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Top Equity Mutual Funds to Invest in March 2018

Searching for a suitable mutual fund scheme to invest in this month? Pick the best one from the list mentioned here.
Investment in mutual funds is a chaotic task for many as selecting the schemes that can provide with good returns in one go involves a rigorous process. Someone who doesn’t hold sound wisdom in this context often rushes to seek a personalized recommendation from an expert; which is indeed a great thing to do.

The word ‘personalized’ is emphasized as not all mutual fund schemes understand the depth of your goals nor the risk that you can digest. With more than 3500 schemes running on the D-street, a prudent investor will always leave the task of picking up the right ones in the hands of experts. We, at MySIPonline, strictly believe that every mutual fund is unique and caters to a specific zone of people with particular risk profile. Considering the fact, we have scribbled this blog for you.

Before jumping onto the list of equity mutual funds for March this year, let’s first discuss the critical parameters that you should check before stowing your hard-earned money in a particular scheme.

Key Points to Look At Before Investing in Mutual Funds:

  • In case you’re planning to pick a mutual fund scheme all by yourself, the first thing that you should give weight to is in understanding who the fund sponsors are, the record of the financial services of the organization, and the experience they carry with them.
  • Do not just put your trust in a scheme because it is managed by a fund with golden stars. Do your litmus test to ascertain how the scheme has managed to perform during different market cycles.
  • Consider investment philosophy, investment objective, processes, and other systems followed by the fund house.
  • Depending upon your risk digestion capacity, you can even give an edge to your portfolio as per market capitalization bias, i.e., large cap, small cap, mid cap, multi-cap, etc. Being a layman, you might argue that how is it possible to judge the market cap bias that your MF follows; however, we would like to apprise you that it’s all mentioned in the offer document, which you ought to read before vesting your money.
  • The next includes the fund’s performance, expense ratio, as well as exit load or other additional charges. It is crucial to know the fact that the quantitative parameters often undergo change. This is when mutual fund schemes play musical chairs. Coming to expense ratio, we usually recommend our investors to go for a scheme with lower expense ratio as compared to its peers.
  • Likewise, you must check the exit or entry load which a particular scheme would charge. Being a fraction of NAV, an exit load can act like a monster who can eat up your investment value.
  • Lastly, it is necessary to be aware of the tax implications that a respective scheme brings along with it.

You must be wondering that at the beginning of this post we were advising you to go by the word of an expert when it comes to investing in mutual funds, so what’s the purpose of these points? Well, here’s your answer!

We aren’t debating on the quality of the advisory services that a mutual fund expert provides; that’s the job he/she does; which directly makes him better than a naive or a beginner. The point is that every investor should be acquainted with all the W’s and an H of mutual fund investment which will help him/her to gain transparent profits in future.

List of the Best Mutual Fund Schemes for March 2018:

Confused about making an investment in mutual funds in March 2018? Here’s a curated list presented exclusively for our investors which consists of mutual funds categorized accordingly as per different risk aversions, namely conservative, moderate, and aggressive.

  1. For Conservative Investors
    • SBI Bluechip Fund (G)
      Being a large-cap equity scheme of SBI MF, it has entire investments in the equity or equity-related securities of the giant and well-established companies. These entities have a strong, reputable, and trustworthy position in the market, and thus an investment in them is bound to provide ensured returns. It allows a minimum SIP investment of just Rs 500; while for the lump sum investment, one needs to put at least Rs 5000.

      The scheme has an asset size amounting to Rs 18.151 crore as on January 31, 2018, which showcases its popularity among the investors. Not just for conservative investors, SBI BlueChip stands tall as an ideal choice for people with moderate to high-risk holding capacity considering its consistent returns.
    • HDFC Balanced Fund (G) 
      The scheme holds a tremendous high-yielding portfolio consisting the stocks and shares of companies which intend to generate wealth-building opportunities. With the majority of its fund in the equity and equity-related instruments, it aims to provide the benefit of making the most of the bull market. Considering its performance, it holds the “First” position in the balanced fund category as per the CRISIL rating for the quarter ended in December 2017. The absolute annual returns of HDFC Balanced Fund scheme are exceptionally well for the past six years having a track record of yielding 51% returns in the year 2014, and 27.1% in 2017 which are way too much than the peers and the benchmark.
  2. For Moderate Investors
    • SBI Magnum MultiCap (G) 
      SBI Magnum MultiCap Growth Fund is an equity scheme which invests across market caps & sectors with an aim to generate long-term capital appreciation. Ranked “First” in its category by CRISIL for the quarter ended in December 2017, SBI Magnum MultiCap Fund holds a significant position in the market. The absolute annualized returns of the scheme have always outperformed the set benchmark demonstrating the actual growth yielded by this scheme in the past. The fund is an appropriate choice for investors which range in the scale of moderate to aggressive.
    • Kotak Select Focus- Regular(G) 
      Being an open-ended large-cap equity scheme, Kotak Select Focus Fund has an objective of generating long-term monetary growth from a diversified portfolio. The primary fund investments are made in equity and equity-related securities by focusing on very a few outstanding sectors. The fund has about Rs. 17,843 crore of average assets under management as on January 31, 2018. Its manager Mr. Harsh Upadhyaya has worked hard to generate significant capital growth by selecting ace quality shares. The minimum amount that is required to start an investment in this fund is Rs 5000.
  3. For Aggressive Investors
    • Mirae Asset Emerging BlueChip Fund(G) 
      We can proudly tag this product of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund as one of the best schemes. It has managed to fulfil the financial goals of the investors efficiently. The total assets under its watch have amounted to Rs 5,302 crore as on January 31, 2018. The current NAV of the scheme has been tracked at Rs. 49.65 as on March 1st, 2018. Although it carries moderately-high investment risk, for the investors who are looking for the long-term wealth creation, this scheme can be the ideal choice. If you see the returns of the scheme since its inception, you will notice that it has managed to provide above average returns to the investors. You must consider Mirae Asset Emerging BlueChip Fund in order to fulfil your long-term investment goals.
    • L&T India Value Fund(G) 
      This fund of L&T Mutual Fund is best suited for the investors seeking long-term capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio. The L&T India Value Fund includes domestic equity derivatives that are primarily focused on investing in emerging companies having a promising future. It is one of the biggest outperformers in its category and has assets under management amounting to Rs 7,404 crore as on January 31, 2018.

Last but not least, it’s important to remember that investing is a serious business, and thus it is vital to adopt enough prudence before vesting your hard-earned money anywhere. We hope that the points discussed above, as well as the recommendation made by our experts, will help you to enjoy productive growth in your capital and fulfil your investment goals. At MySIPonline, we strive hard to make our investors remain updated with the best investment opportunities in India. For personalized help, connect us via phone call or email. In the end, we advise you all to follow a disciplined approach to investing as it can help you to create wealth in the long run.

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