if the NAV of X fund becomes 12 after a year, his investment will be worth of Rs 1200 with a gain of 20%. After knowing the working procedure of the mutual fund investments, you might be wondering how the NAV grows? The answer is simple to understand. The corpus of mutual funds is invested in multiple securities, and the average of fluctuations in all the investments is taken out. If the average is positive, then the NAV will grow, and if the average is negative, it will fall, and the fund will provide loss.

Why you Need Mutual Funds?

Mutual funds are not only a platform to invest in a most convenient manner but also an opportunity to grab the most beneficial returns by a laymen. It allows an investor to take advantage of the professionally managed investments without the fundamental knowledge or financial background. It can secure your financial future in a disciplined manner without incurring financial imbalances. It is an advanced strategy which has revolutionized the savings and investment strategy which in turn is assisting the economic growth of the country. The awareness campaign which is getting popularized in the recent months by the name 'Mutual Fund Sahi Hai' by Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI) has successfully created awareness of the most beneficial investment medium due to which the number of investors has dramatically increased in India. Mutual Fund investments in India own a total corpus of more than Rs 23,30,000 crore under management, and the figure is snowballing along with its popularity.

Who Can Invest in MF?

Mutual funds investment in India provide an opportunity to every resident and non-resident Indian to invest. Though there are some restrictions on investing for the NRIs belonging to the USA and Canada by some of the mutual fund asset management companies, for the residents, the only things required for investment in mutual funds are PAN card and a linked AADHAR card of an adult.

The minor cannot invest on their own, but on their behalf, an adult guardian can use the details of the minor to invest.

Methods of Investing in Mutual Funds

Investments in mf can be made through two different modes:-

1. Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

In a systematic investment plan, which is also known as SIP in mf, a small amount is invested in the selected mutual fund periodically for the selected tenure. The periodicity of the investment can be monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly. The amount so invested allots specific units to the investor's portfolio according to the NAV of the fund at the time of each investment. SIP mode of investment in mf allows the investors to reduce the risk factor as the total amount invested is added to different prices and the average of all the price is taken out which is generally positive in the longer tenure. This phenomenon is called as rupee cost averaging. The investment through SIP is continuously compounded after every investment which increases the value of the invested amount through the power of compounding.

2. Lumpsum Investment

It is a one-time investment in mutual funds in which the units are allotted to the investors depending on the NAV of the fund at the time of entire investment. Lumpsum speculation incurs the market risk and is generally avoided in high-risk funds. The features like rupee cost averaging, and power of compounding are not available in this mode, but it can reward with greater returns if the investment is made at the right time in the particular MF.

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Types of Mutual Funds

Based on asset classes, mutual funds are mainly divided into five categories

What Are The Advantages of Investments in Mutual Funds

After discussing various advantages of mf over other investment options, let us examine the benefits
and features which are rewarded to the investors.

  • Better Returns

    Gains are the top priority for the selection of investment channel for a majority of investors. Mutual funds provide an opportunity to gather maximum capital through variegated portfolio to the investors. The returns of debt schemes are decent but are much better than that of the FDs and RDs. The equity returns are much higher than any other investment method. In the last ten years, on an average, equity schemes have provided 11-16% returns while debt schemes have generated 8-10% annualized returns. Mutual funds offer the best returns in longer tenures.

  • Professional Management

    Mutual funds are managed by the professional fund managers who have expertise in the management of corpus. They are experienced in tracking the movements in the market and are aware of the right time to buy, sell, or accumulate the holdings. With high competition among the AMCs in the market, the fund managers compete against each other to win the trust of the investors and perform better than others. This competition directly benefits the investors who only need to invest, sit back, and relax while watching their money grow through a professionally handled portfolio.

  • No Lock-in Period

    Mutual funds have your back in times of emergency financial needs. Unlike most of the investment channels, they have no lock-in period. The investors can withdraw the redeemable units whenever they wish to, and no extra charges will be incurred if the exit load period is completed. ELSS and solution-oriented schemes are the only categories of mf which have a lock-in period.

