Manufacturing Mutual Funds

  • Total Funds 10
  • Average annual returns 23.58%

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  • Total Funds : 10
  • Average annual returns 23.58%

What is Manufacturing Mutual Fund?

Thematic Manufacturing Mutual Funds are equity mutual funds that invest in sectors tied to manufacturing themes. They focus on industries involved in basic materials, raw material manufacturing, and finished goods production. These funds aim to capitalize on the growth in the manufacturing sector driven by economic development. While they can generate high returns when the theme performs well, they also come with high volatility and the risk of short-term underperformance.

1.What falls under the Manufacturing Sector or Theme? 2. Advantages of Investing in Manufacturing Mutual Funds3. List of Top 3 Manufacturing Mutual Funds4.How to Invest in Manufacturing Funds Online via MySIPonline 5. Who Should Invest in Manufacturing Sector Mutual Funds?

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List of Manufacturing funds

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Manufacturing Funds

What is Covered Under the Manufacturing Theme?

The manufacturing theme in Mutual Funds typically covers sectors such as:

-          Basic materials

-          Chemicals

-          Construction materials

-          Industrial machinery

-          Automotive and transportation equipment

-          Electronics and electrical equipment

-          Consumer goods production

-          Aerospace and defense manufacturing

-          Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology manufacturing

These sectors are responsible for manufacturing raw materials, intermediate goods, and final goods for our consumption.


Advantages of Investing in Manufacturing Mutual Funds

It is necessary to identify the merits of a scheme before investing in Manufacturing MF, here are some key points to be kept in focus:

Capitalizing on rising trends

Thematic mutual funds allow investors to participate in specialized, high-growth market segments. Investors who focus on long-term trends such as technology, healthcare breakthroughs, and environmental sustainability may benefit from significant growth prospects.

Diversification Across Themes

While Thematic Funds are focused on specific themes, they often invest in several sectors and businesses related to that theme. This diversity can reduce the risks of investing in a particular area.

Potential for long-term growth

Many thematic investments are driven by long-term structural changes in the economy. This long-term approach has the potential to generate continuous development as these trends evolve and develop.


List of Top 3 Manufacturing Mutual Funds

Let’s have a closer look at the 3 Best Manufacturing Mutual Funds for you to invest in:

ICICI Prudential Manufacturing Fund

After being launched on 7th October 2018 which makes ICICI Prudential Manufacturing Fund the oldest scheme of its category. It holds a robust AUM (asset under management) at Rs3,882.89 Crores as of 30th April 2024.  ICICI's analysis of sectors or industries is also very strong with picking the trend at the right time and making high returns by buying stocks at low valuation.

Axis India Manufacturing Fund

The Axis Manufacturing Fund has been launched recently on 21st December 2023. Being new in the market it has given 11% returns in the last 3 years whereas its benchmark has given only 2% returns. Their investment approach is set on investing in companies that deliver high returns on equity and keeping them for a long duration. Axis's expertise is their right execution of investing strategy which boosts the chances of this scheme's success.

Quant Manufacturing Fund

The investment approach of Quant Manufacturing Fund is built on actively managing stocks while keeping its focus on the right time to enter and exit the market. Since its recent introduction, the fund has delivered an impressive 33% return, significantly outperforming its benchmark index, which returned only 18%. With the renowned reputation of Quant AMC, this scheme is expected to deliver promising high returns as other schemes under this fund house.

How to Invest in Thematic Funds via MySIPonline?

The following steps will be your easy step-by-step guide to investing in Thematic Manufacturing Mutual Funds:

Step 1: Log in to MySIPonline.

Step 2: Ensure KYC is registered or complete Video KYC.

Step 3: Enter PAN card, Aadhaar number, bank details, nominee, and signature.

Step 4: Select the top AMC or consult our expert.

Step 5: Choose your preferred thematic fund.

Step 6: Add it to the cart and choose SIP or lump sum.

Step 7: Pay using UPI or net banking.

Step 8: Monitor investments on the dashboard and use analysis tools.

These steps will give you an easy start while you can invest via SIP for added flexibility in your portfolio.

Who Should Invest in Manufacturing Sector Mutual Funds?

Investors Ready to Take Risk for High Returns

Ideal for those who can handle higher risks for much higher returns. Even though the Manufacturing Sector is unpredictable, it has the potential to offer high returns during economic upswings.

Investors with 5+ Investment Horizon

Suitable for those planning to invest for at least 5 years. The sector’s growth and decline cycles mean a longer investment horizon helps you benefit from eventual recovery and growth.

Growth Seeking Investors

The manufacturing sector in India thrives during good economic times, providing opportunities for substantial gains through investments in new technologies and expanding markets. It is a perfect fit for investors seeking high-growth potential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the Top manufacturing funds to invest in India in 2024?
Fund Name Launch Date AUM (Cr)
ICICI Prudential Manufacturing Fund 07-Oct 2018 ₹3,882
Axis India Manufacturing Fund 21-Dec 2024 ₹4,684
Kotak Manufacturing Fund 22-Feb 2022 ₹1,933
Quant Manufacturing Fund 05-Aug 2023 ₹651
Canara Robeco Manufacturing Fund 11-Mar 2024 ₹1,241
How Manufacturing Fund Work?
Manufacturing mutual funds work within a portfolio by providing exposure to companies operating in the manufacturing sector, potentially capitalizing on their growth and performance.
How long Should I Stay Invested in a Thematic Mutual Fund?
Thematic Mutual Funds invest in company stocks, so it's best to keep your money at least for 5 years or more to have potentially optimized returns.
Are Thematic Mutual Funds High Risk?
Thematic mutual funds can experience volatility due to their investment in equities, although their risk reduces significantly with time.
What are the taxes applied on Thematic-Infrastructure Mutual Funds?
Taxes on Thematic-Infrastructure Mutual Funds follow equity-oriented mutual fund regulations in India, with short-term gains taxed at 15% and long-term gains exceeding ₹1 lakh taxed at 10%, plus a 4% tax.

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