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  • Compounded Benefits
  • Long Term Gain
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Online SIP Investment Plan is Necessary


Online SIP or Systematic Investment Plan gives you an opportunity to invest a fixed amount at regular intervals for obtaining long-term financial goals. Online SIP investment helps you to yield copious returns by putting a certain amount of money systematically in one of the selected schemes according to your requirements. Investing in online SIP in India makes your portfolio strong by enabling you to manage risk through a better and secure way. Also, you have the facility of ECS in which small installments for your online SIP are auto-debited from your account at regular intervals as per the standing instructions. You can choose your preferred mode of paying online sip installments according to your convenience. Systematic investment plans online provide you maximum return on your capital with power-of-compounding and rupee-cost-averaging.

SIP is a method which will adjust with any of the scheme which you pick for parking your surplus money. It implies that the clients are free to choose any scheme and can enjoy the freedom of having SIP as their medium to invest in it. Whether the scheme may be equity, debt or liquid, the investment methodology can remain the same. It is a mechanism which will not only inculcate the habit of regularized investment but will contribute towards building a huge corpus with smaller amount sacrificed at predefined intervals. The clients need to understand the fact that it is a medium of investing in mutual funds and not a scheme in itself. However, SIP is compared with saving schemes like RD, but conceptually they are entirely different. Hence, a client must compare the returns which they will receive from their investments and the risks involved. This mechanism will surely suffice all your investing needs and will also not put an y extra burden on the client’s shoulders.

SIP online has put the clients in a dilemma as to how they can invest in SIPs and will it be feasible to take the online route? The answer to the first question is mysiponline, as it takes care of the convenience and the reliability factor for the investors as well. And to answer the second question, buying SIP online will save your time, energy and money. All the funds in for online investments are visible at one place, ours tool is more unique in the sense that it picks the best online SIP investment plans for you an builds customized portfolio to offer you great time-saving option. You mention your details and our sip plans experts pick the most relevant options; only thing that you require to do is click ‘Invest Now’ and start your sip investment plan online.

Online SIP allows you to invest whether you aspire to amass the wealth to enjoy your post-retirement life with ease or plan for your child’s future, while sitting in your comfort zone and maximize the profits out of your investments within a blink of an eye. Best online SIP plans have made it possible to invest and attain a growth perspective easily. The team of professionals is always on their toes to guide you on how you can invest in SIP online. Online sip not only facilitates you to invest, but also eliminates the possible risk of fraud or treachery which is quite common in the offline mode. You can now wave off all your worries and take up the online SIP option.

Benefits of Online Systematic Investment Plan

  • Disciplined Investment: Successful investments require discipline. A Systematic investment Plan in India helps you to discipline your saving habit and grow your investment.
  • Flexibility: With online SIP investment plans you get the freedom of deciding the entire terms of Investments.
  • Long Term Gain: Miracles do not happen overnight. It is long term planning and investment that helps you achieve your goals. Thus, online SIP investments makes the way even more easier.
  • Convenience: Facility to pay online, easy access to your investment, safety and many other such features are what we offer you for your convenience. SIP online is quite easy to pay for.
  • Reach Your Financial Goals: Our experts will let you achieve your financial goals with the help of detailed & flexible financial plan custom made for you. For investing in every scheme one can use online systematic investment plan.
  • Investment with Compounded Benefits: SIP investment plans help you to achieve more with less risk. Online SIP gives you the edge to earn more than your old fixed income saving plan.

Online SIP Investment : Some Related Terms

Mutual fund SIP plans include some technical terms which sound alien for the clients with a non-financial background. Terms like NAV, AMC tend to mind-boggle the clients. To simplify them here is the elaboration of some of the terms related to SIP investments:

  1. NAV:- Also known as Net Asset Value, is the price at which the clients can buy a single unit of any mutual fund scheme. NAV keeps on fluctuating every day and is declared at the end of each day when the market closes down. A higher NAV will facilitate the clients to buy less number of units while a lower NAV will allow the customers to purchase number of units with the same amount.
  2. AMC:- An Asset Management Company is the business firm which provides various schemes to the clients. They offer plans based on the various categories defined under the mutual fund and manages the client’s money to provide the best possible returns for their invested amount.
  3. Portfolio:- Portfolio is the specified folder which depicts the investment holdings of the clients. The portfolio of the scheme defines the avenues where a fund manager has deployed the funds of the clients.

