Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy puts forward the reasonable security practices and procedures which are adopted MySIPonline which is an online mutual fund investment platform, provided by M/s Cognus Technology, which is registered with AMFI under ARN 106881, and is applicable to the use, disclosure, and sharing of sensitive personal data (“Personal Information”) provided by the registered users of the website (hereinafter referred as MySIPonline) and the Mobile App which is owned and operated by Cognus Technology. This policy equally applies to the visitors of Website and Mobile App. We value the trust you have to build on us, and we tend to provide with a convenient and safe online experience, and for that, we have executed various measures to provide protection, confidentiality, integrity, and security of your personal information during the transmission. We have explained how we protect your personal information on the website and App in this privacy policy.

The Privacy policies adopted by MySIPonline are formulated to promote safe practices and activities. The services users who access the website of MySIPonline need to disclose and share the personal information and private data. As a responsible service provider,MySIPonline respects your trust and makes sure that your information is used only for the enhancement of website experience.

We, in any case, do not intend to use your information for any marketing purpose and also make sure that the information provided by you is kept in a protective and encrypted environment.

The Privacy Policy can be altered or modified anytime. Hence, it is advised to you to monitor and review the Privacy Policy from time to time to avoid any issue or problem. Privacy Policy is also coordinated with the statement of using this particular website.

Collection of Personal Information

Most of the features of our website require you to enroll or the register; these actions involve providing the necessary information and details like email ID, password, address or any other kind of information.

In the situation if you utilize the online services regarding the mutual fund transaction by visiting the website, in such situation you need to provide or render the necessary personal information such as Name, Bank account number, telephone number or PAN while ensuring the registration or starting such online facilities. For enabling the online dealings of the mutual funds with the AMCs the website has statutory rights to collect the customer’s personal information as it is mandatory requirement. All the personal information about customers should be shared, accessed and record with any other party like AMCS or RTAs or any licensed approved service provider as it enables to complete online transaction regarding the mutual fund.

At regular intervals, the website also asks for other private information or to render ancillary benefit of the services accessed by you. Therefore, you have the chance to accept or decline the request of the website that asks you to provide the confidential information.

Use of Personal Information

The Website access and reveals the personal information provided by you as follows:

  • The website uses the information to confirm your subscription for the product that you have availed or tend to avail in future on the website.
  • To deliver any services related alerts or information that is relevant to your use of the services.
  • To examine website activity and also to modify the services that are offered by the company.
  • For conducting market research, analyzing issues related to troubleshooting, planning projects or for any other service enhancement activities.
  • To keep the third party that provides or renders the services to the MySIPonline informed of mandatory details in addition to restrictions posed by the privacy described above.
  • To improve the features of websites so that it can be easily meet your needs and preferences whenever you require it.

For some of this functions, we may utilize group organization, agents, contractors or any third party service provider. We may utilize them to support us in rendering the attributes of their websites like; on our behalf, they can send email messages, for enabling the services and advising or contacting with you regarding any difficulty or trouble with operating such services. The Third party service providers are restricted by the privacy limitation that are related to the regulations mentioned in the Privacy Policy.

Sharing and Disclosure of Personal information

We will not share, trade or disclose your confidential data or information with closely associated or not directly associated with any third party. Moreover, we will also not expose your private information to any other third parties except as referred to in the preceding section and also to the one that:

  • Ensures availability of products and services
  • Deals in written report generation
  • Conforms to some lawful requirements or abide by judicial process
  • Makes use of proper terms and conditions of the products and services
  • Doesn’t restrict the involvement of MySIPonline, its associate, third party or any other persons

For the purpose of market research, promotion and relation to the organizations authorized by MySIPonline for collection of personal information and utilization of information or data in an effective manner.

When you prefer to close your account from the website, your personal information and data will be permanently deleted from our servers and in the future accessing or reopening your account will not be possible. The company website will quickly unplug any connection or link that has accepted your connected account, and it results in deleting all the personal information that is being linked to the account.

However, anything from the portion of your collected information mentioned above, consisting of collective information traced from your account content may continue on servers. On their backup servers and media, your confidential or personal information may remain safe in an encrypted fashion. Our servers keep the information or data backups to ensure our continuing ability to provide the services to you even in the case of failure or harm to particular production servers.

