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Axis Mutual Funds - Building Investor’s Trust & Creating Wealth

Axis MF India which is among the best performing fund houses in India provides various investing solutions to the clients across different states as per variegated investment goals. Out of the equity, debt and balanced funds, you can make online investment in best axis Mutual Fund schemes in India to make your portfolio highly weighted and understand key notes about performance of axis mutual funds sip schemes investment, nav, online sip plans of axis mutual funds in India with the experts. Axis MF SIP grab the best opportunity in the market to help the investors gain tremendous growth over time. It has made it so simple. This fund is managed professionally by the expert fund managers who pool the savings of a large number of investors in order to invest them in shares, debentures and other market securities. Axis Mutual Fund, Axis Mutual Funds, Axis MF

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Axis Mutual Funds - A well-rounded Online investing solution

Axis Mutual Fund has made an incredible growth recently in 2009. In a short span of 6 years, the assets managed amounts to Rs. 34489.45 Cr. (as on 31st Dec 2015). Trending fast with a view to make Axis Mutual Funds way amongst the top ten investing companies, this fund is diligent to earn the ace position soon. Creating an environment at Axis mutual fund online SIP investment in which the client can speak for himself, truly welcomes free and fair discussions between client and employees and it is reckoned that more views the client shares with the AMC, better will be his investing experience.

Axis Mutual Fund Investment Has Three Basic Governing Principles

  • Axis mutual fund in India Creating Long-Term investing perspective: Although being a new player in mutual fund industry, the Axis Mutual Fund AMC has understood the very basic rule of investing, which is to invest with a long-term perspective. The money grows at steady pace in a long run. It is quite obvious that investing a little by little you can make a reservoir of wealth with which you can retire with peace. A long-term perspective of online axis mutual fund SIP investment plan has two basic advantages, one : the investment is secure from fluctuating market risks, two : the corpus you get at the end is handsome.
  • Outside-In strategy: The client is of prime importance at Axis MF SIP in India and a strategy which is more open to its clients is followed here thoroughly. By following a pathway of understanding the nature and requirements of the client, first through a healthy conversation and then suggesting him the possible solutions in a way that is optimum for him, online investment in this AMC is very much involved in bringing up brand new techniques in the field of client-employee interaction. The feedback from the clients is taken with open arms and also upgraded for bringing a positive change in the strategies.
  • After sales service: Axis Mutual Fund also follows the concept of after sales service and even if the investing process gets finished, the employees are constantly keep in touch with the client.It believes that marketing and selling the products are not the only activities involved in the process of sales; after sale service is also a vital component of this process. The employees of this fund are always ready to help the clients in case of any queries that arise in their mind even after investing. Whenever a need is felt to inform the clients about any issues in their investment, the employees of Axis MF in India take it as their duty to do so and don’t believe it as an obligation to the clients.

Various Investment Plans Offered By Axis Mutual Fund Online:

  1. Axis mf saving plans in 20s: The most fun-loving and carefree stage of life is between 20-30. Who thinks of saving at this stage? But, it motivates the youth to start investment as soon as possible. Start saving early, time is your biggest ally”, going by this belief Axis mutual fund investment in India is always trying to stimulate the younger section for SIP (Systematic Investment Plan).
  2. Saving plans in 30s: The age of 30-40 comes with huge responsibilities. The priorities change. Life becomes more realistic. Axis MF online investment says you still have got time, start investing now!
  3. Saving plans in 40s: Axis Mutual Funds online sip plans advises the people of age group between 40-50 to start investing soon and covering for the time that went by. "Better late than never”, is the phrase relevant here.

Axis Mutual Funds - Investment Benefits :

  • Top schemes of axis mutual fund online provides you consistent growth with high returns in future.
  • Diversification plays a vital role as it reduces risk which in turn helps those investors who engage their money in this amc.
  • As each and every investor have different goals so it has come up with wide range of top axis mutual fund SIP schemes which in turn helps every investors to fulfil their dreams.
  • Axis best mutual funds schemes online in India available in order to plan your retirement so that you will not depend on your children's money.

Axis MF Investment: Top performing funds

Have a look on best performing axis schemes in india offered by this amc so that you can make investment in one of top schemes that suits you most in order to fulfil all your financial dreams.

