Methodology of Choosing Recommended Funds


The funds listed below are among the best recommended mutual funds in India which have generated a huge wealth for the investors until now. This recommendation helps you to list down the varieties of fund before making investments via SIP or Lumpsum. Recommended funds have been selected on the basis of past performances, current market scenarios & industry experts’ views on the schemes and their ability to create wealth over a longer period of time.

Recommended Funds  
Scheme Name Category Nav Return(%) Rating Analysis Amount Action

Recommended Mutual Funds: Offering Worth to Investments

The recommended funds in India are those which excel in yielding the best SIP or lump sum returns. They are listed on the basis of the analysis done by the experts to find out the best mutual funds in India to invest online for earning the desired profits within time. The recommended mutual funds are listed on the basis of some standard assumptions and they may or may not suit all the needs of divergent investors. The online investments in the top recommended funds investment in India have been made easy at our platform as we have listed down the best plans to start SIP or lump sum in just a few minutes. In order to serve the various investors and to provide the ease and expertise for their investment, the recommended investment mutual funds which are the best for investors are listed on our website.

Investing the money in the best mutual fund is very important as we cannot put our hard-earned money in any plan just like that. We must have adequate knowledge of the funds in which we are intending to invest our monies. Our recommended funds are provided for the assistance to the investors are based on proper research so that every one can find the right plan to add into their portfolio. We have made it easy for all the investors to get the online recommended investment funds for making the right choice.

Recommended Funds : Selection Criteria

Investing in top recommended investment funds plans in India is based on different criteria. Various matters of considerations are required to be undertaken while choosing the best recommended mutual funds online, whether it be the past performance or the current NAV of the mutual funds. The schemes which are capable enough of fulfilling the goals come under this category. The following are the main grounds which must be pinpointed while selecting an online recommended funds scheme for investing.

The following are the main grounds which must be pinpointed while selecting a recommended schemes online for investing

  1. Ratings by the Credit Rating Agencies: An investment in recommended mutual funds schemes online that grows well and provides better returns with stability always earns high ratings by the rating agencies such as CRISIL(Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited). These agencies are established in order to maintain the records and rate the investments on the basis of their creditworthiness. Thus, these ratings are crucial while making a better choice of online recommended mutual funds investment.
  2. The Past Performance: History about anything shows its foundation. Before selecting any commodity in the market, we make sure that it has been performing well in the market. The reason is that a well-reputed item always makes us feel that we have made the right choice. Thus, while choosing a mutual fund scheme as well the past performance, i.e., the returns of recommended investment mutual funds plan has offered in the past to the investors should be verified well in advance.
  3. The Fund House Management: Another point that requires due consideration is the fund house or the AMC. Whether they are managing the funds in a keen manner or not is also an important concern. They have the responsibility of maintaining set standards to make sure proper and effective management of the monies. This also imposes a significant effect on the performance of the recommended funds online investment.
  4. Involvement of Different Costs: Apart from the amount of investment, the fund houses also charge some fees regarding administration, brokerage, marketing, etc. This also affects the choice of an investor. So, it must be assured that the cost involved in making recommended investment funds onlinen are minimum. But, low cost is not beneficial all the time. Instead, it is to be assured that the cost we are paying for our SIP investment recommended mutual funds are fetching the desired returns.

The recommended funds schemes online which fulfil all the above-mentioned and some of the other required traits are the ones which are considered as recommended investment funds to invest online in India.

Recommended Investment Funds Details

By taking all these concerns and many other factors into consideration, the list of online recommended mutual funds has been designed by our expert financial analysts. This list provides the details on the following matters so that you can make right decisions of making an investment in the best mutual funds online:

  • Category: It provides the class of asset out of the equity, debt or hybrid, in which the online investment in recommended funds scheme falls.
  • NAV: The net asset value of the schemes is given which shall helps you to compute the number of units you will be allotted if you invest in such plan.
  • Return Percentage: Recommended investment mutual funds scheme performance in the past three years in regards to the average interest rate has been provided, which can help you evaluate the efficiency of the scheme.
  • Rating by CRISIL: Every scheme attains some credit ratings by CRISIL. The list of recommended investment funds schemes online contains such rating as well which shall be helpful in knowing the creditworthiness of the scheme.

