Top Performing Mutual Funds

The Best Mutual Funds in India include schemes which have delivered outstanding returns to the investors and have exceptional management as well. They are considered to be the Top performing mutual funds in India in all aspects whether it is their historical performance, fund management, portfolio allocation, rating, risk management, etc. We perform regular analysis and research and then suggest investors relevant best performing mutual funds to invest in long term according to their risk appetite, investment horizon, and other requirements. If you are willing to invest in the best mutual funds for long term, find the best recommendation from the experts working with us.


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Fund Name Latest NAV (₹) Rating Return (%) Double Money In 1 Lac Grew To (₹)  
Quant Small Cap Fund-Growth
Very High risk | Small Cap
254.32 0 40.91 2Y 4M -- Invest
Quant Infrastructure Fund - Growth Option
Very High risk | Sectoral-Infrastructure
42.01 0 38.71 2Y 6M -- Invest
SBI PSU Fund - Regular Plan -Growth
Very High risk | Thematic-PSU
32.95 0 37.42 3Y 4M 4.14 L Invest
ICICI Prudential Infrastructure Fund - Growth
Very High risk | Sectoral-Infrastructure
180.76 2 37.31 2Y 12M 4.44 L Invest
Quant Mid Cap Fund-Growth
Very High risk | Mid Cap
236.12 0 36.22 2Y 8M -- Invest
Invesco India PSU Equity Fund - Growth
Very High risk | Thematic-PSU
66.48 0 35.71 2Y 11M 3.98 L Invest
HDFC Infrastructure Fund - Growth Plan
Very High risk | Sectoral-Infrastructure
45.38 1 34.82 3Y 12M 4.16 L Invest
Nippon India Power & Infra Fund-Growth Plan -Growth Option
Very High risk | Sectoral-Infrastructure
349.49 2 34.03 3Y 2M 3.98 L Invest
Quant ESG Equity Fund Regular - Growth
Very High risk | Thematic-ESG
33.02 0 33.34 Y 0M -- Invest
Quant Flexi Cap Fund-Growth
Very High risk | Flexi Cap
101.48 0 32.87 2Y 9M -- Invest


We Help You in Building Your Wealth!
  • The best mutual funds are chosen after a comprehensive analysis of numerous parameters concerning mutual funds. The consistency, volatility, investment strategy, portfolio structure, and many other aspects are studied and compared to find the top performing mutual funds in India.
  • Mutual funds are subject to market risk. However, the chances for negative returns are lower in best mutual funds but even the top funds can provide negative returns under unfavourable market conditions.
  • The top performing mutual funds are more probable to deliver higher returns than ordinary funds. You can make the most out of your mutual fund investment by choosing the best performing mutual funds.
  • Top mutual funds have a higher probability to deliver better returns. For the tenure of 10 years, these funds may or may not stay in the list of best performing mutual funds but are more likely to deliver higher returns than ordinary funds.
  • The top performing mutual fund may or may not charge higher expense ratio than ordinary funds. Selection of the best performing mutual funds is done on the basis of various other parameters including expense ratio. If a top mutual fund charges a high expense ratio, it is much likely to be worthy of the charges.
  • Investments in mutual funds must be done according to the financial goals and objective. Even the best mutual funds must be chosen according to the suitability of investors. The risk appetite, investment tenure, etc, must be taken into consideration while selecting a best mutual fund for oneself.

Best Mutual Funds in India : That Can Revamp Your Portfolio

Best Mutual Funds are those schemes which have been selected by the mutual fund experts based on their performance, AUM, rating and various other factors. These top performing mutual funds have made the clients earn and carry forward their investments in a clutter-free way. The clients don’t have to search for good schemes as they have it in their hand in the form of top mutual funds. This category enlists schemes from all the variegated categories of best Performing mutual funds. Clients have to be know their requirements thoroughly and then they can choose from any one the schemes. Top 10 mutual funds have been the most prominent feature provided by the best performing mutual funds as it has not only eased the investment process but has also aggravated the money multiplication process.

Best mutual funds to invest in india are well known for realizing the dreams of the clients through a secure and efficient manner as they have been carefully chosen based on various factors. Some clients try to time the market and wait for the right time even to invest in top mutual funds in India. But, while investing in any mutual fund scheme one does not require to time the market and when you are investing in top performing mutual funds in india then you can experience the u-turn that portfolio will take. If you feel that your money has been deployed in the wrong schemes, then you need not panic as we have a better option for you. Here Top 10 Mutual Funds in India is presenting to you a solution which will unfold the mystery of investment by bringing you the chart-buster schemes under each category of best performing funds. But, before jumping directly to the best mutual funds to invest in india let us get a general idea about the different classes of top 10 mutual funds in india.

Why to choose Best Mutual Funds to Invest for Long Term?

