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A guide to let you know the future value of the monthly investment in SIP.

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The graph depicts the total wealth that shall be created over a period of time on the basis of the small investments made every month. It is subject to the returns expected by you after considering the power of compounding.

Projected SIP returns for various time durations.
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Understanding the Concept of SIP
Enlighten your knowledge regarding Systematic Investment Plan to take an informed decision for a financially stable future.

SIP Calculator - Origin and History

SIP calculator is just the next level of advancement boosting up the process of online investment planning. SIP return calculator is a tool designed to ease the calculations of SIP to facilitate the user in knowing the amount to be regularly invested. With the growing trend of online investment, clients feel handicapped when it comes to the intricate task of computation. Calculating the compound interest and determining the returns is not so easy for the investors who are new to the financial field.

SIP Planner is an online tool which allows the customers to enjoy a hassle-free investing experience, while choosing a regular method of investing for fulfilling their financial goals efficiently. SIP return calculator facilitates the customers to have an edge of smart planning as the calculations for the amount to be invested through SIP is made easy. The commencement of online investing process marks the beginning of a new era in which a client has the liberty to invest without any intervention by being able to calculate investment amount through SIP calculator. The clients are now free to invest and calculate their SIP amount while spending time with their family and even on holidays. No one will now be able to fool the users, and so the client’s money will be invested accurately.

A mutual fund investment calculator is a freely available online tool for calculating returns for your monthly SIPs in different categories of mutual funds like large cap funds, small cap funds, ELSS tax saving funds, liquid and more. Mutual Fund agents had started misusing their power beyond the limit, and the number of forgery cases was trending day by day. These circumstances catapulted the mf experts to develop a framework which would provide hassle-free investment method. However, online investment minimized the tautness of investor to a great extent, but it also levied an additional task on the clients of computing the amount, interest, and return as well. SIP calculator mitigated this intricate task to manifolds. It is a user-friendly tool which can be used by anyone. The purpose of making a tool as simple as calculator is to attract the clients towards online investing.

SIP planner that is present on our site enables you to figure out the future value of your investments. It means a mutual fund investment planner will help you comprehend the amount which you will receive at the time of maturity of the mutual fund scheme. It also allows you to calculate the monthly online SIP installment you need to pay for it monthly. It is true that investment is considered wise if it offers you ease of liquidation and high returns in the minimum possible time. But, one cannot deny the fact that if a client plans the investment in an orderly manner, then only he/she will be able to attain the required returns from their investment. In order to plan properly before commencing your SIP, you need to use an efficient SIP return calculator. From the various avenues of investing, SIP has performed really well in the past few years and has delivered great outcomes and to increase the effectiveness of this method SIP planner has been introduced. So, plan your future with confidence using SIP calculator.

SIP Planner: The Three Step Process

Online SIP calculator present on our site provides the most simple and accurate features that make SIP planning easy. A mutual fund investment planner follows a three-step data input technique for investing computing the amount required to gain some corpus and vice-versa.

  • Enter the amountThe first column of an online SIP calculator requires to input the amount which the client is willing to sacrifice on a monthly basis. The clients have varying income structure and the willingness to take out some money from the income also differs. Thus, the clients can enter any amount they wish.
  • Select tenure: SIP is a long-term process. So, the second step of an SIP planner asks the customers to input the duration of the investment. The reason for including this step is that it depends on the client for how long they require continuing investing.
  • Rate of return: Return is the prime motive of initializing any investment. Through our SIP investment planner, the client is able to adjust the returns for their investment. They are free to select any rate of return which they aspire to earn for their investment.

Therefore, by entering these three precise values required by the calculator of our site, investors will be able to get accurate and trustworthy returns. With which they will be able to judge the returns for their investments.

SIP Return Calculator : How it is Different from Regular Calculator

An SIP return calculator's mere mention brings in the image of a machine that has a few numbered tabs on it and also a few symbols. Without seeing a mutual fund investment planner one would think it to be a machine that works only on numbers and performs calculations like addition, subtraction, division, etc. But, in actuality a mutual fund SIP calculator is an entirely different tool. It is used to compute the investment strategy for the clients in an easy and quick way. An SIP planner demands three primary inputs, and that too are entered using the very easy graphical user interface. Thus, the customers need not worry about the fields and only have to select the numbers through their mouse. The values will automatically appear in the respective boxes and also the result. Thus, it is very easy for the users to use a mutual fund SIP calculator as compared to any other calculator.

