Success Stories

With the pioneering efforts of the entire team, we have created milestones in the field of providing personal financial advisory services. Here we are confronting what our founders have to say about their achievements.
Posted on August 16, 2018
With the pioneering efforts of the entire team at MySIPonline, it has been successful in adding a new feather to its cap recently at an event conducted by DSP BR MF. It has been presented the award for the Highest Equity & Debt Net Sales. Read to know the entire tale.
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Posted on Dec 16, 2017
MySIPonline has just earned the recognition of the Fastest Growing Company in North India. Read on to get an insight into the whole story as of how it all started and who are the ones responsible for such achievements until now.
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Posted on July 11, 2017
For the purpose of bringing advancements in the world of mutual fund investments and providing ease of online transactions, MySIPonline has paved the way toward building an upgraded and highly-featured investment platform for the Indian investors.
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Posted on April 5, 2017
Making investment simplified is the primary objective of MySIPonline and for that they have tuned with the fastest growing asset management company, i.e., Reliance Mutual Fund. Know how they have integrated the most-advanced investing solutions in association with Reliance to bring ease of investing in the lives of investors for better growth in capital and enhance their savings altogether.
Posted on March 30, 2017
Mr Virendra Ranawat, an Udaipur-Based entrepreneur, has proved that one simply needs strong determination and desire to establish a productive business and build customer relationship. In just a couple of months, his startup venture MySIPonline has crossed the 2000 client-base, and is aiming towards reaching more heights in the coming future. Know about its achievements until now.
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Posted on June 22, 2016
In order to know about the experiences, ideas and innovations of building a successful venture MySIPonline, Virendra Ranawat was interviewed. Read this Press Release to get an insight of his views and the concept behind generating personal advisory portal for investors.
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Posted on Aug 04, 2016
You must want to know how MySIPonline provides such an ease of making online investments. Read the write-up to know about the various solutions offered by MySIPonline to make the investors’ journey simplified.
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Posted on July 06, 2016
With an aim of providing personalised investment solutions to cater the needs of every investor, MySIPonline offers the ease of customizing the portfolio and reviewing the same. Read this Press Release to know how does it function.
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Posted on Aug 01, 2016
With the primary objective of providing investment solutions to the investors, and to accomplish their financial goals, Mr Virendra Ranawat, Co-founder of MySIPonline, launched the Fintech Start-Up. He has made different researches and analysed the needs of a large section of the society to come out with the concept of online mutual fund investments.
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Posted on July 27, 2016
If you wish to gain some knowledge about the working culture, technology and factors as per which MySIPonline is working then this exclusive interview with Virendra Ranawat(Co Founder, MySIPonline) will help you in knowing the same. Here he has shared his views and ideas of initiating the business and explained how his entire team is indulged in providing the best services to the investors across the country.
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