Reliance Pharma Fund : A Growth Oriented Plan

This is a sector-specific investment strategy from Reliance Mutual Funds which is designed to provide growth opportunities to the investors. Reliance Pharma Fund Growth is categorized under the ‘Sector-Pharma & Healthcare’ of equity asset class. Accordingly, it makes investments in the industries which are primarily indulged in the healthcare and pharmaceutical activities. Investors who are looking for growth options must go for this promising online investment strategy to give high worth to their portfolio. Here we have presented an informative overview of this scheme which would help you in taking an appropriate decision to invest in the best mutual funds in India.

Reliance Pharma Fund Growth - Investment Strategy

The primary investment objective of this scheme is to seek consistent returns by investing in equities and equity-related securities along with fixed income instruments of the Pharma and other associated companies. Reliance Pharma Fund was launched in 2004 and at present is managed by Mr Sailesh Rajbhan. The rel pharma fund NAV as on November 15, 2016, amounts to Rs 138.3512. The philosophy on the basis of which the functions are elaborated are as under:

  • It has combined investments in the mid- and large-cap companies to provide consistent returns.
  • It has wide diversification among the major segments of the industries which involve Domestic International Business, CRAMS and high-growth Pharma businesses.
  • Over 95% of the total assets of this scheme are allocated to the stocks of the companies.
  • Due to a better outlook for the sector over a medium term, its recommended investment horizon is around 2-3 years.
  • Certain growth opportunities in earnings and greater benefit over a period of time.
  • The minimum amount of investment in Reliance Pharma Fund Growth is Rs 5000.
  • It offers the systematic investment plan (SIP) for making easy investing with a small amount of money at regular intervals.
  • It is best suited to the investors who seek long-term capital appreciation by investing in pharma industries.

Reliance Pharma Fund Growth NAV - Performance Analysis

The portfolio of this strategy is among the Top performing mutual funds in India. It has outperformed its benchmark, i.e., S&P BSE Healthcare, and its category since its inception. This strategy is offering tremendous absolute annual returns since a long time which were around 48.5 percent in 2014. The annualized returns for a period of three and five years are 21.3 and 20.9 percent respectively. Investors must opt for the same to grow their money in the future. The performing investment strategy Reliance Pharma Fund Growth with its impressive track record proves the efficiency of generating greater worth in order to accomplish the financial goals quite easily.

Investors who are desirous of investing in best scheme can make a worthy plan using the SIP planner which shall generate the exact value of your investment amount after a certain period of time. You too can make the perfect use of the same to design a worthy portfolio for yourself.

Reliance Pharma Fund G - Portfolio Analysis

The asset under management amounts to Rs.1,385.16 crore as on September 30,2016. Around 97.09 percent of these assets are invested in the equity securities. Furthermore, over 83 percent of the total equity investment is out in the stocks of the companies indulged in the pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, some of the funds have been invested in the money market and call instruments as well. The sector allocation graph of Reliance Pharma Fund Growth online investment plan depicts that the major allotment of the funds apart from pharma sector is in the manufacturing and services sector. The top holdings of Reliance Pharma Fund include:

  1. Divis Laboratories
  2. Cipla
  3. Sanofi India
  4. Aurobindo Pharma
  5. Lupin
  6. Cadila Healthcare

With this, it can be concluded that investors can gain substantial income in the long-term horizon due to well-designed portfolio and better performance of rel pharma fund NAV, since inception. Pharmaceutical industry is one of the well-established and encouraging industries in India which has greatest possible opportunities for growth of the investors. Therefore, the investors seeking for huge growth opportunities should definitely include this strategy in their portfolio.

At MySIPonline, Reliance Pharma Fund Growth is the scheme highly recommended to everyone due its outperforming track record and a worthy portfolio. It capacitates the effectiveness to yield greater returns to the investors in the long run. You must put your hard-earned money in the best scheme to accomplish your financial goals.

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