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Mahindra MF : The New Star of the Mutual Fund Industry

Mahindra Mutual Funds is among a new name in the Mutual Fund Industry which was launched in the year 2015. The funds listed under the roof of Mahindra MF are managed all by professional fund managers who hold years of experience in this field. The mahindra mutual fund house provides various investing solutions to its investors who are looking for growth opportunities in the emerging segments of the Indian economy. To understand more about its products, check past performance of Mahindra mutual fund online schemes, Mahindra MF NAV and other details provided here.

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Mahindra Mutual Fund : Promoting Economic Growth of the Nation

With its establishment dating way back to September 29, 2015, Mahindra MF is on the verge of creating itself as one of the most trusted brands with its network stretching to PAN-India level. Mahindra Mutual Fund current asset size amounts to Rs. 2820 crore in just two years’ time and is moving with full force to create a position in the list of the top performing Mutual Funds in the nation.

Considering its history, it has been constituted as a trust in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Trusts Act, 1882. The same has been inducted according to the terms given by the Trust Deed between the Mahindra and Mahindra Financial Services Limited as the Sponsor and Mahindra Trustee Company Private Limited, as the Trustee. Mahindra MF is a SEBI registered AMC under the registration code MF/069/16/01, and the Trust Deed has been registered under the Indian Registration Act, 1908.

Mahindra Asset Management Company Private Limited is incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956, and it is the investment manager for Mahindra Mutual Fund. Besides, it’s a fully-owned subsidiary of Mahindra and Mahindra Financial Services Limited (MMFSL). Considering the vast investment opportunities in the growth sectors of India, the fund house gives particular attention to rural and semi-urban areas.

Mahindra MF - An Overview

As discussed earlier, Mahindra Mutual Funds is a part of Mahindra Group. Mahindra MF is one of the largest organizations which focuses on enabling people to rise through solutions that power mobility, enhance urban lifestyles, drive rural prosperity, and also increase business efficiency. It is a USD 17.8 billion multinational group based in Mumbai, India. Known to provide exceptional employment opportunities, it has approximate 200,000 headcounts in more than 100 countries.

The company operates in the key industries that promote economic growth in the nation; thus it’s enjoying a leadership position in utility vehicles, tractors, information technology, financial services, and vacation ownership. Mahindra Mutual Fund has also spread its wings in the aerospace, components, consultation services, agribusiness, defense, real estate, steel, retail, commercial vehicles, logistics, and two-wheeler industry. Mahindra & Mahindra was recognized as the best company for CSR in India in the year 2015. Maintaining the similar level of perfection and deep-rooted affection with the rural part of India, it has launched its mutual fund products for the people.

We hope by now you are acquainted with the organization’s strong presence worldwide. Seeing the trust it has maintained for years, one can plan to invest with this company which follows such intact ethics.

To get an insight into Mahindra MF, let’s move on to the products and others details of the same.

Mahindra Mutual Fund Online : Offers Different Scheme for Different Objective

Mahindra MF endeavors to offer a variety of mutual fund schemes of different flavors serving the varying investment objectives of the investors. In the world of the financial market that often witnesses a high degree of volatility, the emerging & trusted name of Mahindra Mutual Fund feeds confidence in the customers. The Mahindra AMC ensures that their clients’ wealth is in safe hands. This fund protects the interest of its customers by creating products that are engineered to resolve their financial problems. Go through the variety of products that Mahindra MF AMC offers:

  • Equity Funds : These funds of Mahindra Mutual Fund are modestly volatile and can yield significant returns in the long run. Equity funds are further classified into large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap funds; increasing the variety available for the investors to invest in.
  • Debt Funds : The debt fund available at Mahindra MF is best-suited to those investors who want to earn steady income along with returns at minimum cost. The investors with the least-risk appetite can consider investing in this fund. They would be able to generate regular revenue in the form of interest with no risk at all except for the market-related risk. Here, the returns are comparatively less than that of equity funds.
  • Liquid Funds : This fund is the type of mutual fund which can be easily redeemed and converted into cash. As every MF has a predetermined objective, liquid fund at Mahindra Mutual Fund aims to grow the money of the investors in a short span of time under minimum risk. It fundamentally invests in the debt and money-market instruments which include Certificate of Deposits, Commercial Papers, CBLO/ Repos, short-term debt instruments of corporates and NBFCs, etc. By investing in these securities, the liquid fund available at Mahindra Mutual Fund ensures minimum risks and fluctuations. With the ability to get matured in less than 91 days, it is the best option to invest in for a short-term period.
  • ELSS Funds : Equity Linked Savings Schemes, typically known as ELSS funds, belong to one of the best categories of mutual funds because of the benefits they proffer. Notably, in the season when the financial year ends, i.e., during January-March, they remain the most favorite category among all the other groups. They are eligible to provide tax benefits to the investors under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act of India, 1961. Furthermore, the ELSS fund at Mahindra MF offers exciting returns on investment as it deploys the capital into the equities and equity-related securities of the companies which have higher chances to grow in the future.