  • Convenience

    It focus on delivering the most convenient services to the investors. One of the significant advantages of the mutual funds is the availability of SIP as well as lumpsum mode of investment. The systematic investment allows the investor to create surplus wealth and fulfill their long-term financial goals without imparting financial burden which is not available in other options. The recurring bank deposit is not an option as it doesn't provide enough returns to achieve many financial goals. The withdrawal option is also much comfortable and convenient than any other channel. Similar to SIP, the SWP option allows investors to withdraw a fixed amount periodically. In the Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP), one can redeem the units worth of selected amount periodically from the redeemable units in the portfolio. Investors can choose the most appropriate and suitable mode of investment and withdrawal personally to achieve the set financial goal.

  • Transparency

    The investor is free to track the investments in mutual funds at any time while they are growing or depreciating and take the required actions. They can trace the wealth gain on the invested amount anytime online as well as offline. Apart from that, all the mf companies are under the control of SEBI, which ensure the welfare and transparency of the corpus. The investors can forget about the worries and lead a comfortable lifestyle with the aid of mutual funds.

  • Choices Available

    A large variety is available which serves different goals and follows different strategies out of which the investors can choose the one which suit them the most. Conservative investors can select a less risky debt or hybrid scheme while aggressive investors can go for high return generating equity schemes. Mutual funds provide schemes for all kinds of investors in the most beneficial manner which is why it is considered the most comfortable method of investment.

  • Financial Discipline

    Apart from the benefits in the returns and affordability, mutual funds also embark financial discipline in the lives of investors. The regular investment through SIP for long-term maintains disciplined financial lifestyle while securing the future financially.

There are many more benefits of mutual funds which are easy to grab by anyone. Millions of successful investors have already adapted this lucrative platform and seized multiple benefits, and the numbers are increasing like a wildfire.

Why Is Mutual Funds Better than Other Investment Methods?

Investment is one of the most crucial aspects for any individual in order to avoid the money to lose its buying power in the future. Various channels of investment like bank
FDs and RDs, PPF, Corporate Bonds, etc. are available which are compared in the table below.

Rs 1,000 invested monthly for 20 years in different investment options will become

  • Mutual Funds

    15.2 Lakh

    @15% p.a

  • Bank

    3.65 Lakh

    @4% p.a

  • PPF

    5.65 Lakh

    @7.60% p.a

  • Corporate Bonds

    4.55 Lakh

    @~ 6% p.a

It can be inferred from the above-comparison that investment in mutual funds provide better returns at the expense of moderate risk and have several other
advantages, which are the reasons why it is one of the most appreciated and beneficial investment methods out of all the available options in India.

How to Start Investing in MF In India?

The investments can be made offline as well as online.

Offline Process

KYC form needs to submitted along with a valid proof of ID & Address to the distributor, MF branches, Authorised banks, or dealer's office which can also provide the KYC form to be filled by the investor.

Based on the goals, needs, tenure, risk, and investment horizon the investor needs to select the best performing mutual fund scheme for investment.

If the KYC form is approved, which generally takes 5-7 working days, the investor has to fill the application of the AMC along with a cheque of the amount that needs to be invested. In the case of SIP, the SIP mandate form also needs to be filled and attached for effortless investment directly from the concerned bank account in the future.

Online Process

The investor needs to complete his/her profile by providing required personal details on the website of the provider.

KYC form along with valid ID & address proofs need to be sent physically to the address of MySIPonline.

Select the plan, amount, and other details and start investing right away after depositing the amount online.

As we can infer from these steps, the online procedure is much more comfortable and burden free. The investment can be made within a few clicks while sitting
comfortably on your couch.

Direct Vs Regular Funds

Mutual funds are considered as in two different plans, namely direct plans and regular plans. Direct are the ones which are chosen by the investor personally while regular are the ones suggested by the experts. If we get sick, we can either consult a doctor who can prescribe suitable medicines, or take medication on our own. When it comes to building a house, we can either design our house on our own, or take the assistance of a professional architecture who can look out for the things that we might need. Similarly, a financial expert can give better suggestions for the mutual funds investments which are inline with the requirements and desires of the investor. Due to the availability of a large number of options, it can be perplexing to decide the best mf scheme for oneself. A wrong selection might be harmful to the financial welfare of the investor. Hence, the regular plans can prove out to be much beneficial than the direct plans if you are not a prudent investor.

