SBI Blue Chip Fund Growth : Transform Your Money into Wealth with SBI Bluechip

Wealth creation is the desire of every human on earth. We all make various efforts to add value to our monies. But still, many a time we become unable to reach that height. The reason for the same is the choices we make and inefficient planning.

One must remember that an efficient plan helps to attain the desired objectives. Also, a better choice can help us achieve the best outcome. In the case of investments, where money matters are involved, it is crucial to take every step in a well-planned manner. The SBI Blue Chip Fund is one of the thousand schemes which is designed in an organised way to provide the aspiring returns on investment.SBI Bluechip Fund growth plan is one of the best sbi sip investment plans.

We, at MySIPonline provide you with various tools and different solutions such as SIP return calculator, comparisons between different funds, investment planner, expert consultation, etc., that can help you in taking the best investment decision and lead to creating huge wealth for your future.

SBI Bluechip Fund invests in the stocks of blue chip companies which grow profitably in the face of adverse economic conditions and help in growth of the economy. These companies have a large business presence, good reputation and are possibly market leaders in their industries. The fund comprises a well-diversified portfolio of predominantly large cap companies with steady growth potential opportunity.

Let us take in-depth knowledge of various traits of the SBI Bluechip Fund scheme:

  • SBI Blue Chip Mutual Fund falls under the equity asset’s large cap funds.
  • It is an open-ended scheme which provides growth-oriented investment plan to the investors.
  • The SBI BlueChip Fund growth holds five-star ratings which shows that it has been appreciated by CRISIL with high rankings.
  • The asset size of SBI Bluechip Fund scheme amounted to Rs.7,821 crore (As on July 31, 2016), which is majorly allocated in the equities; also some of the funds are in money market instruments.
  • One can start investing in SBI Blue Chip Fund scheme with a minimum of Rs.5000 and become part of a well-designed strategy.
  • The risk grade assigned to the SBI blue chip mutual fund is very low, and thus the investments are less prone to failure.
  • The portfolio is well-developed for this scheme ensuring wide diversification into different sectors like financial, energy, technology, healthcare, etc.
  • SBI BlueChip Mutual Fund is ranked 1st in the large cap category by CRISIL for quarter ended June 2016, and hence is the most effective investment plan for long-term investment.
  • Its top five holdings include CBLO, HDFC Bank Ltd., Reliance Industries Ltd., Infosys Ltd., and Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Apart from the parameters stated above, the average rate of return for SBI Bluechip Fund NAV for the past three years, i.e., 27.74%, proves its efficient performance and thus, is the best scheme to be opted for the investors who are looking for the following traits:

  1. Long-term growth
  2. Capital appreciation
  3. Highest returns
  4. Diversification

So, if you are desirous of achieving success in your investment and want to transform your monies into wealth, then the SBI BlueChip Fund is the best scheme for you. You can buy this scheme online at using the services of My SIP Online.

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