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Benefits of SIP

SIP is an advanced and hassle free mode of investing money in mutual funds. Find here the various benefits of Systematic Investment Plan.

SIP investment helps an individual in developing a savings habit and facilitates in investing in a disciplined manner, i.e. on a regular timely basis which is favorable to wealth creation.

Under this type of investment, more units are purchased when the price is low and less when it is high. Thus, the overall cost is managed well which is comparatively low.

Invest for a long period to get the better compounded returns over time, i.e., the returns earned gets reinvested thus helping in earning better.

It doesn’t matter how the market condition is, you don’t have to wait for the right time. Investment in SIP will yield returns that are shielded against the volatility.

Calculate how much you need to save or how much you will accumulate with your SIP

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  • Regularly updated multilevel protection of investments.
  • An encrypted format is used for data transference.
  • Bank level security through a reliable payment gateway.
  • No investment amendment without user authentication.
  • Recommendations are based on the financial goals of investors.
  • Experienced analysts select schemes after in-depth research.
  • Descriptive videos of schemes are available for proper guidance.
  • 24/7 chat and call assistance available.
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Frequently Asked Questions
We Help You in Building Your Wealth!
  • You will be pleased to know that we don't charge anything for services available at this portal.
  • It just depends on your preference as a Systematic Investment Plan helps in investing a fixed amount in a mutual fund regularly, some investors may find it interesting, whereas some investors can find a lumpsum mode of investment a better approach depending on the different market conditions and other factors affecting the investment.
  • Investing through SIP in the best funds in India helps the investors to sustain volatility and generate adequate returns over a long-term horizon.
  • Yes, you can request any time for purchasing the units of a mutual fund scheme.
  • SIP is generally considered a safe option to invest in equity instruments as it sustains the market volatility over a long-term horizon and provides the best way to gradually build a huge corpus with a systematic investment approach.
  • Yes, you can invest in debt funds systematically through SIP to gradually increase your wealth over a long-term horizon, however, you will not get the advantage of the market volatility which you can obtain by investing in equity funds.
  • Yes. Anyone in India can invest in a mutual fund scheme by following this systematic investing approach.
  • Yes, surely, you can. With a salary hike or any other conditions when you want to increase your SIP, you can go for a step-up SIP facility provided by mutual funds.
  • The Indian government mandates on the mf that every investor is required to quote PAN number to start investing. The bank account number is also mandatory to take permission from your bank for monthly automatic SIP amount deductions.
  • You can invest through SIP for a short-term duration as well but to get the advantage of compounding and rupee cost averaging, you are required to invest for a long-term horizon and get risk-mitigated returns.

SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) Meaning:

It is a mode of investing in mutual funds. Investors invest a fixed amount of money through SIP or Systematic Investment Plan at regular intervals under the selected scheme. There are a number of sip plans that are present in the investment market to select from and invest in.

SIP plans are best to invest in for a long-term as they provide the benefit of compounding. While investing via sip online mode, you don’t need to time the market and as in the long run, you will be able to redeem the benefit as a result of rupee cost averaging. Online SIP investments are mainly suitable for goals with longer saving tenure; for example, retirement planning, child education, starting savings early for child’s marriage, or any other goal. Investing in the best SIP plans in India is easy and light on the pocket. You may invest in it without worrying about the burden on family’s monthly budget. These plans help you in facing the short term fluctuations gracefully and are ideal if you wish to start your investment in mutual funds with a small amount. It is the key to help you earn great returns over a period of time and at the same time developing an investment habit in the investor.

Online SIP - Why You Need It ?

You can fulfill various financial goals through online SIP. Whether you aspire to amass wealth, enjoy your post-retirement life with ease, or plan for your child’s future while sitting in the comfort zone, maximise the profits out of your investments within a blink of an eye. It has also made tax-saving more comfortable and convenient than ever before. Our professionals are always on their toes to guide you to invest in the best funds and boost up your earnings to provide excellent returns. It not only facilitates you to finance but also eliminates the possible risks of fraud or treachery which are quite common in the offline mode. You should now wave off all your worries and take up the online investing option.

Buying SIP online will save your time, effort, and money. All the funds available for online investments are visible in one place. Our tools are unique in the sense as they pick out the best sip schemes and strategies for you, and build a customized portfolio to offer a convenient and time-efficient option. You only have to mention your details and our experts will analyse and advise you the most relevant options; the only thing that you need to do is to click on ‘Invest Now’ and begin your journey towards financially successful future.

How Does SIP Online Work?

Online SIP Investment has now become a part of the financial schedule for many investors. But, many of them are unaware of its working procedure. Before actually moving forward towards investing, you should know how your invested amount is materialised into beneficial returns for you. Investing in mfs is carried out through a systematic and continuous process. Every installment, which are paid monthly, fetches you some units of the scheme which are worth for your invested amount. The units are being distributed on the basis of NAV, which is the net asset value or the per-unit price of the scheme. The number of units received by every client or unit holder depends on the NAV. Hence, if NAV is high, then you get fewer units, while a lower NAV will give you more number of units for the same amount. Thus, one can say that its make use of the bullish as well as bearish market conditions.

​How To Start Systematic Investment Plan Online​?