SIP preferred over RD : Why?

Online SIP purchases are often compared with RDs, and it is true that SIPs have proved to be a better option than its competitor. Although being a regular saving mechanism, RDs prove to be demotivating in terms of providing returns. Talking of SIP investment plans, it is not a scheme in itself like RD, but a method to invest in any of the schemes. The returns for mutual fund SIP investment depends on the scheme in which you invest through it. For example, if a client invests in equity-oriented schemes through online SIP plans then he/she would get copious returns and investment in a debt fund will provide returns accordingly. In short, SIP plans are adaptable according to the scenario. But, RD is a scheme which will provide the same returns to all the clients no matter for how long they save in the scheme. Thus, online SIP investment is more beneficial in terms of returns as well as features than RD.

How Online SIP Investment Plans Uses the Power of Compounding:

Systematic Investment Plan utilizes the power of compounding which is one of the major reason for attracting the clients to invest through this methodology. Power of compounding means that the investment made by the clients get to accumulate over a prolonged period of time. If a client commences the investment timely, then the money gets enough time to multiply. But, if the investment gets delayed then the invested amount will not be able to produce the desired returns. However, the amount may be small but the returns over a time spell will be copious. So, a person can invest in SIP with a smaller amount and earn a relatively good amount at the time of maturity.

How Rupee Cost Averaging Works

Generally, rupee cost averaging is known as RCA, which is one of the significant reasons why investors should invest their valuable money in a online sip or systematic investment plan. While investing in online SIP plans, investors spend a fixed amount every month in any security asset; it allows them to buy more units when the price is low which in turn reduces the average cost of the financial asset and allows investors to get maximum returns over a long period of time.

Users who buy SIP online can choose from several security assets to invest their money in mutual funds. We provide a facility of SIP investment along with guiding the clients on how to invest in online SIPs. It is a method through which one can obtain high returns over a long span of time. One can also calculate the return with our easy-to-navigate online SIP calculator.

How Investment Calculator helps in Calculating Returns

Online SIP planner allows an investor to know the outcome by the end of an investment term. The beauty of online SIP or Systematic Investment Plan is that it contains something for every investor, whether it be for short-term, long-term or any related to any category of mutual fund. It means that the clients can opt to purchase an online SIP whether he/ she aspires to achieve higher returns or secure their future. Investors are free to allocate their money in equity instruments and if they are eyeing only for fixed returns, then there is a facility to invest at secured avenues too. In addition to all this, there is a scope for making investments in sip online hybrid plans too, that allow the investors to get a fair mix of both equity and debt instruments in their plan of investing in SIPs online systematically.

Systematic Investment Planner or SIP online calculator is an easy and GUI based tool that includes filling up a few details from the front end by the clients. The planners conduct deep research and make use of compounding, averaging and probability factor to develop a system of calculating the returns for a given set of values. The clients just get back the results, as the experts have already devised a formula for calculating the returns from the entered data. This tool makes it easier for the clients to invest online in SIP.

All the investors of mutual funds belong to different age groups, they expect different returns from their investment plans and their risk appetites are also unique to them. Thus, with the help of online sip calculator, it becomes possible for the investor to find how their systematic investment plan is going to support their future prospects. SIP calculator is just a boon for the clients irrespective of their investing needs or expectations from their investments. The clients will have access to a step by step process which will allows them to earn the desired returns which can be calculated in advance. Meeting the needs of investing, SIP calculator trends on the path of following a secured way of letting the clients comprehend the amount which would be optimal for them to invest.