SIP Calculator is Helpful for Offline Users also

Mutual fund calculator is truly helpful for the online investors which gives independent investing a true sense. The users have to be very cautious about the calculation while investing, as a slight mistake in calculating the amount will lead to an accrued loss over the period of time. However, SIP returns calculator is not only a useful tool for the online investors but at the same time it is beneficial for the offline clients as well. Customers can use an SIP investment planner present on our site and make the best possible use of their money and plan their investment wisely. Thus, whether you are an online or offline investor you can surely make the most out of your money if you wisely use SIP calculator. Therefore, be a smart investor and utilize the power of your money by letting the calculations work in your favor.

Mutual Fund SIP Calculator is a prerequisite

There are following merits attached with this SIP mutual fund calculator that makes a prerequisite for an online investor

  1. Swift in planning: Monthly sip returns calculator assesses the financial data inserted by the client through its input mechanism. The perception behind instigating such a tool is to make online investors independent and to ease their tautness making online investment a piece of cake for the investors. SIP calculator can do Very complex calculations within a few clicks. The application is user-friendly. The customers need to enter some data regarding their investment perspective and press the start SIP button and your amount will be calculated in the blink of an eye. All the calculations are carried on in the fraction of seconds and the result is presented to the client in no time. Thus, using an investment planning tool, reduces your time and makes the calculation task smooth as well.
  2. Efficiently saves time: Online investment method is adopted by the clients in order to reduce the time involved in the offline method and strike out any chances of forgery. The online business has mushroomed due to the lack of time in the busy routines that users follow. Hence, online investing is operating in its full swing and thus, it has become essential to use an investment planner because the time saved by adopting online investing strategy is squandered in an intricate calculation. But, the unnecessary wastage of time can be retained with the use of a sip return calculator. Solving extensively complicated calculations within no time can be very fruitful in saving the time.
  3. Perfect for people with non-financial background: Online SIP planner uses the formula which is a mystery to the layman. Normal working class people who are not involved with any kind of financial activity will have to first understand the formula and then they will be able to do the calculation. The whole process will consume more time than required. Thus, an effortless solution to the problem is an SIP tool. As we use a scientific calculator for the complex scientific calculations same way, we can use an SIP planner for the calculation of the SIP amount. The calculations are carried out in the background. All you need to do is insert some basic information and your work is done before you blink your eyes.
  4. Accurate results: The financial experts came up with the idea of online sip calculator so as to make the investors independent of the need of any intermediary body influencing the investing decision. The increasing practices of forgery and growing distress among the investors paved way for developing a system in which the client can make the investing decision from his/her comfort zone. With the use of an online SIP calculation, the investor can have an unhampered approach towards investing.
  5. Full independence: The financial experts came up with the idea of online investing so as to make the investors independent of the need of any intermediary body influencing the investing decision. The increasing practices of forgery and growing distress among the investors paved way for developing a system in which the client can make the investing decision from his/her comfort zone. To fully conceptualize independent investing an application was launched in the market. With the use of an SIP calculator online, the investor can have an unhampered approach towards investing.
  6. GUI (Graphical User Interface) makes its operation easy: Who will not be interested in using an application which appears to be attractive and simple to use? An easy and user-friendly application is the key to master over the hearts of the customers. An online investment planner is easy to use and understand it has made its way straight to the mind of the customer. It is a painless app. With a few basic selections and a click, the complex work gets done within seconds. No technical expertise is required in order to use a mutual fund planner. The financial experts have taken into consideration each and every aspect which will be required in order to make the calculations. The client simply needs to fill the required fields and click the button. The rest is the work of an online sip return calculator.
  7. No technical expertise required: The users who are not involved in the technical stuff and does not know much about the computers can also operate a SIP return calculator without much hesitation. The customers can be relieved of the worries as it is very easy to use with a GUI appearance to it. Thus, the clients need not require panicking for the technical part and as it is very straightforward and handy to use.
  8. Compact yet powerful: SIP calculator is a very small tool as far as the appearance is related. But, still it aids the clients to make firm investing decisions. With very few inputs the customers are able to generate the exact amount of their SIP installment. Thus, it is rightly said that never try to measure the greatness by size. The things appear to be insignificant many times, are the most important ones.

SIP returns calculator is a very handy tool which allows the users to make optimum use of their wealth to multiply their riches easily without any intervention. It provides the much-required freedom to the users and makes them earn a higher return by calculating the correct amount required to be invested. The users have to take care while entering the value, as it is a tool and works on the basis of the input given to it. If the data are accurate, then the outcome will also be as per the standards. SIP calculator proves to be an essential tool for the clients who take up online investing as the medium to invest money. There are a lot of customers who are not from the financial background. Thus SIP planner enables the clients to be independent while taking their investing decision.