  1. To start SIP investment with MySIPonline, investor firstly needs to open a free account by entering the basic details along with the bank details of the investor. A maximum of 2 banks can be added as a biller. After validating the details through OTP, the investor needs to complete the KYC process.
  2. To cater the convenience to the investors, we provide the facility of Video KYC as well as offline KYC. Those who have already completed the KYC of the PAN number can directly start the sip investment.
  3. The next step is to select the fund in which you want to invest through Systematic Investment Plan. You can either decide the scheme on your own or can take the assistance of the financial expert to achieve your financial objective.

After completing the above steps you can sit back and watch your monthly investment prosper. You can track your investment anytime through the dashboard and can make the necessary amendment whenever required. 

Why Is SIP Better than Other Investment Methods?

Investment in mutual funds can be made either with lumpsum or sip online. The systematic investment plan is depositing a fixed amount periodically while lumpsum is more like a manual investment that can be done according to the convenience of the investor. For example, if you have to buy a car, there are two options to pay for it. Either by cash or EMI. Similarly, mf also give two different options to invest, but in this case, sip or systematic investment plan is considered more beneficial in many ways. If you are new to the mfs industry or if you don’t have enough time to track the upcoming ups and downs of the market then sips are a blessing for you.

With the lump sum investment, the investor is unable to grab several benefits which are described above. Apart from the discipline in investment, features like rupee-cost averaging and power of compounding are also left out in lumpsum. The investor needs to do an in-depth analysis and time the investment precisely to generate healthy returns. You can save yourself from this hustle and bustle by choosing this method of investment.

SIP are often compared with recurring deposits or RDs, in which, SIPs have always proved out to be a better option. Although both of them are a conventional saving mechanism, RDs turn out to be demotivating in terms of returns provided. As far as systematic investment plans are concerned, it is not a scheme in itself like RD, but a method to invest in any of the schemes. The returns from mf plans depend on the scheme in which you invest through it. For example, if you invest in equity-oriented schemes, then you might get copious returns while a moderate return will be generated through a debt fund. In this, the returns are subjected to market risk but are considerably better than that of RDs. The returns generated in RD are fixed and stable but are not even close to the investment returns. Thus, it is quite beneficial in terms of returns as well as features when compared to RD.

Why Choose Us?

  • MySIPonline contains a list of mutual fund schemes which are updated on a regular basis which enable the users to make the best use of their money.
  • We have a team of financial experts, who recommend the best online SIP Ivestment plans after thorough research for the ease of our customers. Clients can easily choose from the exhaustive list of schemes.
  • An entirely innovative feature of a customized portfolio is available, which enables the clients to invest in schemes according to their needs.
  • A handy tool, known as SIP Calculator is available for simplifying the calculation of returns for your invested amount.
  • A plethora of funds are separated and categorized into various particular categories on our website to complement investors’ specific needs.
  • Easily navigable dashboard is available with convenience to see the latest transactions and follow up all the investments anytime through any device.
  • The most recent market news and updates along with complete awareness of the upcoming funds are provided which makes it easier to choose the most lucrative scheme according to the current market conditions.
  • No additional amount is charged for signing-up, personal advisory, investment, and transaction in the mfs
  • The data is transmitted in encrypted format to ensure security and resistance from hacking.
  • Certified Financial Advisers(CFA) and experienced analysts can be reached through chat, call, and email anytime for proper assistance regarding mf investment.
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It has been two years investing through MySIPonline. They have provided me with the best mutual funds for SIP. I’m still investing and appreciate their follow-ups on my plans on different market conditions.
Mr. Harsh Arora Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Thankfully, my friend has suggested me this portal. I am impressed by the efforts of the team in offering the best sip investment plan with high returns. The support team has helped me many times to sort out the problems with the investment portfolio.
Mr. Dilip Singh Jaipur, Rajasthan
Every penny I have earned through hard work matters to me. The experts at MySIP online recommended me a defensive portfolio which looked safe to me. Much to my surprise I also received better returns than I expected in 15 months. Thanks a lot!!
Mr. Ravi Purwar Chennai, Tamil Nadu
SIP Investments in mutual funds must be done under trustworthy guidance and as per my experience with mysiponline, the experts have always given an unbiased opinion and the most suitable scheme for me. Strongly recommended!
Mr. Abhinav Pillai Pune, Maharashtra
My friend has suggested me this portal to invest. With the experts at mysip online, I was able to choose Axis Blue Chip Fund for my portfolio through a systematic investment plan. I am happy with the investment and services offered by the platform.
Mr. Dinesh Tejwani Kolkata, West Bengal
We hesitate when we use anything new because we are not sure about the outcome after using it. In the same way, I was quite doubtful about dealing with Mysip online. After commencing my monthly SIP through the portal, I was satisfied with the services.
Mrs. Priyanka Solanki Bangalore, Karnataka
After investing through my sip online for two years, my financial goals which sounded impossible look well within reach now. They have a great research team which provides unique solutions for every financial purpose.
Ms. Megha Vyas Delhi, India
The customer executives were really very helpful in understanding my risk appetite, affordability and future goals. The financial experts recommended the best equity mutual fund that matched my expectations. Thank You Mysiponline. Highly recommended!
Ms. Shruti Dadhich Mumbai, Maharashtra