SIP : Insights of this method

SIP may thought to be a simple method to invest in mutual funds and multiply your money. But, there is another side to this coin. SIP is not merely a method, rather it has been proved to be a fruitful mechanism to increase the riches of a client in a better way. SIP is the way which helps the people in bridging the gap between savings and investments. As savings are not enough to suffice the financial goals of the clients and equity investments are way too risky for the common people. Thus, SIP is the way through which a layman is able to fulfill his dream if investing in equity, debt or any other avenue and earn the equivalent returns. As a client invests small amounts regularly, so it becomes easier for them to spare a smaller amount as compared to the single-time investment.

Why Online SIPs are important?

SIPs are a delightful experience for all the investors. The reason being its handiness which has made the clients to praise it. Every investor needs a systematic tool to plan for their financial goals. In the present scenario when all the banks are switching to online modes, thanks to internet-safe solutions and competent SSLs in place, that investing in online sip plans is the next step obvious thing to have happened in mutual fund sector.

The following factors are responsible for the success of SIP:

With the availability of thousands of mutual fund schemes almost all transactions can be processed online, thus online SIP acts as time and money saver. It is now possible to stay updated about NFOs because of timely alerts provided by the automated system of the portal. With the introduction of online SIP, switching to better online sip schemes is possible and likewise, redemption is also just a matter of few clicks. You get the best rates as no time lapse used to arise due to the offline way of filling the form and getting it submitted to the fund house. You have the flexibility to withdraw funds anytime and hence online systematic investment plan provides greater liquidity than the offline mode.

SIP Process: How it Works?

Online SIP has now become a part of the financial schedule of clients. But, many of them are unaware about the working procedure followed by SIPs. Before actually moving forward towards investing you should know how your invested amount is materialized into returns for you. Investing in SIP is carried out through a systematic and continuous process. Each and every installment of SIP you pay monthly fetches you some units of the scheme in which you have deployed your money. The units are being distributed on the basis of NAV, which is the per-unit price. The number of units received by every client depends on NAV. Hence, if NAV is high, then you get fewer units for your investment, while a lower NAV will give you more number of units for the same amount. Thus, one can say that SIPs make use of the bullish as well as bearish market conditions. The clients need not time the market as in the stock market.

Choose Us for Investments Online

We have partnered with all the prestigious AMCs within the shortest span since inception. Our online distribution house is now homes to 15 AMCs who have rolled out thousands of mutual funds schemes and have helped us enrich our bouquet of plans. Because of state-of-the-technological art solutions and detailed research, we have come up with the fastest growing platform to help investors put their money in SIP investments systematically as well as securely. The clients can be undoubtedly invest in mutual fund scheme as only the most reliable AMCs have been incorporated in our site. Along with providing the variegated options to the clients we reciprocate trust and reliability to them.

What you get at our fund house is the result of cohesive dedication of investment advisors and web developers who have churned out their brains to help you invest in mutual funds in the easiest possible manner.

Main features of our services are:

Our site contains a list of daily updated mutual fund schemes which enables the userss to make the best use of their money. We have an expert team who after thorough research recommend best online SIP plans for the ease of our customers. Clients can easily choose from the exhaustive list of mutual fund schemes. An entirely innovative feature, i.e., customized portfolio, that enables the clients to invest in schemes according to their needs. A handy tool is present on the site known as online SIP returns calculator for simplifying the online SIP mutual fund calculations. The Plethora of fund types is available on the site to complement investors’ needs. Our easily navigable dashboard with convenience to see the latest transactions and view your SIP investments are recorded at one place which makes it effortless to carry out the investment process. The most recent market updates and complete awareness about the upcoming funds makes it easier to choose and remain updated. The clients have access to the facility of identifying which SIP plan is best for them to invest. Last but not the least, the clients get to talk to the mutual fund experts as and when they get stuck up anytime during the entire process.

