L&T India Value Fund : Appreciate Your Capital

L&t Value Fund growth is an open-ended scheme which offers a growth-oriented plan by providing capital appreciation in the long run. An investor always desires to create wealth by investing the hard-earned monies into the most prominent strategies. The ‘Mutual Fund Programme’ facilitates various solutions which help in achieving the desired growth. The L&T India Value Fund growth is among the top l&t mf online schemes which are designed by the same. There are a large number of asset management companies(AMCs), which are indulged in formulating such schemes which cater the needs of different investors.

The L&T Mutual Fund is among the best AMCs, which is offering various Mutual Fund programmes to its clients to help them achieve their financial goals. Below-mentioned is the overview of L&T India Value growth Fund which would help you to get a brief idea about the same:

L&T Value Fund - Investment Details

  • It is an open-ended diversified equity scheme.
  • L&T value fund growth aims to provide capital appreciation from a diversified portfolio.
  • It mainly invests in the equity and equity-related securities along with foreign securities in the international market.
  • One can initiate investing into it with a minimum amount of Rs.5000.
  • S&P BSE 200 is the set benchmark for L&t India Value plan against which its performance is evaluated.

L&T India Value Fund Growth - Portfolio Analysis

  • L&T value fund has an asset size of Rs.1,532 crore as on 31st July 2016.
  • 96.18% of the total assets is allotted into equities, and the remaining 3.8% is invested in cash instruments.
  • The top holdings of L&T india value fund growth include ICICI Bank Ltd., Yes Bank, Reliance Industries, Grasim Industries, HPCL and so on.
  • The majority of L&T value funds are allocated into financial sector followed by construction, energy, diversified, chemicals and many others.

Performance Evaluation

  1. L&T india value growth fund trailing return in comparison with the set benchmark demonstrates an appreciable record.
  2. L&T Value Fund G has been performing immensely in the market since its inception.
  3. The returns generated by L&T india value growth fund plan are 36.70% and 23.40% in case of three and five years investment tenure, respectively.
  4. It holds five-star rating and thus ranked first under the Diversified Equity category by CRISIL, for quarter ended June 2016.

Summarised Review of L&T India Value Fund G

This is a growth-oriented investment plan and makes sure to appreciate the value of monies in the long run. L&T value growth fund was launched on 8th January 2010 and since then it has been offering the desired returns. It is best suited for those who want to create a corpus in the future. Its market possession is well-proved by its CRISIL ranking, and thus it is an apt plan to make better investments.

If you are desirous of creating wealth by investing in the top performing mutual funds, then L&T India is the perfect choice for you. This plan has benefited many investors in making a worthwhile portfolio. You can opt for the same and invest into it using SIP or lump sum payment. We at My SIP Online are offering different solutions and tools which would cater your investment-related needs and help you take the best decision.

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I am thankful to you guys as you helped me in making my future secure. Now, I don’t need to think about my future any more because L&T India Value Fund growth is doing the same for me. I always used to have doubts in my mind regarding mutual fund investment programme. But, you people have helped me in attaining the most of it.
Shekhar Rathore
I am a teacher and I heard about mutual fund investments through my colleagues and thought of investing. They suggested me to approach MySIPonline for the same. I am so fascinated with the portal that I am bound to say I have never experience this much user friendly investment portal. I invested some amount online in L&T India Value Fund growth scheme in lump sum mode on my own without being from the financial background. Highly impressed with the development team.
Shamita Dave
A year ago, I invested in L&T India Value Fund g by using the investment website MySIPonline. When I broke this news to my friends, they all started hooting as if I had made the worst decision of my life. But as they saw my funds progressing and making more money than theirs, it was me who had the last laugh. I want to thank MySIPonline for providing an invaluable piece of advise for my investments.
Drishti Acharya
I found schemes at L&t company matching all my investment objectives. All thanks to the experts at MySIPonline who helped me in selecting the L&T india value fund scheme as per my financial goals. My investments are showing healthy growth considering the time till now. Its customer support desk is also very supportive as it solved all my queries and confusions. Great job guys!
Jagriti Sachdev
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