ParticularsDirect PlanRegular Plan
Assistance / Recommendations No At every point you are are assisted by an Advisor.
NAV Higher Lower
Market analysis Reqiured Yes No
Research on Funds Required Deep analysis required as you may miss and Buy & Sell Opportunity Not required as adviser will assist you
Convenience Less More
Time Consumption More Less

How to Choose Mutual Funds

An investor can select a better scheme for oneself if he/she can read various parameters of the mf schemes. New investors should always take the assistance of the experts until they get familiar with these features and aspects. There are various other criteria to choose the scheme, including:

  • Returns: The parameter which is mostly focused by the laymen investor is the returns in the past which admittedly is one of the most important factors but analysing the performance of trailing and rolling returns under the different market conditions can provide a better idea of the prospect.

  • Fund Management: It is very essential to have an idea of the skill-set of management staff before pacing a bet on the mutual fund as the experience and strategies followed by the manager can immensely affect the outcomes.

  • Risk/Reward Ratio: The risk suitability is one of the most critical factors to be checked before choosing the right mutual fund. The standard deviation represents volatility of the scheme directly while the beta can give the ratio of risk taken by the fund to that of the benchmark. The returns generated by the schemes at the cost of risk influenced can be considered through parameters like Sharpe and Sortino ratios.

  • Investment Strategy: The investor should consider the suitability of the investment strategy followed by the fund according to his/her comfort. The portfolio which is generally chosen by the mutual fund can be analysed for better investment experience.

Many other parameters are required to be considered before investing and achieving the financial goal with prosperity. To invest without a setting, a specific goal is not recommended in MF. Those investors who don't have the time or skills to read about the mutual funds investments should take the assistance of the experts rather than choosing a random scheme and creating financial hardship.

Objectives of Mutual Funds

Millions of investors have taken the advantage of investing online in mutual funds to fulfil multiple objectives.

  • 5yr Return

    • ELSS mutual funds allow tax-saving
    • Tax benefits of up to Rs 50,000
    • Least lock-in of 3 years
    • Most profitable tool under section 80C
  • 5yr Return

    • Best financial assistance for retires
    • Strategically planned mutual funds
    • Multiple options available
    • Specific schemes for post retirement era
  • 5yr Return

    • Financial assistance for chid's future
    • Unique strategies are available
    • Education and other requirements can be secured
  • 5yr Return

    • Most convenient method
    • Different schemes for varied risk-appetites
    • Enormous wealth can be created in long term

Apart from all the goals mentioned above, there are multiple objectives which can be achieved with the help of MF. It is the best savings channel
which can decorate the monthly income by adding handful returns. Efficient savings can be done for marriage, education, buying assets and properties,
traveling and many more reasons.

Why Choose MySIPonline for Mutual Funds

At MySIPonline, investors are always considered as the top priority. Every need and desire of the individual investors are considered beforehand to suggest the optimum scheme. To allow the investors experience swift investment process, we provide multiple features which have satisfied more than 10,000 investors.

  • Best Fund Recommendations

    Experts at MySIPonline are highly experienced and professional in analysing the requirements of the investor. They provide the best scheme after doing extensive research on the parameters of the scheme.

  • Safe & Secure

    The payment gateway is highly secured from both ends. We ensure bank-level security on the investments and data transmission.

  • Dedicated Support Desk

    Our customer support staff is available 24*7 to provide the best in class services to the investors and solve every investment-related query.

  • Free of Cost

    No additional charges are incurred from the investors at any point in mutual funds investment.

Several other features of our website and app have successfully fulfilled the goals and desires of the thousands of investors making MySIPonline one of the fastest growing online platforms to provide mutual funds.

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Mutual funds investment have made procedure more comfortable than ever. I no longer have to keep track of market trends in my busy schedule as my investments are professionally managed. With the availability of an excellent online platform, it has become even more accessible to invest and multiply the monthly income and achieve financial stability. I recommend every individual to give it a try as there are a plethora of schemes available.
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