SBI Magnum Multicap Fund: Offering Consistent Returns & Growth

SBI Magnum Multicap Fund Growth is one of the most consistent performers among the various diversified equity schemes. SBI multicap fund has been formulated by the proficient team of fund managers of SBI Mutual Funds, in order to provide the best returns to the investors. The internal rate of return (IRR) of monthly SIPs in SBI Magnum Multicap Fund in the last five years was around 23%; that is one of the highest in the diversified equity funds’ category. SBI Magnum Multicap Fund online scheme has been ranked three times in the top quartile in the last five years. Here under is provided a synopsis of sbi multicap fund growth strategy which would help you gain knowledge about SBI magnum Fund to take a decision to opt for the same.

SBI Multicap Fund: Investment Details

The sbi magnum multicap fund growth scheme was launched on September 16, 2005, under the diversified equity mutual funds category by SBI Mutual Fund. SBI magnum multicap fund online is an open-ended growth scheme which aims to provide opportunities to the investors for long-term capital appreciation with flexibility and liquidity. It makes investment in the diversified basket of equity stocks after spanning the entire market capitalisation spectrum. In addition, sbi multicap fund g puts the funds in the debt instruments to provide wide diversification.

SBI Magnum Multicap Fund : Portfolio Construction

SBI Multicap Fund growth scheme has an asset size of Rs.1,096 crore as on August 31, 2016, which is invested in the equities of the companies after spanning the entire market capitalisation spectrum. As per the strategy of sbi magnum multicap fund g plan, 50-90% funds are put in the large-cap stocks, 10-40% in mid-cap stocks and not more than 10% in the small-cap stocks. SBI multicap fund follows the growth investment style to provide appreciation in the capital. This fund has a bias for cyclical sectors like banking & finance, automobiles, construction, etc. And, to balance the cyclical risk and provide diversification, around 20% funds are allocated in other sectors as well which include technology, FMCG and pharmaceuticals.

The top five holdings of SBI magnum multicap fund growth plan in which 20.3% of the assets are allocated include:

  • Infosys Ltd.
  • Equitas Holding
  • M&M Financial Services
  • HPCL
  • Jubilant FoodWorks

SBI Magnum Multicap Fund G: Performance Analysis

We have evaluated the returns and track records of sbi magnum fund plan which depicts that after the underperformance in 2011, sbi magnum multicap fund growth strategy was able to outperform both the category and benchmark in the subsequent years. In the year 2015, sbi multicap fund performance was remarkable, as it was able to survive in the market and yield double-digit returns even after facing various fluctuations. SBI magnum multicap fund growth has beaten the benchmark in three-year rolling returns by offering above 20%, more than ninety times, which is a strong determiner of sbi magnum fund g online outstanding performance.

Furthermore, SBI magnum multicap fund is ranked first under the ‘Diversified Equity Fund’, as per the analysis of CRISIL for the first quarter of 2016, ended in June. It is offering returns around 29.7% and 20.4% on the investments held for three and five years. SBI Magnum Multicap offered the growth (in terms of rupees) as Rs.38.0325 per unit to the investors and helped them in appreciating their capital. Henceforth, we can conclude here the scheme will definitely help one in generating higher returns and enhancing the worth of investment amount.

In addition to the above-mentioned information, if we take the risk appetite of SBI magnum multicap fund g towards market volatility, we would conclude that it is slightly lower than many other schemes of sbi multicap fund growth category. Henceforth, it is the correct option for the investors seeking investments in the equity market for a relatively long-term duration. We recommend you sbi multicap fund growth plan because of the various benefits that it is offering to a large number of investors of sbi magnum fund scheme. You can buy the SBI Magnum Multicap Growth Plan to avail the varied advantages and earn a huge corpus.