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Benefits of SIP

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a method to invest in mutual funds through which you invest a fixed sum periodically in a fund. There are numerous benefits of SIP.

SIP investment helps an individual in developing a savings habit and facilitates in investing in a disciplined manner, i.e. on a regular timely basis which is favorable to wealth creation.

Under SIP investment, more units are purchased when the price is low and less when it is high. Thus, the overall cost is managed well which is comparatively low.

SIP investment for a long period leads to better returns as a result of the compounded returns over time, i.e., the returns earned gets reinvested thus helping in earning better.

It doesn’t matter how the market condition is, you don’t have to wait for the right time. Investment in SIP will yield returns that are shielded against the volatility.

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What is SIP?

In simple words, Systematic Investment Plan, popularly known as SIP, is a method of investment in mutual funds which allows you to invest a fixed amount at regular intervals. You can select the best investment plan and the periodicity of investment according to your convenience. SIPs help to achieve the long-term financial goals by putting a certain amount of money systematically in the best SIP plan which is selected by the investor. Through online SIP, you can invest, withdraw, and track mutual fund investment at your fingertips, which makes it the most user-friendly investment strategy.

If you choose the SIP investment method of investing, then a fixed amount is debited from the concerned bank at the selected date of every month through ECS or post-dated cheques provided by the investor. The amount is invested automatically in the selected SIP plan every month. A variety of SIP plans are available for retirement planning, child marriage, child education, and many other specific purposes. Systematic Investment Plan helps the investors in bridging the gap between savings and investments. As savings are not enough to suffice the financial goals of the clients and equity investments are way too risky for ordinary people. Thus, SIPs are the way through which a layperson can fulfill his dream by investing in equity, debt, or any other avenue and earn the equivalent returns. As a client invests small amount regularly, hence it becomes easier for them to spare a lesser amount as compared to the single-time investment. The investor can receive multiple benefits over different investment strategies by investing in a variety of best SIP plans in India.

Why You Need SIP?

Online SIP allows you to fulfill various financial goals. Whether you aspire to amass wealth, enjoy your post-retirement life with ease, or plan for your child’s future while sitting in the comfort zone, maximise the profits out of your investments within a blink of an eye. SIPs have also made tax-saving more comfortable and convenient than ever before. The best online SIP plans have made it possible to invest and attain a growth perspective easily. The team of professionals at MySIPonline is always on their toes to guide you to invest in the best SIP online and boost up your earnings to provide excellent returns. Online sip not only facilitates you to finance but also eliminates the possible risks of fraud or treachery which are quite common in the offline mode. You should now wave off all your worries and take up the online SIP option.

Buying SIP online will save your time, effort, and money. All the funds available for online investments are visible in one place. Your dreams are our responsibility, and we are committed to not only delivering the services of a believable mutual fund distributor but also creating wealth by prescribing the best sip plans online that will meet your financial aims. Our tools are unique in the sense as they pick out the best online SIP investment plans and strategies for you, and build a customized portfolio to offer a convenient and time-efficient investment option. You only have to mention your details and our experts will analyse and advise you the most relevant options; the only thing that you need to do is to click on ‘Invest Now’ and begin your journey towards financially successful future.

How Does Systematic Investment Plan Work?

Online SIP has now become a part of the financial schedule for many investors. But, many of them are unaware of the working procedure followed by SIPs. Before actually moving forward towards investing, you should know how your invested amount is materialised into beneficial returns for you. Investing in SIP is carried out through a systematic and continuous process. Every installment of SIPs, which are paid monthly, fetches you some units of the scheme which are worth the amount of your investment. The units are being distributed on the basis of NAV, which is the net asset value or the per-unit price of the scheme. The number of units received by every client or unit holder depends on the NAV. Hence, if NAV is high, then you get fewer units for your investment, while a lower NAV will give you more number of units for the same amount. Thus, one can say that SIPs make use of the bullish as well as bearish market conditions.

How do I Start a SIP Online?

After considering the advantages involved in SIP investment, you might need a perfect platform to invest in mutual funds, and if you are reading this, you are at the right place. There are multiple reasons to why you should choose MySIPonline above any other online SIP investment platform.

We have partnered with all the prestigious AMCs in India within the shortest span since inception. 22 prestigious AMCs including ICICI Prudential Mutual FundHDFC Mutual Fund, Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual fund, Reliance Mutual Fund, SBI Mutual Fund, L&T Mutual fund, Axis Mutual Fund and many other prominent fund houses have come forward to join hands with us. These AMCs have rolled out thousands of mutual fund schemes and have helped us enrich our bouquet of plans. Because of the detailed research and up-to-date technical support, we have come up as the fastest growing platform to assist investors in the optimum enhancement of their wealth-systematically, as well as, securely.

The success of investors who have invested with us is the result of cohesive dedication and diligence of investment advisers, web developers, and the highly motivated staff. We are always focused on helping you invest in mutual funds in the easiest possible manner.

