Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund - Regular Plan Growth : Invest and Grow

Reliance equity opportunities fund growth, as the name suggests, is a scheme which gives the clients an opportunity to invest in the equity shares and opt for the growth option. A growth option defines a process in which the clients get the entire payout including the principal and returns as well by the end of the scheme term. Reliance equity opportunities fund growth is a scheme offered by the Reliance Mutual Fund that is categorized under the diversified equity category. The clients through this scheme tend to make the investment in various companies as well as sectors of the economy. The scheme has a very diversified portfolio of equities and thus the risk profiling is easily managed. The clients can get to invest in the equity shares which are otherwise a far cry by way of direct investment owing to their per share price. Thus, by investing a very small amount in Reliance equity opportunities fund the clients are able to put their money in the dream companies of the stock market.

Reliance Multi Cap Fund - Growth : Specifications

Reliance equity opportunities fund (G) allows the clients to access various benefits of the scheme. This plan was commenced on 28th March 2003 as an open-ended diversified equity scheme which invests in the equity and equity related securities. The scheme also invests a very little amount in the money market securities for providing a fixed income to some extent even when the market is at its low. Let us understand the specifications clearly.

  • Open-ended diversified equity:- An open-ended scheme means that the clients can put their money in it as and when required after its launch. Say, Reliance equity opportunities fund (G) was launched in the year 2008 but investors can still invest in the scheme today also. Reliance equity opportunities fund - regular plan (G) holds its investment majorly in equity which is near about 98% while a mere 2% is invested in the debt funds. The top five holdings of the plan includes Banking/Finance (22.60%), Engineering (14.86%), Manufacturing (9.83%), Retail & Real Estate (8.62%) and Services (7.64%). This shows that the company holds a diversified investment mechanism to provide maximum output for the money invested by the clients.
  • Facilitates fixed income:- Reliance equity opportunities fund (G) allows the clients to have some amount of fixed income as well. It is true that this scheme invests a major share in the share market. However, it invests a little share in the debt instruments as well which gives an opportunity to the clients to get a small yet significant amount of fixed income for their investments.
  • Invests in Large-cap companies:- The scheme Reliance equity opportunities fund (G) invests only in the large cap companies of their respective sectors and perform well so that the clients are able to make the best possible use of their money. This scheme is especially for the clients who have the interest to invest in them and can invest through SIP or Lumpsum. Reliance equity opportunities fund invests in companies like SBI, TATA Motors, HCL Tech, Divis Lab, Bharat Elec and many more. These all companies are included in the top-notch industries of the market and surely will provide copious returns to their clients. These all are the blue chip companies of the market and are known for providing prolific returns to their clients.
  • Long-term capital gains:- Unlike, all other equity schemes, while investing in Reliance equity opportunities fund the clients have to invest in the scheme for a long time spell in order to make the best possible use of their money. Those investors who are willing to keep their money invested for a tenure of 7-10 years at a stretch. Only then they will be able to draw optimum returns from your investments through this scheme . Investor can calculate the return through SIP calculator available on this site.

To conclude, one can clearly see that the risk involved in the above scheme is moderately high and the clients who are willing to take the risk should only invest in the scheme. MySIPonline offers the quick and hassle-free way through which you can invest in Reliance equity opportunities fund and make the maximum use of your money.

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