Promotional communication from the website

The website will assist or support you by providing timely review or overview of your account information and even by sending out emails or SMS alert. It also allows you to subscribe or sign in the email newsletter, to investigate the information on a regular interval and may transfer the emails or products and services to third-party. You have the power as well as permission to opt out from receiving our promotional emails or SMS and even to unsubscribe your newsletter agreement by pursuing the proper direction available on the website. Choosing out in this manner will not result in interrupting the transmission of emails connected with the services like transactional alerts. However in the specific period of time, the website also offers you possibility or chance to take part actively in the different contests, surveys or some other promotions. Any personal or confidential information about such activities will be activated by this Privacy Policy excluding as set forward in the regulation of surveys, contests, etc.

Third party services and websites

You must have an idea that through the website, MySIPonline shall license the several third parties to propose the subscription activities or enrolment activities. MySIPonline is not accountable for the actions and activities of the third parties, and you should cross-check the relevant privacy policy of these third parties licensed by MySIPonline for rendering personally acknowledgeable information. If you do not get any benefits from the services that are offered by subscribing to or registering with these third parties, then the MySIPonline will not be responsible for this.

Blogs and other forums on the website

You should be aware that for submitting any confidential information, if you use certain blogs, bulletin boards or chat room on the website, then the shared information must be read or utilized by the other visitors or users and that may ultimately result in sending the unsolicited messages. For any problem arising in the future the website and MySIPonline will not be held liable for sharing the confidential information you select to put forward in these meeting places that is blogs, chat rooms, etc., even if on behalf of MySIPonline these forums are hosted by our third party service providers or the website.

Use of cookies and online session information

Through our web server, the website can technically acquire and collect the data or the information. From the “cookies” they can collect the computer-identification information and in the future, it can be sent to your browser. These cookies are alphanumeric in nature and determine in the form of text files that are mainly inserted and even stored on your web browser. These cookies are being utilized in the numerous ways that are, these assist the registered users to log simply in on their processes, and also assist in ensuring the safety and genuineness of the certified service users. It has been assured that many of the web browsers will not provide you different services, and even they will not permit you to store the cookies on your computer and in these cases, it may result in removing the stored cookies or text on your computer.

Data Security Policy

For ensuring the privacy and security on the proceeding of the services, the website will request you to provide the login ID and password for you. The login ID and password will not be shared with any third party, as providing your credentials to any other person will result in the loss of the personal information. Additionally, it is recommended that you should change your password on a regular basis.

Accessing the website requires your password; the password for the website should be chosen according to the standards of security. For the safety purposes, the website will not accept the weak passwords. If anyone else or third party accesses your account, then we should not be liable for this action will be considered as the violation of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of the websites. For protecting website accounts and computer systems from the unauthorized or unlicensed access, the website mainly adopts different encryption techniques, firewalls as well as authenticated procedures so you can stay protected while easily accessing your linked account online. The website encodes 128 bits secure socket layer technology when you put forward your Login ID and passwords in the computers. This practice will assist the website and client servers to protect the information from the imitation, theft or tampering. The website encodes the password in such a way that recovering it is not possible; only changing the password can help you restore your access.

Personal information provided by you will enable the online transaction of the mutual funds; while, the information will be easily provided to the third party service provider on behalf of MySIPonline. The information must be treated the confidential in nature that must be shared and processed when it is being needed.

Refund Policy

If your MySIPOnline account is suspended or cancelled due to any unforeseen reason, you will not be able to make any payment. Still, if there is deduction of amount from your bank account, the amount will be refunded to your account as per your bank’s policies.

Please note that MySIPOnline is not liable to refund amount to the user if the amount is deducted due to technical errors occurring at payment gateway’s end or due to altered banking procedures.

It is also worth mentioning that MySIPOnline does not deduct any amount as joining fees or annual subscription fees.

Cancellation Policy

My SIP Online may cancel or terminate this Agreement with you at any time on a single notice:-

  • If a person is found to upload any objectionable content.
  • At the time of Registration, if you have provided us incorrect or fake information.
  • If you are found breaching any provision of our agreement.
  • If My SIP Online finds suitable to do so by law.

As a user, you are free to modify or cancel the payment by passing on instructions as mentioned to you. MySIPOnline is not liable for any known or unknown reasons, if you are not able to follow the payment instructions or fail to make the payment on payment due date; payment process is designed to follow its due course if you are not able to stop or fail to implement the instructions as required on the due date. In case of such failures, MySIPOnline reserves the right to levy penalty in case of non-compliance of payment instruction by the user, however, only after informing the customer in advance.

MySIPOnline is not liable for any damage or financial obligation arising out of their use of third party sites, Bank or Partner Merchant services. You agree that in any such instance, MySIPOnline cannot be held responsible for the impending loss/damage and that you will not hold the company liable for cancellation or discontinuation of your account.


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