SIP can accommodate every scheme

Systematic Investment Plan is one of the mutual fund investment schemes which allows the users to invest in any of the schemes regardless of their investing strategies. A client can opt for SIP even if he/she is planning to invest for a short-period of time. SIP allows the clients to invest in long-term as well as short-term schemes and makes it possible for them to create a pool of money through online investments as well. Systematic plans are now adapting themselves to the new technology and providing the auto-debit option for the clients. Thus, SIP is makes it possible for the users to invest and grow using it or any scheme.

Various Online SIP Investment Schemes Available Here

Online SIP plans available at our distribution house are diversified in true sense. You get to invest in pure equity, diversified equity, commodities, secured equities, pure debt funds, liquid funds, ELSS schemes, pure Gold ETFs and many more. Thus, the effort to make a dream portfolio of systematic investment plans is best realized at our online sip investment schemes service provider.

Some unique categories of Systematic investment plans like Diversified equity, ELSS , Ultra short term debt funds, Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme, Credit opportunities fund, Commodity oriented fund of funds, and various others are available for accommodating the capital appreciation as well as tax saving needs of the clients.

Your dreams are our responsibility, and we are committed to ensure that you toil hard not to get the services of a right broker, but in creating wealth by selecting the top sip plans online that meet your financial aims.

So, register now with My SIP online and get the unmatched convenience of making investments in sip and Lump sum schemes of mutual funds guaranteed by the expertise and research of our advisors.

  • Mr. Harsh Arora
    One of my friends had SIP investment in a well performing scheme and he was making handsome profits with that. I asked him how he is managing all his investments alone. He told me that it is the guidance from the experts of MySIPonline which has made it possible for him to earn appreciable returns. I wasted no time and approached the team for making investment. The support that they provided me is par excellence and commendable.
  • Mr. Dilip Singh
    SIP works quite well for potential investors like me who are in search of the best funds and want to invest a small amount of their money periodically. People at MySIPonline provide the best online services. They make all the information clear at one page itself, mentioning the scheme name and underneath the scheme’s specifications so that the investors can easily select the most beneficial scheme from the list. Thank you so much, guys!
  • Mr. Ravi Purwar
    I am investing online in two top SIP plans for 2018 for my daughter’s education and marriage from MySIPonline. They have provided me with some of the best schemes which will help me to reach my goal in the long run. They keep following up on my plans time to time. The team has also assisted me in increasing my investments without affecting my other financial requirements. Thank you, peeps, for making things so easy and accessible!
  • Mr. Abhinav Pillai
    It has been a year since I have invested in mutual funds through Systematic Investment Plan with the help of MySIPonline. I have seen appreciable growth in the principal amount that I had put to work. And the service that the team has provided me has impressed so much that I am going to make more investments. They guide you so well and provide each and every detail about the investments. The transparency and the dedication they work with are commendable.
  • Mr. Dinesh Tejwani
    I had always been hesitant about investing in mutual fund fearing the risk involved but when I came across MySIPonline, I didn’t even realised where that fear vanished. Today, I have made a number of SIP investments for which I am really thankful to the experts who have always guided me and helped me take the right decision. This is one of the best things that I have done in my life. Thank You!
  • Ms. Priyanka Solanki
    I have just initiated my first SIP with Rs 1000 with my first salary. I didn’t know much about investment, and frankly speaking that it is indeed my first long-term commitment and disciplined investment. But, I am happy with the little profits I am making. The best part was that I got to associate with a team of people like yours. I even follow the blog section which provides me with news related to changes in market and even general information. Thanks people!
  • Ms. Megha Vyas
    I had to make SIP investments but was novice and had no idea about the market, funds, etc. I needed a professional recommendation, so I approached MySIPonline and asked the experts present there to suggest me a good fund for making monthly investments. They guided me how to register on the portal, complete the KYC process and start investment. The customer support team was very helpful and supportive. I am very much pleased with the service that was provided to me.
  • Ms. Shruti Dadhich
    When a friend described me about MySIPonline, I decided to check their website. I have previously invested through various platforms online but was unable to find a perfect one until I landed here. I never expected the investment in the mutual fund could be such a relaxed affair. The dashboard is very user-friendly, and the customer support staff is accommodating and supportive. Kudos to them!
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