SBI Magnum Midcap Fund : Enhancing Returns & Growth

SBI Midcap Fund g was launched in March 2005  and has delivered 18.1% returns since its inception. It has Rs.2,623 crore Assets under Management (AUM) as on August 31st, 2016, with an expense ratio of 2.07%. Sohini Andani is the fund manager of this scheme and managing the portfolio outstandingly. SBI Magnum Midcap Fund Growth has constantly outperformed the other schemes of sbi midcap fund category over the last five years.

SBI Magnum MidCap Fund is an open-ended scheme that aims to provide opportunities for long-term capital growth to the investors. In addition, SBI midcap fund also offers liquidity of funds along with the flexibility of redeeming the same. This fund mainly invests the money in the stocks of the companies having medium market capitalisation with a well-diversified portfolio. The risk associated with sbi magnum midcap fund g online investment strategy is comparatively higher but also promises to yield maximum returns.

So, the investors who are seeking long-term investments in the diversified basket of equity stocks in order to fetch capital appreciation and have the capacity to bear risk appetite can invest their money in the SBI Midcap Fund nav. It would definitely help them attain the financial goals, along with many other benefits. Here we provide an overview of sbi magnum midcap fund plan, to let you know about its proficiency of building one’s future.

SBI Midcap Fund : Performance Analysis

The scheme is a good performer in the industry and holds the second rank under the  mid cap category as per rating assigned by CRISIL for quarter ended in June 2016. Its performance since inception has been consistent due to the high-yielding returns offered. In the year 2012, This fund offered absolute annual returns around 48.3%, which upheld its market position. This fund has made tremendous investments which capacitate the proficiency of offering higher values. The annualised returns for three and five years investment are 41.9% and 27.4%. Accordingly, one can put the money in sbi midcap fund strategy to earn great wealth in the future. It would definitely yield high growth to capital in the long run.

SBI Magnum Midcap Fund : Investment Details

It is an open-ended regular plan which offers growth along with heavy returns. The major investments are made in the equities of the mid-cap companies. There also, sbi midcap fund nav has made wide diversification in different sectors in order to minimise the associated risk and generate higher returns. Its set benchmark against which performance of this fund is evaluated is S&P BSE MIDCAP. The minimum investment amount for this fund is Rs.5000 and one can invest in it via lump sum payment or through SIP.

SBI Magnum Mid Cap Fund G : Plan’s Portfolio Review

The major investments of sbi magnum mid cap fund plan have been made in the equity stocks. In addition, to provide diversification, it has invested a certain portion of the money in cash or call instruments as well, that helps one earn some regular income. 65.61% of the total equity investment is put in the stocks of mid-cap companies, and the remaining has been invested in the large- and small-cap entities. Furthermore, the sectors allocation graph depicts major investments in the financial, healthcare, chemicals, engineering and construction sectors. The top five holdings of SBI Midcap Fund include:

  • Cholamandalam Invst. & Fin.
  • The Ramco Cements
  • Carborundum Universal
  • Shriram City Union Finance
  • M&M Financial Services

Consequently, SBI Magnum Midcap Growth Plan as offered by SBI mutual funds holds all the major traits required to make a filthy investment and earn capital appreciation in the future.

If you too are seeking long-term investment in the best strategy for appreciating the worth of your money and creating a fortune for yourself. We highly recommend sbi magnum midcap nav plan as its performance and our research have proved that it yields the definite returns and can offer the desired growth to the investors in the future. you shoulda also check 5 Best Mid Cap Funds to Invest in 2018

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I have made several investments, but they all are in the debt-oriented funds as I had a fear of exposure to the equity market. One of my friends who pertain very good knowledge in mutual fund investments briefed me about the benefits and functions of equity funds, and I found interest in them. I invested in SBI Magnum Midcap Fund growth through MySIPonline, and now I am fully satisfied. The wonderful performance of this fund has changed my mind and showed me fantastic returns with high capital appreciation. Thanks.
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One year back I invested in SBI Magnum Midcap Fund through MySIPonline. Now I am fully satisfied with my investment as it really showed a good run in the market and growth in my capital. I have suggested my friends as well to invest in this fund, as it has provided me with satisfactory returns. Thanks to the team for their effective services.
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