Top Performing Mutual Funds apart from all the above-mentioned advantages render many other benefits from which the clients are able to get the maximum output for their investments. A client might think why he should invest in these best mutual funds in India? Here are some reasons for them to include the top mutual funds in their portfolio:

  • Only the best:- Top performing mutual funds are the guaranteed funds which will undoubtedly provide the best returns for your investments so that you can grow and make your financial wishes come true. Thus, one needs just to select the correct category for investing and then they can invest in any one of the best mutual funds scheme available for investment. In this way, the clients get to invest in only those schemes which are capable of providing copious returns.
  • Carefully chosen plans:- top 10 mutual funds in india have been picked up carefully by the financial experts and made available to clients for investing with ease. Numerous schemes are operating in the market, but the experts on the basis of the determinants mentioned above select each and every scheme. best performing mutual funds in india are not selected from any one of the categories; rather they belong to each and every class of the mutual fund.
  • Rigorous research:- Each best mutual funds to invest in india has to pass through an important criteria before they are given a position in the list. If a scheme fails to fulfill even a single point mentioned above under the determinant segment then, it loses its worth for being included in the plan.

How Best Performing Mutual Funds are different from other funds?

Best Performing Mutual Funds form a different category of mutual funds that enable the clients to make the best possible use of the money hereby investing it in these funds. Top Performing Mutual Funds in india are not separately launched by the mutual fund industry. But, the best mutual funds to invest in india have made the landmark by attaining its targets every time. Hence, the difference between a standard scheme and a Top mutual funds scheme is solely based on the overall performance of any scheme. To be enlisted as a best performing mutual funds each and every scheme has to fulfill the criteria set up by the financial experts. So, only a few selected schemes are capable enough to make their way to the list of top 10 mutual funds in india.

Top Performing Mutual Funds : Offers Various Schemes From the Different Categories

Best Performing Mutual Funds in India have proved to be very successful in terms of customer satisfaction and providing returns to the clients. These Best mutual funds in India can be rightly termed as the jewels of mutual fund as they make the clients capable of rendering the best-ever returns. It is easy to put aside an amount for investing, but it is rather very excruciating. However, there is a pool of schemes to choose from, still it is confusing to note that which one of the schemes would serve the clients with the required corpus. It is like searching for a needle in the haystack. This uncertainty will be wiped off with the list of top performing mutual funds in India which have been selected cautiously by the expert team and made available to the clients through our site. There are various schemes picked from the different categories of Top mutual funds operating in the market and by using simple tool i.e. sip return calculator helps you to make best investment decisions.

The Suggestions Of The Top performing Mutual Funds in india Which Are Worth Investing Is Categorized As Follows:

  • Equity funds: The best mutual funds of the equity category invests in the stocks of the listed company. Being a very aggressive form of investment, it involves an enormous risk and at the same time inflated returns. Equity funds are on the priority list of the clients who prefer capital gains over security factor. So, it is important to include these among the list of the top 10 mutual funds to invest in india. The equity fund further branches out in more sub-categories viz, large cap, small cap, mid cap, sector funds, thematic infrastructure, elss, etc. All the funds no doubt invest in equity but the working principle is not identical. For example, ICICI Prudential Long Term Equity Fund (Tax Saving) (G) is an ELSS scheme provided by ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund.It is one of the best performing mutual funds to invest in India. The project aims at providing tax benefits to the investors by investing in places whose capital gains and dividend is tax-free.
  • Hybrid funds: How about buying a single commodity which can perform two different tasks? Everyone will love to purchase such a good scheme. In the same way, the mutual fund industry has launched schemes which amalgamate the traits of equity and debt funds. The hybrid funds provide equipoise of the money invested in stocks and money market instruments. It consists of two broad categories viz, balanced mutual funds and MIP aggressive. HDFC balanced fund (g) is a balanced fund provided by HDFC Mutual Fund. This top mutual funds scheme enables the clients to make the best possible use of the client’s money by investing both in equity and debt instruments. The prime focus of the hybrid fund is to deliver the growth of equity and the security of fixed income in a single shot.
  • Debt funds: The best category of top performing mutual funds for the risk-averse investors is debt funds. The motto of launching this bracket is to provide investing options to the clients who want to keep their money safe by compromising on the returns. The fund managers of the debt fund put the money of the investors in the money market instruments like bonds and securities issued by the government as well as corporate. The list of Best mutual funds to invest in india also carries few schemes from the debt category as well. The debt funds are sub-divided into debt short-term, debt long-term, gilt funds, liquid funds etc.

Top 5 Mutual Funds to Invest in SIP

According to the risk-appetite of investors, our financial experts have compiled a list of top 5 mutual funds for next 10 years. Moreover, it is always suggested that a new investor should begin the investment journey through SIP mode of investment.

