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Infrastructure thematic mutual funds take the advantage from equity stocks of the companies which are directly or indirectly related to infrastructure development. The performance of such schemes are highly dependent upon the market conditions of thematic infrastructure stocks. Investing in thematic infrastructure funds can be risky, but high returns can be earned in the long term. Some of the best infrastructure funds have generated outstanding returns however the category is suitable for experienced investors.

Recommended Funds  
Scheme Name Category Nav Return(%) Rating Analysis Amount Action
L&T Infrastructure Fund (G) Earlier known as L&T Infrastructure (G)
Thematic-Infrastructure 15.62

Thematic-Infrastructure 10.44

Reliance Power & Infra Fund (G) Earlier known as Reliance Diversified Power Sector (G)
Thematic-Infrastructure 10.46

Thematic-Infrastructure 10.41

Invesco India Infrastructure Fund (G) Earlier known as Invesco Infrastructure Fund (G)
Thematic-Infrastructure 8.32

Thematic-Infrastructure 7.94

Thematic-Infrastructure 7.82

Aditya Birla Sun Life Infrastructure Fund (G) Earlier known as Aditya Birla Sun Life Infrastructure (G)
Thematic-Infrastructure 7.18

Sundaram Infrastructure Advantage Fund (G) Earlier known as Sundaram Infrastructure Advantage Fund (G)
Thematic-Infrastructure 6.91

ICICI Prudential Infrastructure Fund (G) Earlier known as ICICI Prudential Infrastructure (G)
Thematic-Infrastructure 7.58

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Thematic Infrastructure Mutual Funds - Rising Star of Investment Industry

Thematic Infrastructure as the name suggests, is a theme based mutual fund investing in various categories of sectors. Thematic Infrastructure mutual fund may sound similar to sector mutual funds but in fact, these are entirely different. Thematic Infrastructure funds have a broader perspective. The Thematic Infrastructure funds invest in companies that appear to be different but lie within the same theme, i.e. Infrastructure. All the companies that are working in the field of infrastructure enhancing in any form come under the category of Thematic Infrastructure mutual funds. So, in a way, one can say that Thematic Infrastructure funds are diversified funds. But, unlike, diversified mutual funds Thematic Infrastructure mutual funds have limited options to invest in.

Thematic Infrastructure mutual funds are risk prone and also very volatile type of schemes. The growth of Thematic Infrastructure funds mainly depends on the performance of the Infrastructure sector. This kind of fund is appropriate for the clients who are at ease with the market fluctuations and have been dealing in the market for quite a long time. If you are a skilled player in the equity market and are ready to take higher risk, then you are in the right place. Higher risks bearing capacity can provide you much greater degree of returns in Thematic Infrastructure funds. Unlike, IT sector, Infrastructure is not limited to only a few companies. Infrastructure as a theme is not a group of a few companies. Rather it is a group of 10-12 sectors constituting to form a single theme. Thus, Thematic Infrastructure funds can rightly be called the broader term than the sector schemes. 

Features of Thematic Infrastructure Funds

There are following outlines which will define Thematic Infrastructure funds more properly:

  • Risk-prone: As the Thematic Infrastructure funds are entirely dependent on the performance of the Infrastructure sector, the scheme becomes quite volatile. A slight change in the performance of the theme based companies brings about a significant change in the Thematic Infrastructure funds. Thus, our experts suggest Thematic Infrastructure funds for the investors who are having a high risk-bearing capacity and who are well-versed with the market conditions.
  • Broader approach: The AMCs (Asset Management Companies) providing Thematic Infrastructure funds not only targets on the companies directly involved with elevating infrastructure but also in the companies that are benefiting from it. A simple fact known to all is that when Infrastructure grows then not only people benefit from it but also various organizations are included in the list. For example, if the government plans to construct any highway which will lessen the run from one city to another, then it will surely reduce the time taken to travel from one place to another. It will benefit the manufacturing sector by making it easy for them to transport goods as well as raw materials from one place to another easily and with much lower cost.
  • Government support: All major Infrastructure development projects are undertaken by the government authorities and further tendered to the private organizations. So, the government support is the best security which will be provided to the Thematic Infrastructure funds. The infrastructure sector is a never-ending one. There is a constant need for enhancing the infrastructure. Thus, Thematic Infrastructure funds are riskier but at the same time backed up with the government security. With every budget declared at the end of the financial year, government sanctions crores and crores of rupees for infrastructure development.
  • Large growth opportunities: With so many development schemes coming up every year Thematic Infrastructure Fund is reaching new heights in every single quarter. As an aggressive investor, you put your money in Thematic Infrastructure fund and boost up your investment manifolds. In contrast to sector funds, Thematic funds have a broad category. Thus, it facilitates a more diversified approach towards investments. 

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