How to Win Over Your Financial Worries with Reliance Liquid Fund?

Reliance Liquid Fund (erstwhile Reliance Liquid Fund - Treasury Plan) has revolutionized the modern investment industry. It is a solid source of income and a supreme alternative to the early methods of investing, i.e., the banks and the post offices. Now, you can make a much better and lucrative investment with this fund, and earn as much as twice what you were being paid through a savings or post office account.

In a country like India where good investment options are limited, Reliance Liquid Funds acts as a powerful backup for the investors. It has been placed in the league of four-star funds by CRISIL and has sustained its position for years. The fund has spilled gold over the investors in the years and has worked for the uplifting of the investor class, both the institutional buyers and individuals.

Our mission at MySIPonline is to provide the best financial services to our customers and make India a powerful economy by routing funds to its treasure through eminent investment products. This is why we have listed Reliance Liquid Fund (Growth) amongst the list of our top recommended funds to be invested in 2018, and many more years resting in the womb of future.

Reliance Liquid Fund (G) – The Advantages

Earning the trust of the investors and building a reputation in the mutual fund market is nothing less than winning a raging war. It requires many factors to work out in the favor of the fund, and their culmination shall also be positive. Thankfully, Reliance Liquid Fund (Growth) Performances belongs to one of the global asset management giants, Reliance Mutual Fund, as a result of which many intriguing advantages are automatically extended to the fund. Though it is practically not possible to mention all the benefits, we have shortlisted some of the best points and have written them down below to make you aware of the greatness of this fund.

  • Best Results in the Liquid Fund Stream
    Liquid funds are an obvious choice over the bank and post office deposits. They provide better returns and opportunities in comparison to these primitive options. While the average returns even of the best liquid funds float around 7-7.5%, Reliance Liquid Fund was able to garner an astonishing figure of 8.07% averagely in the last five years. So, if you have some spare cash loitering around, then it is highly recommended to switch over to this fund instead of sticking to the conventional routes.
  • Efficient Fund Management Team
    One of the best advantages of being nurtured by a grand brand like Reliance Mutual Funds is the opportunity to savor the best possible resources. Reliance Liquid Fund-Regular Plan (G) is taken care by the some of the highly qualified and experienced professionals in the field of asset management, who see to it that the fund is always working in tandem with the market and that it never runs out of oil in the future.
  • International Standards Followed
    The investment strategy of a fund is the equivalent of the heartbeat of a person. If it gets corrupt, then the fund’s performance may instantly tumble down and it will be left defunct. But, the brains working on Reliance Liquid Fund (Growth) are superior to the average thinking and create strategies that match best with the international standards and the prevailing market scenario. The majority of the portfolio of the fund comprises of A1+ instruments – Commercial Papers and Certificate of Deposits – and high credit rating Treasury Bills, in order to ensure the best performance under different market conditions. This well-lit strategy is the reason behind the fund’s impeccable performances over the past.
  • Suitable for All
    Reliance Liquid Fund-Regular Plan (Growth) is a debt-oriented liquid fund that suits not just a particular, but the entire range of investors. This is because the fund is constructed on debt securities which bear much less risk than what the equity and related instruments bear. Thus, it becomes a favorable option even for the risk-averse clan of investors besides being suitable for the aggressive class.
  • No Exit Load
    Not only does Reliance Liquid Fund fits in for a long-term investment, but works well for a short-term plan too. This is because the fund doesn’t possess any exit load on the redemption. Hence, the investors can efficiently plan a short-term investment with this fund and can enjoy a no-cost redemption whenever they desire.
  • Tool for Diversification
    Diversification is one of the most essential aspects of any mutual fund plan. Even if you have chosen the best funds from the market but your plan lacks diversification, then it is unlikely that you will achieve the success that you wish to achieve with your funds. Hence, to draw a proper plan you must incorporate sufficient diversification in your plan, and investing in Reliance Liquid Fund (G) is an appropriate method to achieve that. The appropriate balance of top rated instruments in this fund will infuse a decent amount of stability to your investment plan, thus making it functional for a longer period of time.

Reliance Liquid Fund (Growth) – The Investment Details

Now that you are satiated with the importance of Reliance Liquid Fund in your plan, it is imperative to acknowledge the details associated with an investment in this fund. Let’s take a look: -

  • The Cost
    Investing in Reliance Liquid Fund (G) is quite affordable. The minimum investment has been set at just Rs. 100. However, the recommended amount is Rs. 500 which you can start investing on a periodic basis through a SIP investment purchased via MySIPonline, at no extra cost. Reliance Liquid Fund (G) NAV was recorded at Rs. 4312.98 on 19th June 2018. Hence, a systematic investment plan will be best for intermittently acquiring a decent stake in this fund, rather than spending a lot of money at once.
  • The Period
    Since Reliance Liquid Fund is a debt liquid plan, you can easily plan a short-term investment. However, a discussion with your financial advisor will provide you with the best guidance for your investment plan. Or, you can simply ask our assistance team at MySIPonline who will ask some simple questions about your risk profile, your returns expectations, and some other basic questions. After doing a deep analysis of this information, they’ll be able to able walk you through the best assistance for your investment plan.
  • The Method
    Investing through MySIPonline bestows a horde of advantages on the investors. First of all, we do not charge any fee for the services that we provide to our clients. Secondly, there are plenty of online tools on our websites such as the SIP Calculator, Tax Calculator, and a personal dashboard for you to monitor the movement of your funds.

Hence, if you are interested in making an infallible and fruitful investment plan, then you must give room to Reliance Liquid Fund (G) in your plan. MySIPonline’s services will make your investment experience unforgettable, and help you earn the best returns you could possibly imagine. So, don’t just stare at the computer screen! Make a call to your financial advisor today or contact us, for an incredible investment experience.

What our clients say...
  • I invested in Reliance Liquid Fund as my friend told me that this fund is the right one to invest in instead of a bank savings account as it is yielding high returns. Listening to him, I opted to try it and the results have been amazing till now. The liquidity is very high and I am able to redeem money whenever I want to. I have switched to this fund and has even asked my family and friends to do the same.

    vijay mathur manager