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The Invesco Mutual Fund target to achieve excellent growth in the capital invested and today the fund house have a variety of the best mutual fund plans matching different investment needs. Invesco mutual funds was established on July 06, 2006, and one can also invest online in the various schemes of Invesco MF to avail hassle-free investment experience. Invesco Mutual Fund is one of the best asset management companies which primarily aims to provide the best possible returns on investment.

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    Mr. Saurabh Nanavati

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Fund Name Latest NAV (₹) Rating Return (%) Double Money In 1 Lac Grew To (₹)  
Invesco India Contra Fund - Growth
Very High risk | Contra
91.91 5 23.42 6Y 12M 1.90 L Invest
Invesco India Infrastructure Fund - Growth Option
Average risk | Sectoral-Infrastructure
41.17 4 29.42 5Y 8M 2.35 L Invest
Invesco India Financial Services Fund - Retail Growth
Very High risk | Sectoral-Banking and Financial Services
92.21 4 21.19 7Y 8M 1.49 L Invest
Invesco India Growth Opportunities Fund - Growth
Average risk | Large and Mid Cap
60.94 4 20.3 7Y 8M 1.69 L Invest
Invesco India Tax Plan - Growth
save tax Very High risk | ELSS  
90.81 4 19.18 7Y 10M 1.71 L Invest
Invesco India Dynamic Equity Fund - Growth
Very High risk | Dynamic Asset Allocation
41.88 4 12.23 12Y 1M 1.40 L Invest
107.99 3 27.25 5Y 8M 2.20 L Invest
Invesco India Largecap Fund - Growth
Very High risk | Large Cap
49.83 3 19.78 7Y 7M 1.70 L Invest
Invesco India Short Term Fund - Growth
Low to Moderate risk | Short Duration
3110.83 3 4.83 11Y 10M 1.21 L Invest
1972.42 3 4.79 11Y 9M 1.20 L Invest


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  • Invesco Mutual Fund was incorporated in 2005 and has a great reputation in the mutual fund industry due to some of the best performing schemes. It has allowed thousands of investors to achieve their financial objectives and aims to strengthen the financial stability of every Indian through quality schemes in various categories.
  • Invesco Mutual Fund has provided top performing schemes in various categories and owns a total of 148 schemes with a different objective and investment strategy.
  • As per the quarter ending March 2019, Invesco Mutual Fund has an AUM of more than Rs 24,000 crore.
  • SIP in Invesco Mutual Fund can be done on the 10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th date of every month.

Invesco Mutual Fund – A Brilliant Choice of Smart Investors

Invesco Mutual Fund, together with assets under its management of worth Rs. 55,10,286 crore held globally, works towards the direction of catering to the investment needs of its local as well as global clients – individuals, corporate houses and qualified institutional buyers – through the route of mutual funds and sub-directed portfolios. The Invesco mf products are carefully managed by exclusive management teams that are focused to create optimal balance and draw best results. It is geared towards bestowing world-class financial care and customer servility. Due to the incorporation of sustainable business models and procedures, Invesco Mutual Fund house has successfully conquered vitality in its functioning and has aptly kept its pace with the fast-changing market scenarios. The clients of Invesco MF SIP can surely expect state-of-the-art investment products that are capable enough of leveraging on the potential of favourable market through their expertise and well-experienced personnel.

Invesco Mutual Fund – The Investment Philosophy


One of the key pillars of the disciplined approach followed by invesco mutual fund is to always adhere to the directive of the specific fund as declared in the offer document under all conditions. This adherence plays a vital role in generating exponential performance over time, however, there could be certain scenarios in which sticking truly to the mandate may bring out short-term underperformance. The investment philosophy of invesco mutual funds is a comprehensive framework that includes companies, industries, financial and technical analysis. Their equity team ploughs a huge amount of the inputs for this framework, but mostly relies on inputs derived from external sources and employs them upon requirement. This open framework is amalgamated with an atmosphere that encourages steady and consistent debate, which is believed to be the torch-bearer to the process of wise decision making.

  • The Invesco Mutual Fund’s equity investment philosophy is based on the idea of boosting the appreciation of capital for the clients in the long run.
  • The key focus is given on enriching the investors with a high degree of capital growth, more importantly the returns extracted from the equity class, as shown by the market index over the longer term.
  • A well-lit and rigorous research efforts together with a controlled portfolio management approach will certainly allow the outperformance of the market benchmark over a period of time.
  • The core investment fundamental of Invesco Mutual Funds is that the equity markets cannot be considered as the most efficient.