  1. Axis Long term equity Fund (G)
  2. Axis Focused 25 Fund (G)
  3. Axis Equity Fund (G)
  4. Axis Income Fund (G)
  5. Axis Banking Debt Fund (G)
  6. Axis Fixed Income Opportunities Fund - Regular Plan (G)

You can also invest in various best performing schemes offered by number of amc. Checkout top performing uti mutual fund schemes, aditya birla mutual fund plans, icici funds, kotak investment plans and many more.  Moreover our site provides you to calculate your returns through SIP Calculator so that you can make right investment strategies while analysing latest nav details, performance etc.

Axis Mutual Fund Managers

  • Mr. Jinesh Gopani (Head – Equity) holds the degree of M.M.S in Finance from the Mumbai University. He has an experience of more than 15 years in the capital markets with the reputed firms like Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund and Voyager Capital.
  • Ashwin Patni
  • Ashwin Patni is the Head Products & Fund Manager of Axis Asset Management Company Limited. He has a total experience of 15 years in capital markets with a post graduate degree from IIM Calcutta and B.R. In Metallurgy. He has previously worked with the well-reputed AMCs including IDFC, ICICI, & Standard Chartered.
  • Ashish Naik is an equity fund manager with 9 years of experience as an equity analyst. He has done MBA from XLRI, Jamshedpur, and B.E. from University of Mumbai. He has previously worked with Goldman Sachs.
  • Devang Shah is a Sr. Fund Manager at Axis Asset Management Company Limited. He has done Bachelor of Commerce & CA and possesses an experience of 12 years as an fund manager & analyst. He has been previously associated  ICICI Prudential AMC, Deutsche AMC &  Pricewaterhouse Coopers.
  • R Sivakumar (Head - Fixed Income) is an engineering graduate from IIT Madras and PGDM from IIM Ahmedabad. He possess a vast experience of over 18 years in the asset management industry of India. He has an extensive work experience at Sundaram and ABN AMRO Mutual Funds.


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I was looking out at various AMCs and then decided to invest in the Axis MF, as its a known company in India. I was searching for a broker, and then my dad told me about investing with MySIPonline. The next day I filled in my KYC with them and told them about my goals and my future perspectives. They understood it and helped me in investing. Thank you guys for all your support throughout the investment procedure!
Kinshuk Pandya
Investment in mutual fund was always a question for me. I never realised that it would yield me such amazing returns. But you guys have helped me in making the right decision of opting for online investment in best Axis mutual funds. Although I was doubtful about earning profits by the same but your worthwhile portfolio has helped me in creating wealth for my future. Now, I am sure that I will be able to earn heavy returns in future and in fact have decided to invest some more capital in the mutual funds of Axis plans online.
Mridul Bhargava
My personal experience of investing in Axis MF has been great. I started investing in its schemes by saving a little amount every month. With time the value of my money though has underwent little fluctuations but has provided overall good returns. As a result, I have added a few more of its schemes with the help of financial experts at MySIPonline who have always been supportive and helped me in selecting the best funds. Thank You!
Saloni Verma
I heard many good things about axis mutual funds through advertisements, and it was quite popular as its funds had performed extremely well in the market. But, I was unsure of taking the risk of investment as I hardly had any knowledge about which fund to choose. But, I got remarkable one-stop solution to all my financial problems by using the exceptional services of MySIPonline, as they helped me choose the right axis mf which are best suited to my needs.
Chavi Mathur
The online Axis Mf investment plans have helped me to fulfil my different life goals and to top it all, they are all adding charms to my portfolio. MySIPOnline have sorted out all my investment-related issues by suggesting me the name of best axis mf sip schemes. I am literally happy with the recommendation made by the team members. The feeling is great!
Piyush Dave
I am grateful to MySIPonline for providing me an online platform to invest in the schemes of axis mutual fund house as it is the factory of wealth creation, and now, I can even make a hike in my monthly investments whenever I desire with the ‘Increase SIP’ option given on the portal and can easily keep a track of my online investments in axis mf through their dashboard. Thank You MySIPonline!
Harshit Gupta
I am a happy investor of Axis Mf. I was looking for the best mutual funds to invest in India, but could not make the right choice for my portfolio. Then, my friend recommended me to avail the services of MySIPonline and I immediately contacted them. One of their executives made me aware of the top sip plans and I found them completely suitable to my profile. I invested in its plans and now earning great returns. Thanks team MySIPonline.
Jayesh Mathur
Axis mutual fund online investment are yielding extreme returns & providing capital growth. I am thankful to you all for helping me design an effective portfolio. I am sure I will achieve my financial goals soon. Thanks for all your support and help guys!!
Vivek Sharma