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Scheme Name Category Nav Return(%) Rating Analysis Amount Action
Sundaram Entertainment Opportunities Fund (G)
Fund Recommended for Investment by Experts
Category Sector - Others Nav 21.1 Return(%)3 Yr. 18.8 Analysis Enter Your amount

SBI Magnum COMMA Fund (G)
R Fund Recommended for Investment by Experts
Category Sector - Others Nav 38.14 Return(%)3 Yr. 15.96 Analysis Enter Your amount

UTI Transportation and Logistics(G)
Fund Recommended for Investment by Experts
Category Sector - Others Nav 118.13 Return(%)3 Yr. 11.01 Analysis Enter Your amount

Canara Robeco F.O.R.C.E Fund (G)
Fund Recommended for Investment by Experts
Category Sector - Others Nav 35.14 Return(%)3 Yr. 10.72 Analysis Enter Your amount

Reliance Media&Entertainment Fund (G)
Fund Recommended for Investment by Experts
Category Sector - Others Nav 64.74 Return(%)3 Yr. 7.22 Analysis Enter Your amount


Sector Mutual Funds providing greater diversification to your portfolio

Is your portfolio centered around same type of funds? Does it lack diversification? Then, you are in the high risk zone. Don’t panic! Here is the solution to your problem- Sector Mutual Funds. Apart from all the differentiated sectors like Technology, Banking and Finance, FMCG, etc., the sector mutual fund includes the reaming categories like Media & Entertainment, Logistics, Oil and Gas, Cement, etc. The Sector mutual funds provide a higher diversification to your portfolio as it is not concentrated to invest in any particular company or sector. The Sector mutual fund is a combination of various sectors. For example, SBI Magnum COMMA Fund (G) is a Sector mutual fund. Its portfolio contains equity shares of companies like Sagar Cement (Cement Industry), Coal India (Minerals & Mining Industry), ONGC (Oil & Gas Industry), etc. Therefore it is clear from the portfolio of SBI Magnum COMMA Fund (G) that Sector mutual fund facilitates investment in variegated industries.

Being an equity-based investing scheme it ensures higher returns over elongated investment period. Owing to the diversification in the portfolio, client gets the benefit of investing in different industries through a single fund. Clients who are interested in having heterogeneous investments should opt for Sector Mutual Funds. By investing in various industries Sector mutual fund give its investors a taste of diversification. 

Why invest in Sector Mutual Funds?

The Sector mutual fund proves to be beneficial to the clients who are ready to invest in schemes which are volatile and provide good returns. Following are some of the benefits:

  • Diversification in the portfolio: As we have discussed earlier, Sector Mutual Fund invests the pooled finances of the clients in a number of industries and not in any single company or sector. It provides exposure to investment. Not targeting any specific category, Sector Mutual Fund provides investing opportunities that are not restricted to any particular field.
  • Higher returns: Sector Mutual Funds invest in a number of industries. Thus, even if one industry under-performs due to market pressure, the other will cover up for the loss. But, if the investment is done in one type of industry and it shows slowdown, then the returns are also narrowed. The case is not same with Sector Mutual Fund. The investment is distributed among various categories thus, facilitating security of the funds and at the same time giving good returns.
  • Balanced investment: In Sector Mutual Fund even though investment is made in various industries, the funds are balanced among all the categories. This means that, no single industry is focused through Sector Mutual Fund. All categories share more or less the same priority. Hence, a situation of over-investment is not seen.
  • Long-term investment: The Sector mutual fund invests in equities. Therefore, it shares the same benefits as well as restrictions of the capital market. The very basic theory of investment in equities is having long-term perspective in your SIP investment. Abiding by the same rule, Sector mutual fund provides prolific success over longer duration. The clients who can afford to invest their money for 5-7 years should select Sector Mutual Fund. It is the best scheme providing diversification and growing returns over a long-term perspective.

To earn higher profits from your investment, grab the opportunity to consult the best financial experts of our site. Our expert team has highly skilled professionals who are in the Mutual Fund industry from a long period and are well-versed with all the market situations.

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