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Aug 18, 2018 9 min read

5 Best Reliance Mutual Funds for SIP in 2018

Get details about the best Reliance mutual funds that you can choose to start an SIP with right now.

Reliance Mutual Fund is one of the most sought-after asset management companies in India which is a preferred choice of millions of progressive investors. Let’s check the best mutual funds that belong to this AMC.

Reliance Small Cap Fund (G)

Reliance Small Cap Fund- Growth Plan is a small-cap fund which identifies and invests in companies that have newly begun their operations in the market, and are having huge scope for future growth. Investing in this best performing small-cap mutual fund of Reliance Mutual Fund enhances your chance of the accomplishment of your objectives, and you enjoy greater wealth at the time of maturity.

With diversified investment in various sectors, the majority lies in consumer goods, industrial manufacturing, and financial services. Its 3-year and 5-year returns are higher than the benchmark, which shows its exceptional capability to generate corpus in the long-term. Reliance Small Cap Fund NAV is Rs. 43.06 as on

To get an in-depth knowledge of the details of this one of the best small cap funds, watch our expert’s analysis, link


Schemes1-Year Return3-Year Return5-Year Return
Reliance Small Cap Fund 13.28% 18.22% 37.48%
Benchmark: S&P BSE Small Cap 7.77% 13.30% 27.18%
Category 6.96% 13.64% 31.06%
As on August 16, 2018

Risk Parameters:

3-Years RiskFundCategoryBenchmark
Standard Deviation 19.68 18.84 19.52
Beta 0.99 0.92 1
Sharpe Ratio 0.74 0.58 0.54
Risk: As on July 31, 2018


  1. Being a small cap fund, it is quite risky, thus suitable for investors with a high-risk appetite.
  2. Investors who are looking for wealth creation in the long-term.
  3. Have an investment horizon of at least 3 years.

Reliance Multi Cap Fund (G)

Reliance Multi Cap Fund is one of the best multi-cap funds. It contains a multi-flavoured portfolio comprising of the best large, mid, and small-cap companies. Investing in it will expose you to multiple benefits of different mutual funds. This attribute helps one to gain solid strength to withstand the market fluctuations, and have the energy to soar to incredible heights during the market retrieval.

Reliance Multi Cap Scheme started its operations late in the year 2005, and soon, the fund began grasping space in the market and now, as of May 31, 2018, it holds assets worth Rs 9687 crore. Reliance Multi Cap Fund NAV is Rs. 93.03 as on August 16, 2018.


Schemes1-Year Return3-Years Return5-Years Return
Reliance Multi Cap Fund 9.43% 6.24% 20.04%
Benchmark: S&P BSE 500 13.79% 12.40% 19.46%
Category 9.67% 10.58% 21.19%
As on August 16, 2018

Risk Parameters:

3-Years RiskFundCategoryBenchmark
Standard Deviation 15.81 14.74 14.32
Beta 1.05 0.97 1
Sharpe Ratio 0.23 0.51 0.64
Risk: As on July 31, 2018


  1. Investors who are willing to invest across market capitalization.
  2. Take less risk as compared to investing in the pure small cap or mid cap fund.

Reliance Large Cap Fund (G)

Reliance Large Cap Fund is one of the hottest selling funds in India in its category. Reliance Large Cap Fund Growth Plan (erstwhile Reliance Top 200 Fund) provide the Indian masses with the opportunity to play safely in the market, and also earn great rewards.

This best performing large-cap mutual fund of Reliance MF has aptly maintained the legacy of the fund house, and thus it invests only in those businesses that have an age-old operating history, dominating market position, and sustainable growth potential in the future. Reliance Large Cap Fund NAV as on August 16, 2018 is Rs. 33.6.


