Reliance Small Cap Fund : Start Your SIP to Ensure Growth

Reliance Small Cap fund growth is a small equity mutual fund scheme from Reliance Mutual Fund Online, which aims at offering financial stability and growth. It invests the money in the shares and stocks of such companies that have small market capitalisation. In order to provide capital appreciation, the reliance small cap fund growth plan are invested in the equity and equity-related securities. Furthermore, to cater the consistent needs of investors, reliance smallcap plan also puts the money into debt and money market instruments.

Reliance Small Cap Fund G: Strategy

Reliance small cap fund scheme is designed to provide capital growth to the investors in the long-term period. This scheme is diversified into various sectors and industries to minimise the exposure towards risk. Furthermore, while designing, the fund managers are focused on building a solution with multifold benefits. Henceforth, the investors seeking financial stability, capital growth, consistent returns and other financial benefits, can start investing online in reliance smallcap fund.

To provide you with the insight of reliance small cap Growth Plan, following are some of the parameters that would help you gain an overview about fund online:

Portfolio Analysis of Reliance SmallCap Fund Growth Scheme

The fund allocation graph of reliance small cap fund implies asset allotment in the equities and related securities which are around 96.07% as per the recent data available up to 31st August 2016. It is quite essential to know where your fund shall be put to fetch the returns. The sectors in which majority of the assets of reliance small cap scheme are allocated include manufacturing, chemicals, banking/finance and engineering. Top-five holdings of reliance small cap g scheme are:

  • Navin Fluorine International Limited
  • Atul Limited
  • GIC Housing Finance Limited
  • Honda Siel Power Products Limited
  • RBL Bank Limited

Why Invest in Reliance Small Cap Fund Through MySIPonline?

MySIPonline offers the ease of investing in Reliance Small Cap Growth Fund by providing excellent online services to the investors. Due to the combined efforts of both the companies (MySIPonline and Reliance Mutual Fund), investors get better exposure to the mutual fund market where they can invest systematically in reliable schemes.

To top it all, they can even enjoy the perks of a digitally advanced platform to bring smoothness to their mutual fund investment process. Here are the benefits that investors investing in Reliance Small Cap Growth Fund through MySIPonline can avail:

  1. Easy Online Access: MySIPonline provides a simplified way of investing in this scheme of Reliance Mutual Fund through their portal. The investor can easily access his/her investments at any point in time from anywhere, using the mobile application or by logging into their respective account. They can even effortlessly make changes in their portfolio as and when required.
  2. Smart Investment Process: The investment process at MySIPonline is quite simple and user-friendly. The entire portal is built in a manner so that all types of investors can access it and invest in the reliable fund(s) according to one’s need to create wealth. The platform is even understandable for the investors who do not have good hands on financial knowledge. The process of investing in Reliance Smallcap Fund growth is entirely systematic and accessible.
  3. Safe and Secured Investments: MySIPonline is registered under Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI). Thus, it provides safe and secure transaction of investments in various mutual funds including Reliance Small Cap growth Fund.
  4. Filtered Investment Schemes: It also conducts detailed research and analysis to find out the top performing schemes out of all the mutual funds. It provides the best plans for investments so that the investors can avail the utmost benefits out of their investment.

Performance of Reliance SmallCap Mutual Fund Scheme

An investor can start investing in reliance small cap fund scheme online to take the benefit of the top small cap mutual fund. It is among the top fund due to its appreciable performance in the category. Reliance smallcap fund growth is ranked second under the ‘Small & Mid Cap’ class by CRISIL for the quarter ended June 2016. The annualised returns percentage of this growth fund scheme on investments held for three and five years are 49.0% and 26.9%, respectively (as per the data available until 31st August 2016). NAV of Reliance Small Cap fund g amounted to Rs.29.999 as on 19th September 2016, which has helped investors in yielding the desired worth on their invested amount of money. This growth plan has catered the needs of various investors in achieving their set financial goals.

You can invest your money in top reliance smallcap fund growth scheme online using the SIP investment plan. With this, you would be able to earn the growth benefits and enhance the worth of your capital. By investing majority of the assets into equity and related instruments, reliance smallcap fund growth investment ensures the appreciation of capital. In addition, this scheme makes allotment of some of the amount in the debt securities and helps in fetching regular returns. Henceforth, online investment in reliance small cap fund plan is an apt choice for the investors to attain financial stability and a promising future. So do not wait more start your action by making online investment in one of the top reliance smallcap fund growth sip scheme online today for better tomorrow.

What our clients say...
  • It’s been an amazing experience of investing in Reliance Small Cap Fund at MySIPonline. They have an easy-to-use platform which has every precise information about the schemes to make the best selection from the list of various mutual funds. Thanks a lot team for the amazing platform which helped me in making the right choice of fund for my portfolio.

    Tanuja maheshwari Biotechnologist
  • I was never a fan of Small Cap Mutual Funds as the risk is too high, but on the recommendation of their team, I started with Reliance SmallCap Growth Fund, and I have to say, it’s one of the best scheme I have invested in. The returns in previous three years are more than 20%. Thank you MySIPonline and team for everything. Keep up the good work.

    Abhinav Goyal Production Manager
  • I came across MySIPonline for investing in mutual funds. They provided me with the list of all top AMCs and their schemes at a single platform and I opted for reliance small cap growth fund scheme online for my portfolio. The entire process of investing was very simple and convenient. I am fully satisfied with my decision and this scheme of reliance mutual fund is offering me great profits.

    Hardeep Kaur Biologist
  • The team at MySIPonline is so helpful and supportive. A year before when I was looking forward to investing in mutual funds, ready to take risk, I did not know which fund to go for. It was then when the team recommended me to start an investment in Reliance Small Cap Fund Growth. Trust me I am able to see my savings grow at a considerable rate and that is creating a difference. Thanks.

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  • I was in search of a plan to invest in mutual fund schemes. Then MySIPonline helped me out in making the best choice of Reliance Small Cap Fund growth which offered me capital growth and financial soundness. Thanks a lot for your support and help which made my investment decision an accurate one.

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