Now, let us have an overview of the schemes:-

  • HDFC Top 100 Fund : It is the top recommended large cap fund of HDFC Mutual Fund that diversify the assets in the combination of growth and value stocks of 48 companies. The AUM of HDFC Top 100 Fund is Rs. 16,705 Crore (as on 30th April, 2019) with an exit load of 1%, if the redemption is made within 365 days. The minimum mutual fund investment in case of lumpsum and SIP is Rs. 5000 and Rs. 500, respectively. The large cap fund of HDFC has provided excellent returns in the long term and 19.99% of the returns since the inception date. This top performing large cap fund of HDFC Mutual Fund is suitable for an investor having moderately high risk appetite. An analysis of the sector allocation tells that the scheme parks the cash in large number of sectors with financial sector rocking the charts followed by energy, technology, construction, FMCG, etc.
  • Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund : This Large & Midcap oriented scheme of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund is one of the top mutual funds in India for the investors who are willing to plough their money in a combination of large and midcap stocks. Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund is a good pick for generating high returns along with stability in the mutual fund market. The scheme parks the money safely in the growth stocks of 62 companies across market capitalization. As on 31st March, 2019 the AUM of the scheme is Rs. 7,162 Crore which is highest among all the funds within the same category. The minimum lumpsum investment required is Rs. 5000 whereas the minimum SIP investment required is Rs. 1000. The fund has been a consistent performer and have secured top rank on the basis of 3, 5, and 7-year annualized returns. Financial sector again is the top pick for the fund followed by healthcare, energy, automobile, etc.
  • Axis Midcap Fund : The midcap fund of Axis Mutual Fund is one of best mutual funds for higher growth. Launched on 18th February, 2011 the scheme has an excellent track record and have provided 16.72% of the returns since the launch. Along with equities, the fund manager also diversify a considerable percentage of assets in the debt instruments. Rather than investing in large number of stocks, the scheme focuses on qualitative approach and invest in growth stocks of 36 companies only. Finance sector, which is the backbone of Indian Economy holds highest percentage of asset allocation followed by services, chemicals, healthcare, automobile, etc. The midcap fund of Axis Mutual Fund is known to provide excellent returns in the long run and the fund has achieved the same in the past where it surpassed the benchmark and category’s average by a huge margin.Rs. 5000 and Rs. 1000 is the minimum investment required for Lumpsum and SIP investment.
  • HDFC Small Cap Fund : Searching for the best small cap fund in India? How about investing in HDFC Small Cap Fund which has been a top performing mutual funds over the years. The small cap fund of HDFC Mutual Fund diversify the assets predominantly in 70 stocks having higher growth potential in the future. The fund also parks significant amount of money in the debt & money market instruments for providing stability during market volatility. The scheme comes with an exit load of 1% which is applied when the redemption is made within 365 days. Moreover, the expense ratio of the mutual fund is 2.06% (as on 31st March, 2019) which is lowest among the peer competitors. The fund has managed to provide excellent returns in the long term which makes it one of the top ranked mutual funds in the small cap fund category.
  • Kotak Standard Multicap Fund : For the investors who want to grab the market opportunities across the market caps, Kotak Standard Multicap Fund is a best performing mutual funds scheme for them. The scheme invests in a combination of large cap, midcap, and small cap stocks for generating consistent growth. According to the market trends, the multicap fund of Kotak Mutual Fund can increase/decrease the percentage of assets allocation in market caps. The minimum investment required for participation in this scheme is Rs. 5000 and Rs. 500 for Lumpsum and SIP investment, respectively. The AUM of the scheme (as on 31st March, 2019) is Rs. 23,881 Crore which indirectly reflects the trust of investors in this scheme. Over the past year, the scheme has emerged as the leading multicap fund in terms of growth and performance.

Wrapping up all, these were the top 5 performing mutual funds in India for new investors that can help an individual in achieving their financial goals early. Moreover, for investing wisely don’t forget to use the SIP Calculator for knowing your investment amount and time horizon to achieve your goals.

Best Mutual Fund to Invest for Long Term : Creating wealth like never before

Best Mutual Funds can be called as the golden egg laying hen of the mutual fund industry. It is a list of schemes which allows the clients to invest only in plans that have proved to be worthwhile in their entire tenure of being operational. Best Performing Mutual Funds carry with it the potential of providing growth perspectives to the clients. Till the time the top mutual funds category was not launched in the market then the clients would have to search for better schemes manually and compare them. But, since the time Top performing mutual funds in India came into being there was absolute relief for the clients regarding the worries related to selecting a perfect scheme.

Our site is dedicated to bringing up the top performing mutual funds under all categories for giving our clients a mixed bag of schemes for investing. Not concentrating on a single sector, our expert team has done rigorous research to list a few schemes that are rated according to crisil. No scheme in the list of top mutual funds in India is unrated. The crisil has a guideline of awarding ranking to only those funds which have been performing in the market for more than three years. Therefore, the client can undoubtedly be sure of getting only the best performing mutual funds on the list of available on our site

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