Recommended Mutual Funds Schemes to Invest in India

Following are the recommended investment funds online schemes by experts at My SIP Online so that you can choose the best schemes of mutual funds for your portfolio in order to earn the best returns on your hard-earned money. With the help of experts you need not analyse each and every fund to engage money as they had already done it completely. So put an end to all your worries and begin your online investment in the best recommended mutual funds under complete guidance of the ‘Support Team’ of MySIPonline.

  1. Reliance Small Cap Fund (G)
  2. Kotak Emerging Equity Scheme (G)
  3. L&T India Value Fund (G)
  4. HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund (G)
  5. Kotak Select Focus Fund (G)
  6. Birla Sun Life Equity Fund (G)
  7. DSP Blackrock Opportunities Fund (G)

Is It Worth Buying Recommended Mutual Funds in India?

The recommended funds plans which are being provided after considering their past performance as per different market scenarios and views of industry experts, hold a notable position in the market. There are prime factors due to which investing in the recommended mutual funds would be highly beneficial for the investors. They include:

  1. Risk Factors are Minimised :- Being the best funds in their categories, the recommended mutual funds are designed with a high degree of efficiency and are actively managed as per the market changes. The risk is kept at the lowest level with the high diversification of the invested capital in varied instruments, companies, and sectors.
  2. Assure High-Yielding Returns :- The recommended investment funds plans in India provide surety that the capital invested in them would yield the desired returns for the investors over a period of time. They have an excellent track record and growth-oriented asset allocation which ensure that by investing in the best mutual funds online, one can easily attain the financial desires.

With this, you can conclude here that the investors in the Indian mutual fund industry have the option to make the best investment in the recommended mutual funds sip plans and fulfil their financial objectives. With least risk and great performance, these recommendations prove helpful for every individual investor.

Hence, one can make the best investment decision by choosing the recommended funds. They would definitely provide worth to your investment and help you to create a corpus. Let begin your investment in recommended funds online today for better tomorrow with the range of schemes that falls under different category like liquid, small, midcap, diversified equity, large cap mutual funds so that you can bring more happiness to your family.

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  • Recommended investment mutual funds at MySIPonline really worth. Initially I checked several times that the funds showed in the recommended list are actually a good performer or not. After making a constant check I found that it shows exceptionally high quality services to their clients either it is about providing recommendations, or support in the investment process. I found it a great platform for the potential investors. I am already investing through their portal and suggest others to invest. Thanks.

    Kalpesh Mehra Biologist
  • I love the app provided by MySIPonline. It is the best app to invest in the mutual funds online which provides completely safe and secure transactions. There are experts’ recommended mutual funds available which can be a good bet. This portal has many more features which are really distinct from the other mutual fund investment platforms. I wish it goes a long way ahead and spread the awareness of MF investments across the boundaries to bring change in the economy. Thanks!!!

    Akriti Dave Choreographer
  • Team MySIPonline, you are just amazing. Your recommended funds have worked significantly for my portfolio in the past six months that all my negative returns in the portfolio are being compensated and I am experiencing exceptional growth from my investments. It’s all because of the recommended mutual funds investment that are provided on your website which are doing great in the market and yielding superb values. Thanks guys!!!

    Sandeep Sinha Ecologists
  • I did not know that I could find the best recommended mutual funds at no cost. I approached many websites to provide me with the list of top recommendations, but they all asked me for consideration. At MySIPonline, I found recommended investment mutual funds so easily and that too at zero cost. Thanks a lot MySIPonline and team for the assistance and solutions that you have provided. I am a regular investor here and enjoying wonderful services in terms of investments.

    Bhavyansh Trivedi Computer Programmer
  • I used to save my money in my savings bank account as usual. My cousin who is already investing in various schemes suggested me to start investing in mutual funds. I started with the recommended mutual funds of MySIPonline, and followed my cousin’s instructions. Believe me! I got more than double what I used to receive from my savings bank deposits. Superb returns and completely simple. No big formulas, no hectic processes. Simplified investing with MySIPonline in their recommended funds and I got the key to double my income. Thanks a lot.

    Rhythm Ajmera Chemical Laboratory Technician
  • The recommended investment mutual funds available at MySIPonline are actually among the top funds to invest in India. I am so sure because I have experienced the growth and exceptional returns on such funds. I bought the recommended funds at MySIPonline almost a year back and I can see my investment value going higher. Your research is great and I appreciate the assistance and guidance you provide in buying the mutual funds online.

    Komal Rathore Teacher
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