ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund

ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund is one of the best AMC in India which is a joint venture between the ICICI Bank, India and Prudential Plc, UK. The leading fund house in India has provided the best investment plan to the investors over the years. The ICICI Prudential AMC focuses on providing high returns to the aspiring investors by implementing innovative ideas and best investment philosophies. According to suitability of an investor, ICICI MF online offers a large variety of top performing funds in different asset classes, such as debt, hybrid, equity, ELSS, etc. To invest in best ICICI Mutual Fund SIP plan, you can find the best recommendations on our website and can start investment instantly. Learn all details about the ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund NAV, Returns, Portfolio and best schemes here.

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    Mr. Nimesh Shah

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Fund Name Latest NAV (₹) Rating Return (%) Double Money In 1 Lac Grew To (₹)  
ICICI Prudential Equity Savings Fund - Cumulative option
Low to Moderate risk | Equity Savings
19.67 5 10.43 8Y 9M 1.36 L Invest
ICICI Prudential Regular Savings Fund - Plan - Growth
Moderately High risk | Conservative
64.07 5 8.8 8Y 3M 1.60 L Invest
13.85 5 8.8 8Y 3M -- Invest
27.8 5 6.17 9Y 6M 1.21 L Invest
ICICI Prudential Equity & Debt Fund - Growth
Very High risk | Aggressive
300.66 4 30.66 4Y 3M 2.38 L Invest
ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund - Growth
Very High risk | Large Cap
85.78 4 22.59 4Y 11M 2.00 L Invest
ICICI Prudential All Seasons Bond Fund - Growth
Moderately High risk | Dynamic Bond
32.44 4 5.37 9Y 4M 1.18 L Invest
ICICI Prudential Multicap Fund - Growth
Very High risk | Multi Cap
607.07 4 27.46 4Y 10M 2.24 L Invest
ICICI Prudential Banking and Financial Services Fund - Growth
Very High risk | Sectoral-Banking and Financial Services
106.25 4 23.08 5Y 9M 1.99 L Invest
ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund - Growth
High risk | Dynamic Asset Allocation
60.53 4 14.23 6Y 2M 1.56 L Invest


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  • Yes. Investors need to submit a written request with the names of the switch in and switch out schemes. Switching cannot be done to a different AMC.
  • Any date of the month can be chosen as the SIP debit date. In case the debit date falls on a non-business day, the SIP will be debited on the next business day.
  • ICICI Prudential Mutual fund will not charge any penalty if SIP is missed due to insufficient funds. However, the bank from which it has to be debited can charge between Rs 150 to Rs 750. If you skip the SIP for more than 3 months, the account will be closed by the AMC.
  • The dividend amount offered by dividend mutual funds can either be directly credited to the registered bank account or through RTGS/NEFT. The amount will be credited within 10 business days of dividend declaration.
  • Investors in the category of “individuals” can assign a nominee to which the mutual fund holdings can be transferred after the death of investor. A maximum of 3 nominees can be assigned to a mandate in ICICI Prudential MF.
  • Yes. SIP can be paused for a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 3 months by filling in the SIP pause form.
  • No. Even if you have redeemed all the units, your account will not be closed and is available to make a fresh purchase.
  • The new investors can start investing in ICICI Prudential AMC with a minimum subscription amount of Rs 5000 (plus multiples of Rs 1) for all schemes and the minimum amount for SIP and additional investment is Rs 500 (plus multiples of Rs 1).

ICICI Mutual Fund - Providing Variegated Investment Solutions

ICICI Mutual Fund is one of the fastest growing and top performing mutual funds houses in India. It is the largest Asset Management Company(AMC) in the country as per its Asset Under Management (AUM) as on March 31, 2016. ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund is aimed at providing various mutual fund schemes which help investors to gain substantial returns and financial growth over time. ICICI MF handles the mutual fund schemes and tends to provide portfolio management services to the investors with its variety of products managed by the expert fund managers. ICICI Prudential AMC helps investor to provide all the updates about best schemes, NAV, returns, portfolio, records at one place.

About ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund

ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund has garnered the trust of the investors in the past 18 years and has attained the position of leading and preferred fund house for mutual fund investments. ICICI Mutual Fund SIP or lump sum investments are the best solutions which one can opt as per the convenience for gaining substantial growth of capital over time. ICICI MF is one of the best performing amc, which offer various investment options to investor with analysis risk factors. ICICI Pru AMC has always aimed at fulfilling its fiduciary responsibilities of managing the capital of investors with due diligence.

The fund house has gained a remarkable position in the market by managing funds in accordance with ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund objectives and has delivered superior risk-adjusted returns as of now. The consistency in ICICI MF long-term growth and performance is due to the strong fundamentals, and the process-driven investment approach. The fund managers of icici prudential AMC are given the flexibility to manage the funds as per their unique style and insight.

Why Invest in ICICI Mutual Fund online?

Investing in the ICICI prudential mutual fund schemes has become the easiest task for the investors. MySIPonline provides a completely paperless way of investing in mutual funds online in a hassle-free manner with a free for life investment account. One can invest online by availing our services.

The reasons due to which one must invest in the ICICI Mutual Fund schemes are:

  1. The majority of the products of ICICI MF are AAA rated by CRISIL.
  2. The ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund SIPs are the perfect solution for the investors who want to put a small amount of money at a time.
  3. The wide variety of icici best mutual fund schemes available for investment provides the investors with broader choices as per their investing goals.

Is It Safe Investing in ICICI Prudential AMC?

All the mutual funds in India are governed by the norms and guidelines issued by Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI). Best ICICI prudential Mutual Fund NAV is regulated by the Indian statutes, being registered under the Companies Act. The ICICI Prudential MF thoroughly follows the guidelines of SEBI and AMFI issued from time to time, and thus this mutual fund provides high security to the invested capital of the investors.

ICICI Mutual Fund : Login to MySIPonline & Gain Its Benefits

ICICI Mutual Fund has a wide range of retail as well corporate investment solutions and products for the investors which are classified across different assets like Equity, Fixed, Income, and Gold. ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund has consistently trying to provide the best investment schemes in India to the investors with complete updates of fund performance, records and ICICI Prudential NAV, so as to let them achieve their financial goals with ease. With a research and analysis team, they aim to innovate different products as per the requirements and have been among the leaders in the industry for a long time in meeting investors’ goal.

ICICI MF online - Offers Different Investment Products

The schemes for mutual fund investing in India offered by ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund nav value a lot in the industry. ICICI Prudential MF have been bifurcated into five broad categories as provided here under:

  • Equity Funds: The ICICI Mutual Fund falling in the equity funds category provide the benefit of capital appreciation by investing in the stock market. ICICI MF aims to accomplish the long-term investing goals of the investors with medium- to high-risk appetite. It offers ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund Growth and many more.
  • Balanced Funds: These investment solutions offered by ICICI Pru Mutual Fund invest customer’s money in both the equity and debt markets on a simultaneous basis. The exposure of these ICICI AMC depends on which type of hybrid fund it is. If ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund is a debt-oriented balanced fund, then a majority of the money is put in the debt markets, and the remaining balance is parked in the equity markets. The opposite is true for equity-oriented balanced funds.
  • Debt Funds: These icici prudential amc securities invest in long- or short-term bonds, money market instruments, security products, etc. They aim at building wealth with the currently available funds while preserving the initial invested capital. These ICICI pru mutual fund schemes are ideal for the investors who are looking to take low- to medium risks and create an income option.
  • Fund of Funds: FOFs are such plans by ICICI MF which invest the money in other mutual funds. These ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund are meant to cater to different risk appetites including low, medium and high. With online investment in ICICI Mutual Fund, the funds are diversified accurately across various sectors, companies and assets, to mitigate the risk factors and enhance earnings.
  • Exchange Traded Funds: These ICICI Prudential MF are meant to be traded on the stock market and invest in the stocks of the companies, different currencies, and precious metal in order to gain profits as per market performances.

