Reliance Banking Fund: Enduring Growth in Capital

Reliance Banking Fund growth is one of the best sector funds which gains returns from the banking & finance sector. It is the product from one of the most reliable fund houses, i.e., Reliance Mutual Fund. It was launched on May 21, 2003, with the primary objective of yielding higher returns to the investors. To achieve the same, Reliance Banking fund has been investing the funds in the equity and equity-related securities which leads to an appreciation of the capital worth.

Reliance Banking Fund G has been among the top performing mutual fund investment plans in India since its inception due to its nature of generating better returns even at the time of market fall. It is a growth-oriented scheme which is focussed on generating the worth of the capital by accumulating the wealth for a long-term duration. So, if you are looking for making a substantial investment in a promising scheme, then Reliance Banking fund growth can be a better choice for you. Read further to know its market performance and portfolio concentration.

Reliance Banking Fund Growth: Investment Details

It is an open-ended plan, offering growth option for investment to the investors in order to generate high worth of capital. The primary objective of this fund is to generate continuous returns by actively investing the money in the shares and stocks of the companies indulged in the banking sector. Furthermore, it has also made certain investments in the fixed income instruments to gain regular cash.

NIFTY BANK is the set benchmark of Reliance Banking Scheme against which its performance is measured. The minimum application investment amount of this strategy is Rs.5000. This Fund offers  SIP investment plan as well to make smooth investing in mutual funds with just Rs.100 as the minimum amount. There is no entry load for this programme, and if investor redeems or switches the funds before one year of purchase, it costs 1% exit load.

Reliance Banking Fund G Nav: Performance Analysis

With a NAV amounting to Rs.201.52, This scheme is offering remarkable value generation to the investors. In the past years, it has offered high-yielding absolute annual returns which reached up to 60.2% and 64.4% in the years 2012 and 2014. The average profit yielded by this fund since its inception is 25.10%. Moreover, the annualised returns which it offers for three, five and ten years’ investment are 27.61%, 17.30% and 19.13% respectively.

This product from Reliance MF has been outperforming its benchmark and category to benefit the investors to the maximum extent. Its overall rating and market possession are sound enough to prove its proficiency. Henceforth it is one of the must-have schemes under the sector funds.

Reliance Banking Fund G: Portfolio Concentration

The assets under management(AUM) of This banking fund plan as on September 30, 2016, amounted to Rs.2,280 crore. Around 96.18% of the same has been put in the equity stocks, 2.74% in the debt securities, and remaining 1.08% has been invested in the cash or call instruments. The sector allocation graph depicts that hundred percent equity investment has been made in the financial sector. Ergo, the earnings of this strategy is fetched from the banking industries only.

Furthermore, the holdings of reliance banking mutual fund programme are the entities which are performing at the top in the finance industry. They include HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, SBI Bank, Yes Bank, Axis Bank, Reliance Capital, and IndusInd Bank.

Thus, with the growing finance industry, the money of investors is also reaching to the hike. You can also earn the desirable returns on your investments by purchasing Reliance Banking Fund. We recommend this strategy as our fund analysts believe that this fund holds the proficiency of yielding maximum profits in the future and shall grow the wealth for everyone.