Fixed Income

The management philosophy for fixed income portfolios at Invesco mutual funds in India revolves around augmenting risk adjusted returns for the clientele by placing the funds in high quality credit assets, handling risk of interest rate and curtailing liquidity risk. Further, the investment philosophy for managing fixed income products is based on the top down study oriented model that primarily focuses on the analysis of economic. Invesco MF Online strives to cultivate high-end risk adjusted returns through achieving safety of capital, liquidity of funds and yielding steady income for the investors. The portfolios are professionally managed for subsiding the credit risk, interest rate, and liquidity risk. The interest rate risk is handled across duration heaps, the portfolio composition is managed via an active asset allocation across credits, and the liquidity risk through a carefully designed diversified portfolio.

Invesco MF – Investment Benefits

  • The best Invesco Mutual Fund online schemes bestows the investors with consistent growth with lucrative returns for the foreseeable future.
  • In order to reduce the risk, diversification is very important and it results in least risk exposure of the investors who engage their money in the invesco funds products.
  • By choosing the apt invesco funds for your portfolio, you can plan for your retirement sophisticatedly and you’ll longer have to worry even for a penny for taking care of your post-retirement expenses.
  • Since different investors possess different objectives and goals in life, Invesco Mutual Funds has introduced a wide range of best online schemes to invest in order to achieve their financial and other goals.

Invesco mutual Fund Schemes In India – Product Family

Together with an aim to tap each and every facet of the investing industry, online invesco Mutual Fund has released all the schemes with an objective of providing an all-round customer service experience. You can start investing in invesco Mutual Fund schemes online either through sip or lump sum. It encompasses equity, debt and hybrid schemes which are discussed as follows:

  • Invesco Mid and Small-Cap Fund (G)
  • Invesco Tax Plan (G)
  • Invesco Medium Term Bond Fund
  • Invesco Business Leaders Fund
  • Invesco Liquid Fund (G)

The reasons given above are merely a drop in comparison to the ocean of admirable attributes possessed by Invesco Mutual Funds. By placing your funds in the high-rewarding and promising companies, this fund house works towards achieving its investment objective of optimizing the long-term capital. The invesco fund schemes possess a huge potential to create great riches for the investors. If you desire a fruitful investment venture, then you shall invest in any of the invesco mutual funds SIP plans right away according to your suitability, and unlock the prospects of a bright future and prosperity. Additionally you can check your returns with the help of tool known as sip return calculator and start your investment in top ranking mutual funds.

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The Invesco Mutual Fund schemes as suggested by you people are yielding highest returns and helping me in generating the worth of investment value. I always wanted to take the best investment decision in my life so as to be sure of attaining the desired returns. It has helped me attaining the same.
Gunjan Patel
It was a difficult task to opt for a fund house which could help me reach my financial goals, but the entire process of choosing the fund house, as well as the invesco mutual funds were made so easy and investor-oriented by them. I don’t have words to thank this platform and its team which made great effort to let me buy online the funds schemes for my portfolio. Great work team, you guys are doing an amazing job. Keep it up!!!
Koushik Vishvakarma
Online Invesco Mutual Fund investment has helped me the most in making a right choice of investment in the right way. I really feel happy with my decision and want to thank you all. All thanks for providing this platform and of course to its entire team for the guidance and consultancy support.
Malini Mehta
MySIP Online expert team has customised a portfolio for me with the help of which I invested online in Invesco Funds. I congratulate their support team. Their 24/7 grievance services are very helpful. I get all my doubts cleared at any point for my convenience. The customer support executives are polite and knowledgeable. I like the portfolio designing concept of My thanks to you all!
Rakshika Seth
I invested online in the Invesco Mf schemes with MySIPonline and their services just amazed me. Their team’s support was great and they advised me the best sip investment plans to choose from Invesco mutual fund. Wonderful Experience! Thanks a lot guys!
Chirag Joshi
It has been a great experience of online investment in Invesco Mutual funds using the investing solutions of MySIPonline. Their team support was superb in the entire investment process which helped me in making the right selection. Thanks a lot guys, I never expected to earn such great profits on my investments, but it has been possible because of you. Thanks again.
Namrata Parihar
I have always been poor in making decisions, but this time my decision of buying best Invesco MF proved absolutely fruitful. When I came to know about MySIPonline, I immediately got connected with them and found everything that I wanted to know about Invesco Mutual Funds investment. I opted for the schemes for my portfolio from their portal by reading the suitability and descriptions which assisted me in making the right choice. Thanks guys, your support made me a good investor.
Shivansh Patidar
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