Methodology of choosing Funds

The funds listed below are among the top ranking mutual funds based on the rankings given by CRISIL which takes hundreds of criteria into account before rating the scheme. This list allows you to see high-rated funds at a glance so that you can make wiser decisions about your investments. This top ranking recommendation helps you list down the varieties of fund before making investments via SIP or Lumpsum.

Recommended Funds  
Scheme Name Category Nav Return(%) Rating Analysis Amount Action
Small Cap 23.72

Thematic - Infrastructure 21.53

Aditya Birla Sun Life Small Cap Fund (G) Earlier known as Aditya Birla Sun Life Small&Midcap Fund (G)
Small Cap 19.08

Sundaram Rural and Consumption Fund (G) Earlier known as Sundaram Rural India Fund (G)
Diversified Equity 18.63

Small Cap 17.72

Diversified Equity 16.88

Motilal Oswal Multicap 35 Fund (G) Earlier known as Motilal Oswal MOSt Focused Multicap 35 Fund - Regular Plan (Growth)
Diversified Equity 14.7

L&T Infrastructure Fund (G) Earlier known as L&T Infrastructure (G)
Thematic - Infrastructure 14.55

ELSS 14.36

Kotak Standard Multicap Fund (G) Earlier known as Kotak Select Focus Fund (G)
Large Cap 13.75

Aditya Birla Sun Life Equity Advantage Fund (G) Earlier known as Aditya Birla Sun Life Advantage Fund (G)
Diversified Equity 12.05

Aditya Birla Sun Life Focused Equity Fund (G) Earlier known as Aditya Birla Sun Life Top 100 Fund (G)
Large Cap 10.16

ICICI Prudential Regular Savings Fund (G) Earlier known as ICICI Prudential MIP 25 (G)
MIP Aggressive 9.52

Aditya Birla Sun Life Regular Savings Fund (G) Earlier known as Aditya Birla Sun Life MIP II Wealth 25 (G)
MIP Aggressive 9.42

ICICI Prudential All Seasons Bond Fund (G) Earlier known as ICICI Prudential Long Term Fund - Regular Plan (G)
Debt Long Term 8.97

Credit Opportunities 8.86

Reliance Gilt Securities Fund (G) Earlier known as Reliance Gilt Securities Fund - Retail Plan (G)
Gilt Long Term 8.18

Ultra Short Term Debt 8.04

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Top Ranking Mutual Funds : A Best Place To Make Online Investment

Top ranked funds investments can act as the source for creating such corpus. We make many investments in our lives, and we know very well, how they can be helpful for us in building our future. But of course, it must be done in a well-planned manner. There is a saying that goes, “Investing money is the process of committing resources in a strategic way to accomplish a specific objective.” So choose top ranking mutual funds in India to make online investment.

The top ranked mutual funds in India have been listed out by keeping the same thing in mind, which would help you select the most promising top ranking mutual funds online investment scheme for investing your money. There are varied investment projects, in the market, but we cannot put the funds without knowing their well-being. So, to make an informed investment decision make sure that you are choosing the mutual funds which are among the top ranking funds.

Everyone desires to be on the top. We do hard work and put efforts to attain what we want, but still, lack somewhere. The reason for the same is, inefficiency in our workings. Here is the solution of making top ranked mutual funds online investment in India by making efforts to have a look at its list. Although, a huge wealth cannot be created overnight, but if we make productive plans of engaging money in top ranked funds online we can reach the set goals. Along with an efficient planning we also require the best source to engage money in best ranked mutual funds online.

Top Ranked Funds : Engage Your Hard Earned Money

If you desire to put the money into these funds online so as to be assured of heavy returns, the list of top ranking mutual funds in India is provided on the website which can help you in making the best choice. The list of top ranked mutual funds is prepared on the basis of the ratings given by CRISIL and thus it proves that they are efficient ones to cater to the needs of the investors. The top ranked funds online investment is the one which is performing immensely in the market. Overall offerings and performance of top ranking mutual funds online schemes are the best in the industry.

In the case of mutual fund investment in the top ranked funds schemes online, on the basis of the creditworthiness, past performance, returns offered, top ranking mutual funds latest NAV and various other concerns, the ratings are assigned to them. India’s first credit rating agency CRISIL(Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited) established in 1987 aims to provide an opinion relating to the future debt repayments capacity of the borrowers. And, by using those ratings, the various top mutual funds are considered to list the best mutual fund investment plan for one’s portfolio.

As an investment has the power of creating a fortune, if you invest online in top ranked funds in india you would be able to sure about the success of your sip investment. As they say, “The beginning is the most important part of any work.” And, if we begin with the best-performing mutual funds for an efficient investment, we would definitely reach to the greatest height of achievement. In the case of investment, where money matters are involved, beginning with the top ranked mutual funds online investment would make us meet our desired goals.

Details of Top Ranking Mutual Funds Online Schemes In India

The list of the top ranking funds in India on our website is offering you a large number of options to choose the best scheme for your portfolio. As the list is all based on the CRISIL ratings, there is no room for doubts. One can opt for the best ranked funds schemes online and begin one’s investment with an ease.

  • The complete analytic view of the top ranked funds plan
  • The top ranked funds scheme nav
  • The asset category in which the schemes offered by top ranking mutual funds fall
  • The average return provided by top ranked funds scheme in the past three years
  • The ratings assigned by CRISIL to top ranking mutual funds schemes

How To Select Top Ranked Mutual Funds

The top ranking funds online can be selected by analysing various factors which determine that the potential of the schemes to generate expected returns. All the top ranked mutual funds in India hold the following traits which make them the must-have schemes to invest online:

  1. Performance Ranking:- The schemes which become the top ranked funds for a portfolio hold high ratings as compared to their peers and benchmarks. As per their credibility, the rating agencies like CRISIL rank them in the category of the best mutual funds to invest for achieving the investment objectives.
  2. Style & Fund Type:- It is quite important to have such scheme in your portfolio which is best suited to your financial requirements and goals. The top ranking mutual funds which are being listed above have been the best funds across all the categories and hold commendable possession in the market in terms of their performance and track record.
  3. Fund Manager Expertise:- The top ranked funds investment plans are shortlisted after analysing the expertise and experience of the fund managers who are responsible for their growth and returns. If you invest in these mutual funds online or offline, you will probably make a good income as per your expectations and would be able to accomplish your financial goals with ease.
  4. Total Expense Ratio:- No one wants to make an expensive investment and thus considers the expense ratio of a scheme while making the selection. The top ranked mutual funds in India hold less expense ratio, and even if the expenses are higher, the top ranked funds online schemes are worth buying for a portfolio.

So if you wish to accomplish your financial goals, then you must buy the top ranking mutual funds online in India for your portfolio which match your investment objectives.

Top Ranking Mutual Funds Online Schemes

Here is the list of some top ranked funds in which you can engage your hard earned money.

  1. Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund (G)
  2. L&T India Value Fund (G)
  3. Franklin Build India Fund (G)
  4. ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund (G)
  5. SBI Magnum Multicap Fund (G)
  6. UTI MNC Fund (G)
  7. Kotak Select Focus Fund (G)

There are lots of top ranked mutual funds online schemes available in India to make investment under complete guidance of expert team available whom will guide you to make right investment strategies.

Thus, one can get a complete review of various top ranking mutual funds online schemes in India and select the one which is the most suitable by calculating their returns with the help of sip calculator. The best ranked mutual funds in India shall help you achieve all your desired investment goals and would lead to a successful investment.

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