SBI Banking & Financial Services Fund: Splendid Scheme from a Promising Sector

SBI Banking & Financial Services Fund is a late but impressive scheme in the category of banking - sectoral mutual fund. It was introduced by SBI Mutual Fund in February 2015 to fulfill the demand of a mutual fund which invests entirely in the companies which belong to the banking & financial sector. Within a short span, investors have enjoyed spectacular returns from the fund. It has provided some of the best returns while offering minimal risk among the other schemes of the category.

Is Investing in Banking Sector a Good Idea?

The answer to this question is arguable. However, the banking stocks can be highly beneficial if the investment is done for a longer tenure. A majority of mutual funds have banking and financial stocks in higher proportion as these stocks have the ability to generate high returns on a regular basis. But if the investor is conservative or cannot keep track of equity market trends, banking sectoral mutual fund is not a healthy option. Regular assistance by the financial experts is needed. Investing in sectoral banking fund is a very good idea for the investors who can take high risk and take smart decisions according to the market conditions. Magnificent returns can be provided by the banking sectoral mutual funds in the favourable market conditions or long-term SIPs.

Why Invest in SBI Banking & Financial Services Fund?

SBI Banking & Financial Services Fund is the top performer in the category of banking sectoral mutual funds. It has provided high returns of 17% and 40% in 2016 and 2017, respectively. As the market has been positive and supportive for the banking and financial stocks in the last few years, sectoral banking funds have enjoyed great profits. The sector is likely to follow similar trends in the future, hence SBI Banking & Financial Services Fund can turn out to be a good bet for long-term investment.
The returns of the fund since inception has been the best in the category. It takes the advantage from banking and financial firms of every size, however approximately 30% of the corpus is generally kept in HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank. Less number of stocks are chosen by the fund manager. The portfolio is majorly concentrated over financial giants of the economy, but a decent allocation in the mid and small caps is also done to amplify the returns. Overall, it is a top performer in the category and is one of the best schemes which offers lower risk than the category and provides higher returns.

Why Invest in SBI Banking & Financial Fund with MySIPonline?

Investors are considered as a top priority as we have user-friendly customer support staff who strives to answer every query and solve every issue as conveniently as possible. Every needs and desire of the investors are considered along checking the risk appetite and investment horizon of the investor before suggesting the scheme. SBI Banking & Financial Services Fund is advised to the investors who have experience of investing before and can take the high risk as it is a sectoral fund and is not suitable for new investors.