Why MySIPonline to Invest in Mahindra Mutual Funds online?

Mahindra MF along with MySIPonline has opened the gates of efficiency for the investors looking for investments in mutual funds. To all those who were earning little by keeping their money in a bank’s savings account or opting for FDs and RDs, MySIPonline is offering a digital platform to multiply their wealth.

Here’re the features of MySIPonline that can add smoothness to the process of investing in Mahindra MF online:

  • Best customer care support
  • Cost-effective online investment services
  • Active suggestions and recommendations
  • User-friendly tools such as SIP Calculator and Tax Calculator
  • Easy to use mobile application for Android and iPhone, and many more.

Are you still planning to make an SIP investment in Mahindra Mutual Fund? Well, hurry up! It’s time to make a move and select a reliable scheme of this fund house to stow your money in. In case you wish to seek experts’ recommendation or suggestion before progressing, connect with us. We’ll be more than happy to serve you!

What our clients say...
  • I belong to a farmer family, and I am too much familiar with the products of Mahindra. As soon as I found that Mahindra MF entered the world of investment, I planned my investment without having a second thought. I knew that this company has strong potential in the future, the returns till date are appreciable. Thanks, MySIPonline, you’ve helped me a lot in the procedure. I finally got a habit of regular investing, and it is all possible because of you guys!

    Vikram Akolkar Wholesaler
  • I have been investing in Mutual Fund for quite some time through offline platforms. The first time I started investing online is with MySIPonline. I started with Mahindra Mutual Fund as it was one of the recommended fund houses by MySIPonline and being a big name I was pretty confident about the returns I could collect from investing in one of its funds. The whole process of registration and investing was so easy that today I only invest through their website. Thanks, MySIPonline for making investing so easy.

    Shilpi Tyagi Sales Manager
  • You people are the best in the industry. Thanks for providing me exactly what I was looking for. Rural India is definitely in a surge mode, and thus investing in Mahindra MF SIP investment plan will indeed provide me with good growth. Mahindra Mutual Fund online is a new AMC and seeing the consistent growth it is delivering to others, I am also keeping my fingers crossed! Till now, I am happy with the services you guys deliver.

    Avinash Kashyap Psychologist
  • I am an IITian and very much enthusiastic to change the conditions of rural India. For this, I was looking for an AMC, which invests in such underdeveloped areas of the country. While searching, I found the funds of Mahindra Mutual Fund on MySIPonline. I asked them about its portfolio, returns and other details. I was very much impressed by their assistance and I further invested in the mutual funds only through them. Thank you people for making it so easy for me!

    Vipul Trivedi Entrepreneur
  • MySIPonline had gracefully solved two of my major problems which were - where to invest and how to invest? As I was new to this investing, I was unknown of the answers to the questions above. The team of experts there asked me my investment objective and the time period I wanted to continue investment. And then, suggested me a well performing fund of Mahindra Mutual Fund. I would like to thank the team for such a generous support.

    Anshul Gupta Architect
  • MySIPonline is the very first investment web portal that I came across has a well designed and transparent dashboard. All the details about the investments with exact profit and loss are visible on the dashboard. I have experienced it myself when I invested Rs.5000 per month in one of the growth schemes of Mahindra MF online. All I had to do was to register online, complete KYC and make quick transaction. Thanks to team for making the process so easy.

    Rohan Jain Data Analyst
  • Being from a rural background, I was always enthusiast to change the conditions of Indian villages. Then I come to know about the Mahindra Mutual Fund online, which invests mostly in the rural areas. I invested in its two schemes, six months ago with MySIPonline. It has provided me with magnificent returns. I am very much thankful to these people who understood me and helped me in investments. This online web portal is so investor friendly. Thank you, guys!

    Vikas Tripathi Agriculture Inspector