The ICICI Mutual Fund Schemes have been performing immensely in the mutual fund industry and offering great returns for a long time. The majority of the schemes of ICICI MF house are rated five-star by CRISIL. The various investment plans which are divided into large-cap, small- and mid-cap and, diversified equity and other equity plans have generated exceptional profits to help investors gain capital growth over time.

With the portfolio management services which are offered by the expert fund managers of the ICICI Mutual Funds are among the best in the industry due to which their market holdings in terms of asset size is the largest. The investors avail the services to let their money earn high growth over a period of time by investing in the ICICI Pru Mutual Fund online via SIPs or lump sum plans.

Hence, it can be concluded here that for making a worthwhile investment in the mutual funds in India, ICICI prudential NAV is one of the best alternatives. ICICI Pru MF provides different products falling in variegated categories which are noteworthy for the investors in order to choose the best one as per their goals.

MySIPonline provides the ease of investing in the best ICICI Mutual Fund online schemes and SIP in order to cater to the investing requirements. The online investing services offered at our platform along with effective tools including SIP calculator would help you in making your investment in ICICI pru amc simplified.

Meet Our Clients
The funds provided by ICICI Mutual Fund are exceptional. The schemes are consistent, highly rewarding, and are less riskier than other schemes. There is a reason why it is one of the largest fund houses in India. I believe every investor must have a few schemes of ICICI MF in their portfolio.
Sangam Mehta Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Like the most of the investors of India I too wanted an investment option, that can provide me with high growth, but the risk associated with it should be less. After a lot of research online I found several answers, but the one that caught my eye was the bluechip schemes of ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund. It turned out one of the most successful investments I have made till date. Hope it shows a similar performance in future too.
Vaishakh Nayar Madhya Pradesh
I was not aware about the solutions and performance of ICICI MF, but MySIPonline helped me in getting idea about the same. Really ICICI Mutual Fund online schemes is performing immensely in the market and yielding high returns. I have its plans in my portfolio which are producing the expected profits. Thanks to you and your team for constant support and assistance.
Soumya NairBangalore, Karnataka
Whenever people ask me about the best mutual funds I always suggest the products of ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund. The scheme from this AMC has given me an investment experience which no other scheme has provided. The returns it has provided are best among all the schemes that are in my portfolio. Just like ICICI Bank is best in the private sector banks, ICICI Prudential MF has been best in the mutual fund market. The best thing is when you invest you don’t even have to look at the investments as they will only grow.
Disha Kohli New Delhi
I wanted to invest in a scheme of ICICI Prudential AMC for my next travel plan. But the next question arises where to go, whom to approach for best funds and how much to invest. Going through many websites, I come across MySIPonline. They have provided me with the list of top performing ICICI Mutual Fund schemes where I can invest for short-term. I instantly make contact with them and here I am today in Australia, enjoying my holidays. I love how immediately they make me pick a fund to invest and cleared all my doubts. I adored the way they supported and helped me in investments!
Nitin Mehra Bhubaneshwar, Odisha
When I was a kid, my mother used to recite me stories about good and evil, and that how good always won. In the real world, I consider MySIPonline the good and the mutual fund investment planning the evil, as it is so confusing to make the right investment choice. But through MySIPonline, I conquered this evil by investing in the schemes of ICICI Mutual Fund SIP plans. Seriously, angels do exist and for me, it’s MySIPonline.
Komal Maheshwari pune, Maharashtra
Thank You MySIPonline!!! Your team helped me a lot in making the investment in the best ICICI SIP plans. I never expected such a nice response for my portfolio, but ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund provided me with the same. I appreciate your efforts which made all this possible for me.
Supriya Vijayvargiya Jaipur, Rajasthan
I have been investing in funds of ICICI Mutual Fund SIP plan through MySIPonline for the last two years. The services that the team provides are very commendable. They make investing simple for you by choosing the right funds for you. Even when I wanted to invest for the second time again in ICICI Prudential AMC, they proficiently helped me in picking one. And today I can see the worth of my money increase speedily. Thanks.
Vikrant Kulkarni Mumbai, Maharashtra
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