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Kotak Mahindra mutual fund making online investing easy

By pinpointing investment opportunities in the most propitious sectors, Kotak Mahindra mutual fund is trying to invest your hard-earned money optimally. Not centering around only a single industry Kotak mf is diversifying the clients pooled investment in divergent industries. Always been a trustworthy brand Kotak mutual fund was incorporated in the decade of 90s and is having assets managed of about Rs. 54902.34 Cr. (as on 31st Dec 2015). With various schemes launched keeping in mind the investor’s varying needs, Kotak Mahindra mf is the first company to unveil a dedicated gilt plan, that invests purely in government securities. A subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra bank, Kotak Mahindra mutual fund has 79 branches at present in the country. Serving as the online distributor for a highly reliable brand as Kotak mutual fund, we truly are proud. With a resolution of providing the best customer support we are always ready to provide any assistance at any point of time.

Providing the option of lump sum and SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), Kotak Mahindra MF has added a new feature to SIP. Now, you can upgrade your SIP with the help of SIP booster plan. By using this option you can initially start with a low amount of SIP and then say, after 6 months or so, you can give an instruction to increase the amount of SIP.

Vision of Kotak Mahindra mutual funds

The vision of Kotak Mahindra mutual fund, is to be a responsible player. It means establishing a sense of security among the investors so that they can hand over their rightfully earned money to the fund managers.

Another important aim of Kotak mutual funds is to provide consistently growing performance of each and every fund. With the 12 years of expertise and experience Kotak Mahindra mutual fund has managed to launch a wide range of products catering to the need of all clients and also managing the schemes quite well.

Adapting to change and hard-work

With the help of dedicated fund managers and employees Kotak Mahindra mutual fund is attaining new heights with every passing quarter. Working with a disciplined approach Kotak Mahindra MF has launched various online investing options through our site. “Change is inevitable, change is constant”, rightly quoted by Benjamin Disraeli, is sincerely followed by Kotak Mahindra mutual fund. They are always ready to change with the changing market scenario and also alters itself according to the clients needs.

Portfolio management for Kotak Mutual Funds

A highly customized segment of Kotak mutual fund, emphasis on the portfolio management according to customer and not for the benefit of company. No clients have identical portfolios. As there is no set pattern followed in order to design the portfolio, each and every client’s folio is precisely tailor made at Kotak Mahindra mutual fund. As online partner of Kotak Mahindra mutual fund we also abide by this rule strictly. While providing assistance to the clients our experts never exert undue pressure on the them. It is the customer’s free will whether to invest in a particular scheme or not. 

Kotak mutual fund has partnered with My SIP online to provide the same trust and guarantee of services through an online portal as well. Here clients are free to access the wide range of schemes that falls under different categories like large cap mutual funds, small cap, midcap etc. launched by Kotak mahindra mutual fund through an online portal. Adding to the missions and values of this AMC, our site presents the clients with the best ever customer satisfaction. The scheme like Kotak Floater Short Term Regular Plan (MD) is in the list of top performing mutual funds making a strong presence in the market. Kotak mutual fund provides the clients with a bouquet of schemes which allows them to invest and choose according to their free will without much hesitation. Thus, the clients have access to better portfolio management and a lot of mutual funds schemes to select from. There is another advantage of making investment at My SIP Online as it helps to calculate returns with the help of sip return calculator and you can also engage your hard earned money in other best performing mutual fund i.e. hdfc mutual fund.

What our clients say...
  • The schemes of Kotak Mutual Fund has made their own space in the Indian mutual fund market. The AMC is doing very well and provides a great option in almost all categories of mutual funds. I am happy with my investment returns till date. Being a new investor, yet a curious one I find the best solutions and advice concerning mutual fund investments here at MySIPonline. Your services are indeed worth praising! Good.. Keep up the excellent job!

    Ramesh Dave IT Officer
  • It was two years back when I had invested in a well top performing fund of Kotak Mutual Fund via MySIPonline. This investment portal had just begun the journey then. I have been associated with them since that time. Through this long journey things have changed but the team’s efforts and patience level have always been the same. They have always addressed me with the same politeness as they used to do before. Being a client I have put all my trust in their decisions regarding portfolio building. Happy with the service.

    Subhanshu Jain Businessman
  • I have been investing in the Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund since January 2017. My dad told me to make an investment with the help of MySIPonline, as he has used their services. These people are so much supportive, understood market very well and also the investors’ need. They recognised my financial requirements, my future goals and then suggested me the funds of the fund house. I am very much thankful to these people. You guys rock!

    Harindra Singh Student
  • The best place to invest and get better returns, in the long run, is Kotak Mutual Fund. The fund house has many attractive schemes under different categories for every kind of investors. The fund house is also offering high returns than its competitors. I have opted for two funds from the company for investment for the next seven years. I am very much convinced about their services and returns. I recommend investors to invest with the company to attain high growth in capital.

    Vivek Singh Rao Kolkata, India
  • Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund has always been one of my favourite for mutual funds investments. I have been investing in this fund for quite some time, but it was getting hectic for me, and at some point, I even thought about giving up on mutual funds because of my busy schedule. One of my friends told me about MySIPonline. I checked their website and tried out their process of investment and later on I had to switch from every other platform that I used before as MySIPonline provided the best customer support and I can keep an eye on my money, and invest or withdraw anytime, anywhere.

    Nikhil Yadvendu Engineer
  • Kotak Mutual Funds has played a significant role in the growth and development of my investment as well as the mutual fund industry in India. After enjoying the extraordinary benefits, I have added several schemes of Kotak AMC in my portfolio at MySIPonline. Where I can do it most easily online. Much recommended!

    Disha Choubisa Web Developer