A mutual fund investment planner is a very handy tool which allows the customers to make optimum use of their wealth to multiply their riches easily without any intervention. SIP calculator provides the much-required freedom to the clients and makes them earn a higher return by calculating the correct amount required to be invested. The users have to take care while entering the value, as it is a tool and works on the basis of the input given to it. If the data are accurate, then the outcome will also be as per the standards. An online SIP return calculator proves to be an essential tool for the customers who take up online investing as the medium to invest money. There are a lot of customers who are not from the financial background. Thus, SIP returns planner enables the users to be independent while taking their investing decision. It is the most essential tool for the online SIP investors and at the same aid the SIP calculations for the offline users as well.

What our clients say...
  • MySIPonline has brought a revolution in the investing regime by creating this remarkable online mutual fund sip return calculator; a tool that guides you in the right direction of mutual fund investments. Apart from being aware of how much to invest every month, I can easily find out the future value of my money at the set time horizon which I am sure, no human expert can exhibit with such precision.

    Dhanraj Sachdev Interior Designer
  • The SIP calculator available at MySIPonline is the best tool that I was looking for to fulfil my investments related problems. In the beginning, when I made up my mind to start my investment and got a little knowledge about MF investments, I thought to calculate my returns with any arbitrary number. That little game forced me to start my investments. Today, I am a proud owner of two diversified schemes in my portfolio. Thanks you so much guys! I am happy with the services you people provide!

    Praveen Agrawal Chemical Engineer
  • I was worried about how to calculate the estimated return amount that will be generated in future if I start investing Rs. 2000 every month and I came across SIP calculator at MySIPonline. Man, I must tell you how impressed I am with the user interface of that calculator. I do not belong to financial background but still I was able to figure out the estimated corpus on my own. This was the best experience ever. Big Thanks!

    Sejal Gupta Graphic Designer
  • Mutual fund calculator of MySIPonline is a fantastic tool which helped me in calculating the returns on my SIPs effortlessly. I use to calculate my SIP returns very often because it always shows accurate figures and the amount of yields it shows keeps me motivated. The similar tool at other platforms also has these facilities, but the way MySIPonline has presented it is very attractive and effective. I can calculate monthly instalments to be paid, the final value of the invested capital, or the tenure for which I need to stay invested to earn a certain amount of corpus. Thanks.

    Dinesh Prajapat Clerk
  • It has been only a few months since I became a proud user of MySIPonline, but it already feels as if I were a part of this remarkable online investment company since ages. By using the various online tools such as the SIP Calculator, investment in mutual funds has become more like a game for me as I can calculate the value of my investments at maturity, anytime I want. Thank You, Team! Going Good!

    Kunal Shaktawat Public Relationship Manager
  • You people are the best when it comes to making investments in mutual funds. I invested in my first SIP approx 14 months back seeking recommendation from your portal and I can tell it is performing exceptionally. The best thing is that with mutual fund calculator by my side I have the power to calculate the amount I can invest and the one I can make from it. I totally rely on this online SIP calculator for calculating all the investment returns!

    Shazia Khan Fashion Designer
  • I have been befooled by many of those so-called complementary online tools, that are created merely to solicit your attention on false promises and are often worthless. But, the SIP calculator – a compact yet powerful tool - provides solid financial assistance and also grants the virtue of shedding the complexities involved before starting an investment. I was also able to find out the best financial advice from MySIPonline team and choose the best mutual fund attuned to my preferences. Kudos team, fly high!

    Dr. Somya Mehra Doctor
  • I never thought that investments in the mutual fund programmes can be this much simple. But the SIP return calculator has just proved me wrong. By using this SIP planner in my investments, I became capable of opting the most promising strategy for my investment that have started generated high returns. It’s all because of the team efforts of My SIP Online. Thank you guys!!!

    Kanika Gahlot Government Employee
  • MySIPonline has definitely changed the way of making investments in mutual funds by introducing the SIP Calculator on their website. Through this simple, elegant, reliable and powerful online tool, I could calculate the value of my SIP investments standing at the end of 20 years, and I was shocked to see the fat number which my computer screen was flashing. Seriously guys, you have rewritten the tale of making modern day investments in mutual funds.

    Hardik Maheshwari Police Inspector
  • It sometimes takes me to the another world of imagination when I try to imagine the future of technology. Seriously! SIP calculator is one of the best examples that can be given for growing phase of technology. Means the thing which is not even possible for a person like me who tried millions of time to gain a little expertise in mathematics, an online gadget is doing in the blink of an eye. Great thanks to the developers of MySIPonline and the entire team for such advancements.

    Divya Shukla Software Developer
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