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One of the fastest growing mutual funds in India, Reliance Mutual Fund, has gained a remarkable position in the market by providing impressive returns to the investors. It provide the investment plans which are focused on achieving the objectives in the desired time frame. All the schemes offered by Reliance MF have been an outperformer in their categories and helped many investors in gaining substantial profits. Online investing in Reliance schemes has become easier at our website where you can find the best recommendations of the fund house to start investing in an instant.

Reliance Mutual Fund Entering in Online Investing in India

Reliance Mutual Fund was established on 30-06-1995. Its new branch of the subsidiary Reliance Capital Limited. Sharing the same visions as of Late Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani. This AMC, is a fast growing and an overachieving company in the industry. “In his lifetime Dhirubhai has created more wealth with Indians than any other”, says Anil Ambani. With the goal of making India financially independent Late, Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani had laid the foundation of Ambani Group. Branching from it is the more refined form of wealth creation for the clients.

Technical advancement has been the backbone of the Reliance Group. Thus, Reliance MF is also not untouched by technology. Significantly, marking its presence in the mf industry this company proudly enters the online investing market also. Joining hands with our site this company has made us their online distribution house. To collaborate with an organization as big as Reliance MF, we are indeed making a significant progress. You can also take help from sip return calculator tool to calculate your returns.

Key Features of Reliance Mutual Funds - 

  • Subsidiary of a giant player: Budding from a giant player Reliance Mutual Fund online, shares the same visions and business ethics as its parent branch. With a view to be more precise to cater to the needs of clients, and making the investors aware of the benefits they could get from their hard-earned money, Reliance MF is quite dedicated towards achieving its aims.
  • Resilient network: It has a vast network of offices spread across the country, with fully devoted workers working for the best and optimum fund management. The branches are located in even the remote areas, where the client need not travel much to get financial assistance.
  • Expert staff: At this fund, it is a strategy to hone and hold talent. The professionals working with Reliance AMC are highly experienced and have a thorough knowledge of the field they are working in. It has the best of the fund managers to manage your scheme as their own.
  • Welcoming innovation: This AMC is ready to welcome any new idea with open hands. Every single employee, as well as investor, can actively participate to influence the decision of bringing about any change in the organization. The feedback is the most important asset of Reliance MF.
  • Most-trusted brand: Over the past 17 years, it has established itself as the most trusted and fast-growing brand in the investment industry. The vast clientele base is for itself is voicing the story of victory for this amc. 

Top Performing Reliance Mutual Fund Schemes in India - 

Targeting to capture every single aspect of investing industry Reliance Mutual Fund has launched all the schemes with a view of providing full-fledged customer service. You can invest in reliance mf schemes either through SIP or lump sum. It deals Equity, Debt, and hybrid funds.

Equity funds: It is mainly the sector earning high revenue to the Reliance mf and also to the investors. The pooled money of the investors is reinvested in the equity market (Large-Cap, Small-Cap or Mid-Cap companies) depending on clients requirements. Some of the top reliance equity schemes are: 

  • Reliance large cap fund
  • Reliance pharma fund
  • Reliance small cap fund

Debt funds: These are the mutual funds which are more secure and have a comparatively less return percentage. Reliance mf puts the money of the investors in debt and money market instruments through this scheme. 

  • Reliance Prime Debt Fund
  • Reliance Money Market Fund
  • Reliance Liquid Fund

Hybrid Funds: Some of the Reliance Hybrid Funds are

  • Reliance Equity Hybrid Fund
  • Reliance Balanced Advantage Fund
  • Reliance Arbitrage Fund

Reliance mutual funds apart from providing different categories of MFs is an AMC which truly believes in delivering the much required growth, as the clients invest not only their money but their trust also. The clients need to understand the fact that it is a company that allows them to enjoy complete transparency which is the first and foremost requirement of mf. It provides SIP as well lumpsum techniques to attract clients from each and every segment of the society. On one hand, SIP provides them an opportunity to invest their money rupee by rupee while on the other hand lumpsum allows them to invest in a single go for the entire tenure of a scheme.

Reliance AMC has been serving the clients by following the principles of the founder who truly believed in the potential of the citizens to build up business and excel in the global market. He aimed at reciprocating the investments of the clients after multiplying it manifolds. We have partnered with Reliance AMC and serve our clients with the same ethics. Our portal allows the clients to invest in each and every scheme of Reliance MF in a guarded and easy way. By decreasing the paperwork involved in investing, our site has made mutual fund investment a hassle-free task for the clients and provide a list of reliance mutual fund online investment schemes that helps you to grow your money in systematic manner.

Meet Our Clients
My mother has put her resources in Reliance Mutual Fund, and I am delighted to share that she was not let down. She is getting the best returns from a moderate risk scheme which was suggested by the support team of this website. Its officials always take her calls whenever she is in doubt and satisfy her by resolving grievances on time. So, if you are also planning to invest with the website, don’t think twice, do it now!
Ritu Kapoor
With such a huge name in the mutual fund industry, Reliance Mutual Fund was an obvious choice for me to start mutual fund investment. Initially I wanted to invest in a single scheme, but after reading an article of mysiponline, I changed my plan and went with the large cap and small cap scheme. It came out as one of the best investment combination for me. Now, I am planning on shifting my savings from the bank account to the liquid fund provided by this AMC, and will see that where it will get me.
Abhishek Upadhyay
I have been utilizing the products and services of Reliance since long and therefore when the time came to invest in mutual funds, Reliance MF was an obvious choice. It provides a number of options for investment among which I have selected the best ones according to my profile’s requirement. Apart from the little fluctuations, I have been able to earn decent returns with time. These schemes have not only helped me face sudden emergencies but are also yielding good returns with time.
Nilesh Gupta
If you are planning on starting mutual fund investments go with Reliance Mutual Fund. This is the best AMC available in the market right now and I am saying this with experience. I had schemes from around 4 AMCs in my portfolio and in the past 5 years the one which have given me the maximum profits is from Reliance. Looking at that I have rebalanced my portfolio and replaced 2 schemes with mutual funds from this AMC. Hoping that they will also provide the same type of returns.
Anukriti Suhalka
I have invested in a scheme of Reliance Mutual Fund which also offers me an income tax deduction. I am glad to say that I have just not saved so much taxes from my income but also get good returns over my invested capital. That scheme was suggested to me by the relationship officer of mysiponline, and I am glad to say that they are offering me the best services in the industry. They have always helped me out with my queries. Thank you!
Kapindra Shukla
3 years ago, while I was searching through Google for a good mutual fund scheme to start a SIP I came across MySIPonline. On analyzing my requirements and risk appetite they recommended me 2 schemes from Reliance MF (Equity Hybrid & ELSS). In just 3 years, the total profit I have made is Rs 29,500 and have also saved around Rs 35000 on taxes. Thanks to the team of MySIPonline for introducing these two gems to me.
Yogesh Powar
Reliance Mutual Fund is one of my favorite mutual fund houses because of two reasons. Firstly because of its name and secondly because of the schemes that it has launched as they have helped me yield good returns on my money invested beyond expectation. I have invested in its many schemes with different objectives through various modes that it offers in the form of Lump Sum and SIP and have found it all to be very fulfilling.
Raghav Shrivastav
I have been investing in the two schemes of Reliance Mutual Fund. I have been told to invest in these funds by my colleague. The fund house has outstanding customer support services. At the same time, the funds have given me good returns. I have planned for the long-term investment, so I am looking for good growth in my capital with these funds. I will also suggest other investors who are looking for investment, and this AMC is providing best services.
Prateek Gupta