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About Kotak : Satisfying Clients with World-Class Research Methodologies

Becoming a leader in the financial services sector is the primary aim of Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company, and for that it is adhering to high standards and compliance so as to fulfil the investors’ interest at the utmost priority. Their mission is to create lasting values for the communities, and aim to deliver value investing solutions for the clients across the country. By exploring a large number of investment alternatives of Kotak Mutual Fund in a diligent and detailed manner, we uncover the most effective opportunities for our investors. Our entire research department is aimed at delivering satisfactory investing solutions for which it builds financial plans and analyses the market to make the best recommendations from the various schemes held by Kotak Mutual Fund.

Our Philosophy : To Recommend the Best Funds

We firmly believe in providing you with the perfect solution for your investment goals. With the collaboration of our team with Kotak Mutual Fund, our objective of preserving capital and generating long-term compounding returns have been accomplished. Our methodology for fund selection is processed in an organised manner keeping your objectives in mind by adopting qualitative and quantitative strategies to find the best of Kotak Mutual Funds.

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Screening Your Objectives to Make Financial Plans

Our core financial planning team undergoes a screening process in which the highly experienced and professional financial planners understand the requirements of the investors. They use quantitative techniques and several strategies to make a productive financial plan for the purpose of making a better fund recommendation. The entire planning is based on the investment principles adopted by Kotak Mutual Fund so that every investor gets the desirable mutual fund scheme to accomplish their goals. The financial planners are regularly updated with the market strategies through our research team so that they don’t miss even a single investment opportunity to design effective plans.

Scrutinising the Market Trends with Quantitative Techniques

Once the plans are framed, our core research team goes into the deep analysis of all the funds of Kotak Mutual Fund to scrutinise that the recommendations are being framed as per the investment goals of the investors. By following the strategic methodologies of Kotak Mutual Fund, our researchers are aimed at delivering foolproof process of implementing the financial plan in a better way for the purpose of the best recommendations. Our research department works in the following fields to bring out the better outcomes -

Tracking Funds’ Performance : Using the tactics and strategical tools of analysing various funds, our core researchers track the performance of the Kotak Mutual Funds which suit the investment goals of the investors. They measure the funds’ performances in different market situations to analyse their potential to sustain.

Measuring the Risk Factors : Keeping the risk-bearing capacity of the investors in mind, the analysts measure the risk factors of the funds to take out the most suitable plan for the investors.

Quantitative Portfolio Attribution : The qualitative, as well as quantitative attribution of the fund's portfolio, is quite an important task performed by our analysts to grab perfect knowledge about the holdings. A due diligence process is followed to re-examine the portfolio of the schemes before recommending them to the investors

Examine Fund Manager’s Philosophy & Strategy : We make suggestions only after scrutinising the tactics and methodologies adopted by the fund managers to get an idea about their style of investing

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Our Association with Kotak Mutual Fund :

We are teamed to provide comprehensive solutions for online mutual fund investments in India. With the schemes of Kotak Mutual Fund and the solutions of MySIPonline, we have come together to bridge the gap between saving and investing, and dedicated to ending the search done by investors to achieve their financial goals. We have signed up to bring technology and research altogether to provide instant solution for the investor's needs. Our collaboration missions to make every investor independent in finding the right mutual fund for their portfolio without getting into hassles & traps of the financial advisors or brokers.

Exceptional Award-Winning Services :

Combining innovations with the expertise of the fund managers to build the award-winning investment solutions for our clients. We create, innovate, and share the best services with our clients to simplify their investing journey by making excellent choices for their portfolios

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