Why Is SIP Better than Other Investment Methods?

Investment in mutual funds can be made either with SIP or lumpsum. The systematic investment plan is depositing a fixed amount periodically while lumpsum is more like a manual investment that can be done according to the convenience of the investor. For example, if you have to buy a car, there are two options to pay for it. Either by cash or EMI. Similarly, mutual funds also give two different options to invest, but in this case, systematic investment plan is considered more beneficial in many ways. If you are new to the mutual funds' industry or if you don’t have enough time to track the upcoming ups and downs of the market, SIPs are a blessing for you.

With the lump sum investment, the investor is unable to grab several benefits which are described above. Apart from the discipline in investment, features like rupee-cost averaging and power of compounding are also left out in lumpsum investment. The investor needs to do an in-depth analysis and time the investment precisely to generate healthy returns. You can save yourself from this hustle and bustle by choosing SIP investment.

SIP are often compared with recurring deposits or RDs, in which, SIPs have always proved out to be a better option. Although both of them are a conventional saving mechanism, RDs turn out to be demotivating in terms of returns provided. As far as SIP investment plans are concerned, it is not a scheme in itself like RD, but a method to invest in any of the schemes. The returns from mutual fund SIP investment depend on the scheme in which you invest through it. For example, if you invest in equity-oriented schemes through online SIP plans, then you might get copious returns while a moderate return will be generated through a debt fund. In SIP, the returns are subjected to market risk but are considerably better than that of RDs. The returns generated in RD are fixed and stable but are not even close to the SIP returns. Thus, online SIP investment is quite beneficial in terms of returns as well as features when compared to RD.

Top SIP Plans 2018 - Best SIP Mutual Funds to Invest

Why Choose Us?

  • MySIPonline contains a list of mutual fund schemes which are updated on a regular basis which enable the users to make the best use of their money.
  • We have a team of financial experts, who recommend the best online SIP plans after thorough research for the ease of our customers. Clients can easily choose from the exhaustive list of mutual fund schemes.
  • An entirely innovative feature of a customized portfolio is available, which enables the clients to invest in schemes according to their needs.
  • A handy tool, known as SIP Calculator is available for simplifying the calculation of returns where investment is made through systematic investment plan.
  • A plethora of funds are separated and categorized into various particular categories on our website to complement investors’ specific needs.
  • Easily navigable dashboard is available with convenience to see the latest transactions and follow up all the investments anytime through any device.
  • The most recent market news and updates along with complete awareness of the upcoming funds are provided which makes it easier to choose the most lucrative scheme according to the current market conditions.
  • No additional amount is charged for signing-up, personal advisory, investment, and transaction in the mutual funds.
  • The data is transmitted in encrypted format to ensure security and resistance from hacking.
  • Certified Financial Advisers(CFA) and experienced analysts can be reached through chat, call, and email anytime for proper assistance regarding mutual fund investment.
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SIP investments have supported me inconveniently achieving my long-term goal. I have been investing periodically for three years through this site, and the returns are already looking very good. I am also able to save tax through monthly investment and gain wealth over it. Systematic investments are made to keep the comfort of the investors as the top priority and to provide financial strength effortlessly. I am literally happy to have found your portal.
Ms. Megha Vyas
I am investing online in two top SIP plans for 2018 for my daughter’s education and marriage from MySIPonline. They have provided me with some of the best schemes which will help me to reach my goal in the long run. They keep following up on my plans time to time. The team has also assisted me in increasing my investments without affecting my other financial requirements. Thank you, peeps, for making things so easy and accessible!
Mrs. Priyanka Solanki
I have always restrained from investing in mutual funds whether through systematic investment plan or lump sum because of the risk involved. But when one of my friends told me about the huge returns that he received on, I wished to try investing. I opted for this investment as it is not only easy for me to pay but also manage my expenses. I would specially like to thank the experts who further helped me in selecting the right scheme as per my portfolio.
Mr. Abhinav Pillai
I have invested in two SIP plans after much discussion with the experts of MySIPonline. Although I was hesitant whether to invest in them or not, after much research I finally decided to invest in them via this platform itself. There were times when the market fluctuated and I decided to quit and redeem but taking after continuous guidance, I continued to remain invested. Even today, although market is down, my spirit is up and I’m happy to have the support from the team. Thank you
Mr. Ravi Purwar
SIP has played a crucial role in achieving my long-term financial goal. It is a convenient way to gather a small amount and earn bountiful returns on the invested amount. I received higher returns than expectations in long-term through periodic investments and achieved my goal conveniently. The best part of the systematic investment is it makes you a disciplined investor.
Mr. Dilip Singh
I was planning to start my first SIP investment from past one month when I came across the site, its blogs as well as YouTube videos. I immediately registered myself on the website. The team has contacted me soon and provided me with the best schemes according to my future goals and financial requirements. I am so glad to get invested with them. They are offering the best services in the industry.
Mr. Harsh Arora