Kotak Select Focus Growth Fund Growth : Wealth Creation Made Easy

Kotak Select Focus Growth Fund is an equity-oriented scheme. It is specially designed to make the best possible use of client’s money by reinvesting it in the shares of the Large-cap companies making it possible for them to create wealth over a stipulated period of time. A large-cap diversified mutual fund is a scheme that invests the client’s money only in those companies which are top-notch in the stock market.

This means that the organizations which have been well-established in the market are the ones that grab the attention of Kotak Select Focus Growth Fund. This category is the most aggressive of all the investments in the mutual fund schemes and allow the clients to drive out maximum returns from their investments. However, an equal amount of risk is involved in the investment which in turn supplies ample investment returns and makes it worth investing in the scheme.

Kotak Select Focus Fund (G): Insights

Kotak Select Focus Fund is one of the top most performing fund in Kotak mutual fund. This scheme is able to make the best possible use of the clients in an optimum way. The customers who are willing to take the risk will be able to reap a copious return for their invested amount and will make the clients able to get the best out of it. The Kotak Standard Multi Cap Fund (G) puts the clients money majorly in Banking/Finance sector, Oil & Gas sector, Cement sector, Automotive sector, etc. From all the various investments in the different sectors, the scheme invests a major portion in the Banking/Finance sector. The scheme was launched on September 11, 2009, with its two variables, i.e., Kotak Select Focus Fund Dividend, Kotak Select Focus Fund Growth. It is entirely at clients discretion as which option they need to go for. These choices only affect the payout option but not the investment strategy of the scheme. HDFC Bank, Infosys, Ultratech Cement Ltd., Axis Bank, Hero MotoCorp Ltd., are some of the companies in which the plan invests on the priority basis. These include all the original and leading organizations and sectors of the economy.

The Kotak Select Focus Fund (G) is the option which allows the clients to get the best possible returns for their SIP investment in the form of a lumpsum amount. This apparently means that the customer will not be given any dividend, and rather the principal accumulated with the returns will be proffered to the clients at the time of maturity. It implies that the clients will have to make the investment all through the tenure of the scheme. The clients will get the returns by the end of the period of investment. So, it is useful for the clients who have financial goals which will require an enormous amount at a single time. Also they can calculate returns for their investment using SIP Calculator.

Thus, Kotak Select Focus Growth Fund is one of the top performing mutual funds of our site which help the clients to make the best possible use of their money by putting it into various top-notch companies. Our site brings to you both the versions of the scheme and allows you to invest online quickly in the schemes.

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Kotak Standard Multicap Fund is the best scheme I came across. While I was researching for new investment options, I came across the recommended fund page of mysiponline. There while looking for different options I finally decided to invest in Kotak Standard multicap fund by getting fascinated by its past performances. I have to say that it is the best investment choice I have made till now. Thank you very much.
Suresh Paliwal
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