Best SBI Mutual Fund Schemes(2019) To Invest Through SIP & Lumpsum

SBI Mutual Fund has been in the mutual fund industry for more than any other asset management company in India. It has always been an honourable AMC and offered some of the best schemes for investors with different needs and objectives. The company visions to become the most preferred and largest fund house with a track record of excellent returns and ethical customer services.

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Best SBI Mutual Fund Schemes

The top SBI Mutual Fund plans are available in the category of equity, debt, and hybrid mutual fund. Apart from these, some of the best SBI Schemes are also launched for specific financial solution like child planning.

  1. SBI Bluechip Fund
  2. SBI Banking & Financial Services Fund
  3. SBI Equity Hybrid Fund
  4. SBI Small Cap Fund
  5. SBI Magnum Children Benefit Fund
  6. SBI Magnum Medium Duration Fund
  7. SBI Magnum Low Duration Fund
  8. SBI Magnum Ultra Short Duration Fund

With more than 30 years of experience, SBI MF has consistently delivered superior schemes to the investors in every category of mutual funds. It has been managing more than 5.4 million mandates of the investors and has a significant contribution in the growth of mutual funds industry in India. It has followed innovative strategies to enhance the performance of the schemes.

Top SBI Equity Funds to Invest in 2019

The equity schemes provided by SBI Mutual Fund are mechanised to deliver long-term wealth to the investors. The corpus is invested in the equity instruments according to the objective of the scheme. These funds have high risk but have generated remarkable returns for the investors since a long time. Some of the best SBI Mutual Fund have delivered highest returns in the respective category and consistently defeated the benchmark and category’s average. The best SBI Mutual Fund Schemes for long term are available in the category of large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap, multi-cap, and sectoral mutual funds.

  • SBI Bluechip Fund : This fund seeks the stocks with bluechip quality among the top 100 stocks of the stock market. It is a large-cap fund and is suitable for long-term investment.
  • SBI Small Cap Fund : It is one of the most aggressive schemes in India but has the ability to generate highest of returns under the favourable market conditions. This scheme is best-suited for long-term SIP.
  • SBI Banking & Financial Services Fund : This sectoral fund has been one of the top schemes in SBI Mutual Fund. The fund invests in the stocks of banking industry and is a consistent performer for a long time.

Top SBI Mutual Fund to Invest in 2019 in Hybrid Category

  • SBI Magnum Children Benefit Fund : It is a conservative hybrid fund which aims for the financial welfare of the children’s future education. The fund has higher allocation in the debt instruments and lower allocation in the equities to ensure stable growth.
  • SBI Equity Hybrid Fund : This is an aggressive hybrid scheme which has higher allocation in the equities and lower in the debt. It is among the best scheme in the category.

Best SBI Mutual Fund to Invest in 2019 in Debt Category

  1. SBI Magnum Medium Duration Fund : It is a medium duration fund which is suitable for investment of 2-4 years for conservative investors. It has been among the top in the category since a long time.
  2. SBI Magnum Low Duration Fund : This fund can be chosen for a tenure of nearly 1 year. The fund has a low risk but has provided the best returns in the category.
  3. SBI Magnum Ultra Short Duration Fund : This ultra short duration fund can be chosen for the investment of 3 to 6 months to earn a decent capital appreciation of the invested amount.

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What Separates the Best SBI Mutual Fund Schemes from the Ordinary ones?

  1. Consistency : If we look at the track record of the best schemes of SBI, the funds have been a notch performer because of the consistency in returns. The Top SBI Mutual Fund schemes have been the better one when compared to the index and most of the peers under different market conditions. These schemes have limited the drawdown in the negative market and delivered higher return in the positive market conditions.
  2. Fund Manager : The decisions and strategies of the fund manger are directly responsible for the performance of the best sip scheme of SBI. The managers at SBI Mutual Fund are highly experienced and professional in handling the portfolio according to the objective of the fund.
  3. Risk Adjusted Returns : The risk involved in the best SBI Mutual Funds can be high or low but the returns which have been generated in the long term are quite attractive. The risk to reward ratios of the best SBI Mutual Fund schemes can be compared by comparing the Sharpe and Sortino ratios.
  4. Investment Strategy : The investment strategy followed by the fund manager can highly influence the outcomes of the fund. The style of investment for majority of the best mutual funds of SBI are according to the investment objective of the fund.
  5. Expense & Fee : The expense charges for the SBI best mutual fund schemes are minimal and reasonable. If the expense is high, then the returns must be sufficient enough to neglect the charges. Higher expense ratio are generally avoided because it negatively affects the returns of the fund.
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Why to Choose Best SBI Mutual Funds?

SBI Mutual Fund offers a large variety of schemes suitable for various types of investors. It is important to choose a fund which meets the requirements and goals of particular investors. The best SBI Mutual Fund schemes have satisfied millions of investors in the past by fulfilling their individual financial objectives. These schemes have not only provided high returns but have also strengthened the financial stability of the investors. Investing in the best schemes of SBI can help the investors to build long-term wealth while beating the inflation. To enhance the buying power of your invested funds, choose the best SBI Mutual Funds selected by our experts which suits the investment objective, risk tolerance, and many other factors.

Investors can also take the assistance of our financial experts which are backed by the experienced research team to assess every single mutual fund in India. SIP in best SBI Mutual Fund schemes can be well informed by taking the assistance of SIP calculator available at MySIPonline. Various other facilities are also available at our website to assist the investors to make a better decision regarding mutual funds and gain significant long-term wealth in the most convenient manner.

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