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About HDFC Mutual Fund

HDFC mutual fund is one of the largest AMC in India, and was established on December 10-1999. This AMC holds the third position in the mutual fund industry. Mr Navneet Munot is the current MD & CEO. Offering a diverse range, HDFC mutual fund manages 179 schemes, including 47 equity schemes, 24 debt schemes, and 11 hybrid schemes. After receiving regulatory approvals, the schemes of Zurich India Mutual Fund were transferred to HDFC AMC on June 19, 2003. The HDFC Mutual schemes stock investment strategy is founded on the belief that stock prices would eventually reflect their true value. They conduct in-depth research on a company's fundamentals to assist us in making investment decisions over the medium to long term. The HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund, the flagship scheme, has exhibited an impressive average annualized return of 18.57% since its inception. 

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Investing Strategy

HDFC Mutual Funds aims for solid returns by focusing on operational excellence, customer satisfaction, product leadership, people, and sustainability. The objective is to achieve healthy profit growth within the company's risk limits. They prioritize excellence, customer happiness, innovation, employee value, and sustainability, aiming for consistent financial gains with smart risk management.


Head of Debt and Equity Fund

Mr. Roshi Jain (CIO equity)

Roshi Jain, Senior Fund Manager of  Equities, provides the new viewpoint at HDFC Bank Mutual Fund. Jain is optimistic about the medium- to long-term prospects for corporate India. Instead of attempting to time the markets, she suggests taking a methodical approach to investing.

Mr. Anil Bamboli (head of debt)

Mr. Anil Bambolia is not only an experienced expert at HDFC Asset Management Company but also a veteran of the finance industry. With exceptional skill and considerable experience, he is a mainstay in the investing industry, notably in the income and debt fund areas. Currently monitoring 24 schemes at HDFC Bank Mutual Fund, all of them are classified as income or debt funds.


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Top 5 HDFC Mutual Funds 

 Top 5 HDFC Mutual Funds


History of HDFC Mutual Fund?

HDFC bank introduced HDFC mutual fund & HDFC insurance in 2000. The Asset Management Company (AMC) extended its registration with SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) on December 21, 2009.  In 2002 the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA) registered HDFC Standard Life Insurance, marking it as the first private-sector life insurance company in the country. Zurich Insurance Company (ZIC), the sponsor of the Zurich India Mutual Fund, has opted to exit its Asset Management business in India as part of its overall strategy. The Asset Management Company (AMC) has signed a deal with ZIC to buy this firm, subject to regulatory approvals.


How to Select the Best HDFC Mutual Fund?

Here are some easy steps to choose an HDFC Mutual Fund-

Defining Objectives: Set reasonable goals for your financial choices. Clearly identify them and design a plan to meet their needs.

Risk Tolerance Assessment: Assess your risk comfort level, knowing higher risk can lead to higher returns within your chosen limits.

Implementing Diversification: Spread your assets across other sectors to reduce risk and increase possible profits.

Self-education: Prioritize understanding funds through self-education. Analyze past performance and fund workings.

Regular Monitoring: Consistently monitor your investments and make changes as the market conditions change.

Seeking Advice: Because fluctuations in the market might have an impact on mutual funds, connect with professionals.

To set realistic goals in mutual funds you can also use the SIP Calculator to see annual returns and seek assistance for better financial decisions.


How to Invest in HDFC Mutual Fund with mysiponline?

You can invest in HDFC Mutual Funds in a variety of methods, and mysiponline stands out for its easy and simple means of investing.

Investing in mutual funds through Online SIP is easy. It's a hassle-free process with quick KYC and user-friendly features.


Taxation of HDFC Mutual fund?

HDFC mutual schemes are taxed differently depending on whether they are categorized as equity or debt.

For Equity-oriented Mutual Funds

For Debt-oriented Mutual funds

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to invest in HDFC mutual fund?

Investment in any scheme of HDFC MF can be started by registering & completing the profile at MySIPonline after verifying the KYC details.
What is HDFC Mutual Fund and its Objective?
HDFC Mutual Fund is an investment company that offers various investment schemes to investors. Its objective is to provide growth opportunities by investing in a diversified portfolio of securities.

How to start or stop SIP in HDFC Mutual Fund online

Once the KYC is completed, the SIP investments can be started, stopped, or increased anytime by the investors.

Can I switch between different mutual funds of HDFC ?

Switching facility is available for all schemes of HDFC in which the investments in one scheme can be transferred to another scheme of HDFC Mutual Fund.
What is STP in HDFC Mutual Fund?
With the facility of STP, the units purchased of one mutual fund can be periodically transferred at regular intervals. The amount, schemes, and periodicity can be chosen by the investor.
Why Does HDFC Mutual Funds have Highest AUM?
HDFC MF is the most prominent AMC with significant experience and a superior track record. The top-performing mutual funds of HDFC have allowed the AMC to become largest in India in terms of AUM.

How to check investment in HDFC Mutual Fund online

The investments made in the schemes of HDFC Mutual Funds can be tracked online from any device through the dashboard facility at MySIPonline.

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