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Invesco Mutual Fund is an international asset management company, operating as a branch of the well-known US-based investment management firm, Invesco Limited. It offers a diverse range of mutual funds tailored to meet various investment goals. As a foreign Asset Management Company (AMC), Invesco possesses valuable insights into global markets. Led by Chief Investment Officer Mr Taher Badshah, along with key fund managers Amit Ganatra and Amit Nigam. Invesco Mutual Fund is ranked 17th in its category. It provides a total of 37 schemes, comprising 18 equity funds, 4 hybrid funds, 13 debt funds, and 2 other schemes. Invesco India Small Cap Fund, the flagship scheme, has exhibited an impressive average annualized return of 24.78% since its inception.

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Investment Strategy

Invesco India MF follows an asset selection philosophy, targeting stable companies in large-cap, growth-oriented companies in mid-cap, and good potential companies in the small-cap category. Its major focus is on earning high growth potential in the long term with passive portfolio management.


Head of Equity & Debt Team

Mr. Taher Badshah (CIO)

MR Taher has over 29 years of experience in the Indian equities markets and is currently the Chief Investment Officer at Invesco AMC in India, where he has been a key member for over six years. Taher previously served as Head of Equity at Motilal Oswal Asset Management. His vast professional career includes employment with notable companies such as Kotak Mahindra Investment Advisors, ICICI Prudential Asset Management, and Alliance Capital Asset Management. Taher has a Master of Management Studies (MMS) with a speciality in finance from the S.P. Jain Institute of Management and a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Electronics from the University of Mumbai.


List of Fund Managers

 List of Fund Managers Invesco Mutual Fund


Top 5 Invesco Mutual Fund

 Top 5 Invesco Mutual Fund


History of Invesco Mutual Fund

In 2013, Invesco partnered with Religare Securities Ltd. to form Religare Invesco Asset Management Limited., later rebranded as Invesco Mutual Fund after Invesco acquired the remaining 51% in 2016. Registered with SEBI, it operates as a trust.

Invesco aims to meet diverse investment needs through Mutual Fund and sub-advised portfolios, emphasizing sustainability and adaptability. Founded in 1935, Invesco is an independent investment management firm managing $1.35 trillion globally. With a presence in over 25 countries, Invesco offers a range of investment products and services, committing to strong, long-term performance.


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To wrap up, these guidelines will help you make careful decisions. Proper evaluation is important to get a good investment. There are tools like SIP Calculator which help in predicting the profits. You can visit MySIPonline to use this tool available on our website.

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Mysiponline makes it simple to invest in Invesco mutual funds. Let us understand by following a step-by-step guide:

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What is the Taxation on Invesco Mutual Fund?

The taxation of Invesco Mutual Fund depends on which category they fall under equity or debt.

Equity-Oriented Mutual Funds

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Invesco Mutual Funds safe for long term investments?
Invesco Mutual Fund was incorporated in 2005 and has a great reputation in the mutual fund industry due to some of the best performing schemes. It has allowed thousands of investors to achieve their financial objectives and aims to strengthen the financial stability of every Indian through quality schemes in various categories.
What is the total AUM of Invesco Mutual Fund?
As per the quarter ending March 2019, Invesco Mutual Fund has an AUM of more than Rs 24,000 crore.
How many schemes are available for investments in Invesco Mutual Fund?
Invesco Mutual Fund has provided top performing schemes in various categories and owns a total of 148 schemes with a different objective and investment strategy.
What are the available SIP dates for investment in Invesco Mutual Fund?
SIP in Invesco Mutual Fund can be done on the 10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th date of every month.

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