Schemes1-Year Return3-Years Return5-Years Return
Reliance Large Cap Fund 11.25% 10.27% 21.73%
Benchmark: S&P BSE 100 14.85% 11.91% 17.86%
Category 13.21% 9.95% 17.33%
As on August 16, 2018

Risk Parameters:

3-Years RiskFundCategoryBenchmark
Standard Deviation 15.03 14.2 14
Beta 1.04 0.97 1
Sharpe Ratio 0.49 0.49 0.62
Risk: As on July 31, 2018


  1. Investors who are looking for capital appreciation in the long-term.
  2. Risk-averse or conservative investors of the equity market.

Reliance Equity Hybrid Fund (G)

With a whopping asset under management amounting to Rs. 14,203 crore as on July 31, 2018, Reliance Equity Hybrid Fund was launched on Jun 08, 2005. It was previously known as Reliance Regular Savings Fund- Balanced Plan. The objective of this scheme of RMF is to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing in a mix of equity (50%-75%) and debt instruments (25%-50%).

Currently, it has 71.95% investment in equity instruments and the rest in debt and money-market instruments. The best thing about this scheme is that it is an all seasons’ fund. To start an investment in this scheme, you just require an initial amount of Rs 500, and you can start a SIP for as low as Rs 100, which means, one can easily start an investment without affecting one’s financial budget. Reliance Equity Hybrid Fund NAV as on August 16, 2018 is Rs. 55.6.


Schemes1-Year Return3-Years Return5-Years Return
Reliance Equity Hybrid Fund 6.04% 10.48% 19.8%
Benchmark: CRISIL Hybrid 25+75 - Aggressive 9.80% 11.18% 15.89%
Category 7.37% 9.24% 17.43%
As on August 16, 2018

Risk Parameters:

3-Years RiskFundCategoryBenchmark
Standard Deviation 11.18 11.19 11.38
Beta 1.92 1.93 1
Sharpe Ratio 0.67 0.55 0.38
Risk: As on July 31, 2018


  1. Investors who are looking for consistent returns along with the benefit of capital appreciation.
  2. Moderately high-risk appetite.

Reliance Liquid Fund (G)

Reliance Liquid Fund, formerly known as Reliance Liquid Treasury Fund, is a debt-oriented liquid fund belonging to the product family of one of India’s most respected fund houses, Reliance Mutual Fund. It was launched with the objective to provide a better avenue than savings’ bank account to the public. With a total asset size of Rs. 39,579 crores, it is one of the most significant funds in the list of top performing liquid funds in India. Furthermore, it has constantly been included in the recommendations list of MySIPonline due to its impeccable service record and constant progress. The NAV of Reliance Liquid Fund as on August 16, 2018 is Rs. 4336.5.


Schemes1-Year Return3-Years Return5-Years Return
Reliance Liquid Fund 7.01% 7.27% 8.04%
Benchmark: CRISIL Liquid Fund 7.03% 7.22% 8.10%
Category 5.23% 5.40% 5.99%
As on August 16, 2018

Risk Parameters:

3-Years RiskFundCategoryBenchmark
Standard Deviation 0.21 0.38 0.24
Beta 0.83 0.57 1
Sharpe Ratio 14.99 7.52 13.97
Risk: As on July 31, 2018


  1. Investors who want to invest their surplus cash in very low-risk instruments to generate better returns.
  2. Investors who wish to invest for a short-duration, say 6-12 months.


The reasons why we are suggesting to invest in these best Reliance mutual funds via SIP is because:

  1. The performance of the schemes listed above are exceptional in their respective category, and on the top of that, they even hold the strong back of the Reliance Group as a whole.
  2. SIP is an investment strategy which allows an individual to invest a fixed amount regularly. SIPs will help one to take advantage of the volatility in the stock market without actively timing it.

In the current market scenario, investing in the best Systematic Investment Plan can help you collect more number of units when the market is down. This process will eventually help you to average the cost of investment, and thus maximize returns in the end.

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Note: Investors should keep in mind the duration for which they are investing in before finalizing any of the above-mentioned schemes. Moreover, the risk and investment objective are also two important factors to consider before investing.

For more details regarding the best SIP plans in India or top performing schemes of Reliance MF, connect with our experts today! At MySIPonline, you can get Reliance Mutual Fund account statement.

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