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Motilal Oswal MF is one of the most trusted AMCs in India. The well-defined management and focused team of Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund always look forward to fetching the best benefits for their investors. It dominantly believes that a focused and determined approach to investment can help attaining more positive results other than managing in the hustle and bustle of the herd. Motilal Oswal MF is most focused toward providing growth in the capital invested by the investors. So, “think focus, think Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund online.”

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Motilal Oswal MF : The New Generation Wealth Booster

Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund has made a remarkable growth lately in the finance industry. In a short interval of 6 years since its inception in December 2009, the fund has grown to manage assets worth of Rs. 12967.4 crore as on 30th September 2017. With an ambition to earn a position amongst the best mutual funds to invest in India, online Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund is constantly striving to discover and introduce innovative investment products to its clientele. Creating a platform where the clients have the power to be their own mentor has always been the motto at Motilal Investments. It opens its arms to the client queries and suggestions which helps in building a stronger client-company relationship.

Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Online – The Investment Philosophy

It is a well-known ideology that good performing companies remain in business for years, but it’s possible that the performance of these companies may fluctuate every year, every quarter, or even as frequently as every day! While most people are able to understand the first task of identifying the top-performing stocks, many of them don't stay invested for a requisite period, say 10 years. The eager anxiety to earn profits at 30%, or 40%, or say even 100% returns, in a mere span of 1-3 years is so common that you tend to miss the chance of accumulating substantial wealth that could be generated by staying invested for a relatively longer period.

Motilal Oswal Mutual Funds follows the ideology of 'Buy Right and Sit Tight', where the former means investing in the stocks of the best-performing companies in the market at a legitimate price, and the latter means remaining invested in them for a longer period to unlock the maximum growth potential of these stocks. ‘Buy Right and Sit Tight’ philosophy is the result of years of hard work and research of the experts and finance researchers who are the backbone of Motilal Oswal MF company and hold vast experience in equity-market research and advisory since 1987. This investment principle forms the essence of all its equity products and offerings, be it mutual funds or portfolio-management services.

Motilal Oswal MF – Investment Benefits

The major point of difference between healthy and sick stocks is that the former performs appreciably good in both bearish and bullish markets, while the latter is barely able to perform satisfactorily in the bullish market, and normally perishes during the bearish conditions. So, it's imperative to spot the well-performing stocks which, however, lands you in need of an expert to buy them at a reasonable price. But, once you are over with the task of identifying the healthy stocks to incorporate in your portfolio, the hard part is over, and you are left with no further worries about the market moods. You can happily focus on your wealth creation and can ably remove the roadblocks in the path of your goal achievement. On the other hand, if you end up choosing a stale stock, it might initially perform well in the bullish market, but will eventually succumb to its weak portfolio structure. Thus, below is an outline of some key benefits of investment in Motilal Oswal Mutual Funds online SIP schemes:

  • Motilal Oswal MF encompasses the top-performing mutual fund schemes online which are competent in providing rapid growth and high returns in the future and the return can be calculated via SIP Calculator
  • The Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund online creates diversified portfolios which have an important bearing on the associated risk-factors as they reduce the risk to acceptably low level, and thus help the investors to enjoy wealth creation with minimum exposure to uncertainties.
  • Since every investor wishes to achieve different goals, Motilal Oswal MF house has come up with a wide range of top-rated investment schemes in India that have constantly been outperforming its peers, and have set the bar of customer-servility very high.
  • Motilaloswalmf house works on the principle that marketing and selling the products will never suffice; after-sales service is also critical in the entire chain of this process. Customer satisfaction has always been on the top-priority list of Motilal Oswal Mutual Funds systematic investment plan.

Top Performing Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Schemes in India

Following are some best-performing Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund online schemes in India that are constantly beating the benchmark and paving new ways for its investors to relish high riches and prosperity.

  1. Motilal Oswal MOSt Focused Multicap 35 Fund Growth
  2. Motilal Oswal MOSt Focused Midcap 30 Fund Growth
  3. Motilal Oswal MOSt Focused 25 Fund – Growth
  4. Motilal Oswal MOSt Ultra Short-Term Bond Fund Growth

Motilal Oswal MF schemes have an altogether different approach for investing at various phases of the market. It allows the investors to be able to have a clear mindset in the domain of their investing decisions at every step of their financial planning. The logic behind why Motilal Oswal Mutual Funds came up with this concept is that the clients' needs always differ, and not everybody starts his investment at an early age. Thus, to create awareness about the existence of investment products that cater to all age-groups clients, the products have been distinctively classified in order to serve the blend of all ages of investors.

So, if you are eager to find out the most rewarding investment opportunity in the top mutual funds in the Indian money market, then Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund online SIP investment plan is the best choice you could make. Motilaloswalmf is always better to place your hard-earned money in different categories of funds such as liquid funds, large cap funds, debt funds, small, and mid-cap funds, in order to create a diversified portfolio that can bestow the benefits of both the worlds – wealth creation and risk cover. We at MySIPonline, advocate the work ethics of Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund and provide unbiased assistance to the clients to help them in investing via SIP in the funds of online Motilal Oswal MF systematically, which enables them to get a headstart in their financial planning.

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Motilal Oswal MF is a renowned name in the mutual funds industry. I was looking for investments from a long time in its schemes. Once my colleague had told me about making investments through MySIPonline and was happy with their services. I did not wait for a minute and make contact with them. As soon as they come to know about my goals, risk-return appetite and my investment strategies, they provided me with the list of best Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund online schemes. I am very much thankful to the team for providing me guidance. I am also looking forward to making further investments with their help.
Anuj Mishra
Hello guys! I am wedding planner working in Bangalore currently. My earnings are project based and are irregular. I was looking to utilize my savings and I saw an ad on TV about mutual funds and then I inquired about them at MySIPonline. They asked me to line up my money in motilal oswal mutual fund after analyzing my risk bearing capacity. I did as suggested and the results are in front of my eyes. Happy with the recommendations!
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Companies like MySIPonline are the need of the hour for people who are willing to invest in mutual funds, but are reluctant due to their lack of knowledge about the best products in the market. Through MySIPonline, I came across the best Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund online schemes and picked three plans for my portfolio, all giving astonishing performances lately. Thank you, MySIPonline. You helped me make my life better. I owe you for this!
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Shreshtha Banerjee
Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund SIP investment plan is undoubtedly one of the most prominent funds in the Indian market today, and I give my whole-hearted gratitude to MySIPonline for having this fund recommended to me. I am certain that I couldn’t have got any better assistance in the world than I got at MySIPonline. Their website is very informative and the operations team is highly professional and knowledgeable. Thank You guys, the credit for my wealth creation goes to you!!
Shruti Awasthi