Credit Risk
Earlier known as

Credit Opportunities Funds

Credit-risk funds are debt funds which invest 65% in securities of lower-rated companies. However, these securities have the potential to generate double-digit returns to the investors. Such companies move towards higher ratings and create higher interest rate and capital gain benefits to the investors. Credit-risk funds generate profits to the investor either by earning interest income on securities or by rating up-gradation of the securities. These funds can produce 2-3% higher returns than risk-free papers. 

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Fund Name Latest NAV (₹) Rating Return (%) Double Money In 1 Lac Grew To (₹)  
27.39 5 7.4 9Y 6M 1.30 L Invest
Kotak Credit Risk Fund - Growth
High risk | Credit Risk
25.65 5 5.6 12Y 8M 1.19 L Invest
19.27 4 10.45 10Y 6M 1.35 L Invest
SBI Credit Risk Fund - Regular Plan - Growth
Moderately High risk | Credit Risk
39.72 4 7.33 10Y 7M 1.28 L Invest
HDFC Credit Risk Debt Fund - Growth Option
Moderately High risk | Credit Risk
20.95 4 6.59 9Y 9M 1.30 L Invest
14.49 4 4.52 12Y 2M 1.21 L Invest
30.24 3 8.99 17Y 9M 1.17 L Invest
UTI Credit Risk Fund - Regular Plan - Growth Option
Moderately High risk | Credit Risk
14.96 3 7.49 -43Y 3M 96.20 K Invest
18.62 3 6.68 12Y 1M 1.26 L Invest
IDBI Credit Risk Fund Growth Regular
Moderately High risk | Credit Risk
16.25 2 10.95 22Y 11M 1.20 L Invest

Credit Opportunities Fund is an alternative to debt funds

Credit Opportunities Fund, as the name suggests is a type of scheme in which the AMCs (Asset Management Companies) intend to give exhilarating returns to the investors by investing their funds in money market instruments. The difference in Credit Opportunities Fund and debt funds is that the Credit Opportunities Funds invest money in competitively less secure money market instruments. The Credit Opportunities Fund facilitate a high degree of liquidity to the investors. This means that investors can withdraw their money as and when required. There is no lock-in period of the funds invested and thus no entry and exit load. The scheme came into being due to the decreasing investment in the equity market owing to the volatility and lock-in period (minimum 3 years). The primary aim of the Credit Funds is to generate phenomenal returns for the investors by investing primarily in liquid assets. The Credit Fund refrains from investing in semi-liquid assets so that the prime motto of maintaining liquidity is not hampered. 

Credit Opportunities Fund Follows Two Prime Investing Strategies:

  • Event-driven strategy: Under this strategy, Credit Opportunities Fund aims at providing credit to the companies which are experiencing major strategical changes within the organization. The strategical changes implies the events that change the fate of an organization and at the same time requires a lot of liquidity to support the change, for example, merger of any two companies, liquidation, bankruptcy, etc. All the above-mentioned changes require liquidity and invite investments by the AMCs with the money pooled using Credit Opportunities Fund. This strategy mainly invests in bonds that provide higher returns rather than in bank securities.
  • Income-oriented: This strategy of Credit Opportunities Fund follows the simple concept of investing in the money market instruments that provide returns at a higher rate. With a view of profit-maximization, the income-oriented strategy of Credit Opportunities Fund hovers around locating the investing options which are highly liquid in nature and at the same time provides prolific returns. 

Credit Opportunities Fund is Appropriate for Whom?

The investors who believe that there is a growing need for credit in the near future and who want a little higher returns than the debt funds, should invest in Credit Opportunities Fund. The fund is also ideal for investors having a mid-term to long-term investing perspective and are ready to take moderate risks. Credit Funds targets the clients who need higher returns than any bank savings and at the same time don’t want to invest in the highly volatile equity schemes. Providing a dual benefit of security and volatility (lower than equity) Credit Opportunities Fund is the first preference of investors.

 Investing online through our site you can get the list of the best AMCs offering investment through Credit Opportunities Fund and you can also calculate your returns with the help of sip calculator. We cater as an online distribution house to the top ranking funds like SBI Mutual Fund, L&T Mutual Fund, Reliance Mutual Fund, etc.

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