Best Performing Kotak Mutual Funds for SIP

Invest in the best Kotak Mutual Fund schemes via SIP for the best results in the long term. These schemes are selected by our experts after comprehensive analysis on top performing Kotak Mutual Funds.

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Top Performing Kotak Mutual Funds

Kotak Mutual Fund has always targeted the needs and convenience of investors. To satisfy the requirements of different types of investors, it has always aimed to invest in the most productive instruments which are in line with the investment objective of the fund. The top Kotak Mutual Funds strive to maintain consistency over the benchmark in their respective categories. To cater to the needs of investors with different risk appetite, the AMC offers best Kotak Mutual Funds in the categories of equity, debt, hybrid, and solution-oriented mutual funds. The research team at MySIPonline have deeply analysed every scheme provided by Kotak Mutual Fund to find out the best ones in every category.

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Best Kotak Mutual Fund Schemes in Equity Category

Equity schemes of Kotak MF have been the most impressive due to proficient management team which is experienced to tackle any market condition. The equity schemes aim to deliver long term capital appreciation and must not be chosen for the investment of less than 5 years. Based on the type of equity instruments used, it is further divided into multiple sub-categories. Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is the optimum method to invest in the equities to reduce the risk and gain the benefits of compounding. Following are the best Kotak Mutual Funds for SIP.

Kotak Standard Multi-Cap Fund

It is a multi-cap scheme which has crossed the milestone of Rs 20,000 crore within 10 years of its launch due to consistent performance.

Kotak Emerging Equity Scheme

It is a prominent mid-cap scheme which has generated remarkable returns in the long term. It has a high-risk portfolio but has been a consistent performer throughout.

Kotak Equity Opportunities Fund

It is a top performer in the large & mid-cap category. It has constantly maintained the best-ranked returns in the category since inception.

Best Kotak Mutual Fund Schemes in Debt Category

The debt schemes of Kotak Mutual Fund aim for capital appreciation at low risk. The best Kotak mutual fund schemes in the debt category have been selected by the experts on the basis of the portfolio, performance in the past, and many other aspects. These schemes can also be used to invest a lumpsum amount and by choosing the STP option to invest in a high-risk fund. Based on the quality of instruments and their maturity period, debt schemes of Kotak MF are divided into multiple categories. Some of the best ones are:

Kotak Low Duration Fund

It is a top performing debt fund in low duration category. It is suitable for the investment of nearly 1 year.

Kotak Corporate Bond Fund

This corporate bond fund invests in the securities of corporate bodies.

Kotak Credit Risk Fund

This fund invests in the debt securities of lower credit ratings to gather higher returns in the long term.

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Best Kotak Mutual Fund Schemes in Hybrid Category

The hybrid schemes at Kotak Mutual Fund are structured for those who want to invest in a mixed portfolio of multiple asset classes. Generally, the equity instruments are used to increase the capital while the debt tools are used to reduce the volatility by providing fixed incomes. The best performing Kotak Mutual Fund schemes in the hybrid category suit investors with moderate risk appetite to gain long-term capital appreciation.

Kotak Equity Savings Fund

This is a debt-oriented hybrid scheme which aims for capital appreciation and regular income from a low-risk portfolio.

How to Choose the Best Kotak Mutual Fund?

To choose the most suitable scheme for oneself, it is very important to check for the investment objective of the fund. Investment without a goal can be harmful. For a healthy and fruitful investment experience, it is essential to choose the best performing scheme. Here is a list of parameters that have been taken into consideration by the experts at MySIPonline while preparing the list of top mutual funds of Kotak AMC.

1. Performance Under Different Market Conditions : The performance of every scheme in the past has been deeply studied under various market conditions. It has been compared with the benchmark and peers.

2. Fund Manager : The investment style, strategy, and experience fund manager of the best Kotak Mutual Funds have been analysed for every scheme managed by the same manager.

3. Risk vs Reward : The risk to reward ratio of the experts’ selected schemes are attractive and better than the benchmark and category average.

4. Portfolio Structure : The portfolio of the selected funds has been comprehensively studied by checking the performance of every instrument present in the portfolio.

5. Charges & Fee : The top-rated funds of Kotak Mutual Fund charge reasonable fee and loads. The Expense ratio is lower than most of the peers.

Why Is it Important to Choose the Best Kotak Mutual Funds?

By investing in the best performing Kotak Mutual Fund schemes, one can earn better returns than the ordinary schemes. The funds have been selected after hours of strategic research by highly professional and experienced financial experts. Every scheme provides a great opportunity to gain wealth in the most convenient manner. This opportunity can be better utilised if the investor is prepared with the basic knowledge to assess a mutual fund scheme. In case if an investor cannot spend enough time to research, the assistance of experts can be taken to make a better decision.

Investors can take the assistance of financial experts at MySIPonline regarding personal fund recommendations. Tools like SIP calculator, Tax calculator, Lumpsum calculator, etc., can be used to enhance the investment experience.

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