Apr 07, 2018 2 min read

Change in Schemes’ Name and Attributes of the DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund

Read this blog to stay updated with the changes in mutual fund schemes’ names and attributes of DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund.
To comply with the SEBI’s new categorization and rationalization rules, DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund has made minor amendments to the fundamental attributes of some schemes. As per the re-categorization circular issued by SEBI in October 2017, the mutual fund houses were instructed to introduce only one scheme per category.

The joint venture between, 150 years old DSP Group and the world’s largest investment management firm BlackRock circulated a notice to its investors declaring the changes in the fundamental attributes of some schemes which came into effect from March 16, 2018. In this process, the fund house has revised the attributes and changed the names of about 11 schemes. Here are the changes made by the DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund house:

equity savings

focus 25

micro cap

opportunities fund

small& mid cap

energy fund

gold fund

mining fund

opportunities fund


tiger fund

Apart from the above-mentioned modifications, there were changes in the names of some other schemes as well.


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