Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund Ensures Capital Growth

Franklin India Smaller Companies growth offers various investment benefits to the investors which help them achieve their financial goals as it has high growth potential. This is a mutual fund programme which is formulated by the expert fund managers after in-depth market research. Franklin India smaller companies fund g falls under the ‘Small & Mid Cap’ category of equity funds, which provides capital appreciation in the long run.

The Franklin Smaller Companies fund growth plan was launched on 13/01/2006. It is an open-ended Franklin SmallCap scheme, which aims to offer higher returns by investing in the mid and small cap companies. Generally, 75% of the assets are invested in corporates that have small market capitalisation. The benchmark against which franklin smaller companies fund scheme is evaluated is Nifty Free Float Midcap 100. This is a growth-oriented plan which focuses on providing hike in the level of income. Here we have provided a synopsis of the top performing Franklin Smaller Companies growth scheme in India; that would assist in getting an idea about franklin India smaller companies fund latest nav overall analysis.

Performance Evaluation of Franklin Smaller Companies Growth Fund in India 

  • The Franklin India Smaller Companies Growth Fund from Franklin mutual fund has been performing immensely in the investment market since its inception. This scheme is ranked first under the ‘Small & Mid Cap’ by CRISIL for the quarter ended June 2016. Franklin smaller companies fund latest nav performance has also been appreciable and amounted to Rs. 47.274 as on 20th Sept 2016.
  • Franklin smaller companies fund g annualised return as per the latest available data measures to be 43.6% and 29.0% for three-and five-year investments. Apart from that, generated returns as against the set benchmark are comparatively higher which shows its market possession. Discrete twelve months performance of franklin smaller companies growth fund from June 2015 to June 2016 is 14.74% as against 6.20%(S&P CNX MidCap) set benchmark.

Portfolio Review : Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund Growth

The composition graph of franklin smaller companies fund depicts 90.33% assets being allotted into equity and 9.67% in the cash and call instruments. The sector in which the funds of these schemes are allocated includes industrial products, banks, finance, software, and media. Furthermore, if we take into consideration the top-five holdings of franklin india smaller companies g scheme online investment, it includes:

  • Finolex Cables Ltd.
  • Equitas Holdings Ltd.
  • Yes Bank Ltd.
  • Eclerx Services Ltd.
  • Repco Home Finance Ltd.

Fact Sheet : Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund G

With the ability to counter the market volatility and keep a biased quality stock, best franklin india smaller companies fund growth scheme has held an upper ground in the market and hence holds five-star rating. It has a bottom-up style of investing wherein franklin smaller companies fund focuses on the entities that can perform better even if its industry lacks efficiency. With this, it hunts for growth at a reasonable cost and benefits the investors. The CRISIL rating and yearly returns record show a remarkable position held by franklin india smaller companies fund nav growth plan in the mutual fund market.


The Franklin Smaller Companies Fund is the best strategy for the investors who are seeking long-term capital appreciation and want to invest particularly in the mid and small cap corporates. With the outstanding performance of franklin smaller companies fund g in its category, this would yield higher yields for them. So, one can opt for Franklin India Smaller Companies fund growth plan in order to accomplish the desired growth and aspiring future. My SIP online is the best place where you will get complete details related to franklin smaller companies scheme online investment in order to take right investment decisions.

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  • I keep a permanent check on the financial markets and mutual funds, and a small-cap fund that has attracted me is the Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund. The fund has consistently provided excellent returns, so I had also started my investment in the fund one year ago. The fund and its management team did not disappoint me, and I am going to stay invested in the fund for the next 10 years to accomplish my goals.

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