SBI Magnum Global Fund: The Wealth Creator

SBI Magnum Global Fund G can act as the manager for our monies to create wealth out of it. This is an investment plan which is designed by a renowned brand of mutual fund industry, the SBI mutual fund. By offering varied investment solutions, SBI launched SBI magnum global fund in 1994, with an objective of providing maximum growth opportunities from a portfolio of equity and debt instruments of companies having high-growth potential.

The SBI Magnum Global Fund is an open-ended equity scheme which invests in a well-researched manner into the stocks and securities of companies which has the potential of growing high. Sbi global magnum fund g strategy is apt for the investors who are desirous of long-term investments with maximum development opportunities.

Everyone is aware of the rising inflation rates, which is causing a depreciating effect on the value of money. Thus, it has become crucial for all of us to manage our funds in an efficient manner. But, everyone does not have such skills and expertise to be the best money manager and hence, needs to avail the services of a financial expert.

Major Traits of SBI Magnum Global Fund G

An investor can earn the best returns by putting the monies into it. SBI Magnum Global Fund growth is a growth-oriented plan which aims to create a corpus for the investors by accumulating the returns. The major traits of this strategy that would prove efficiency of SBI Magnum Global fund of creating wealth are mentioned below:

  • The SBI Magnum global fund is ranked fourth(4th) in the small and mid-cap category by CRISIL for the quarter ended June 2016.
  • It is an open-ended scheme that provides the growth options to the investors.
  • SBI magnum global fund growth falls under the mid-cap category of equity class.
  • The risk associated with this plan is moderated due to diversification.
  • The majority of the assets allocated into equities and remaining ones are put into debt and other instruments.
  • The sbi magnum global fund growth prospects strategy is aimed at offering wealth creation to the investors.
  • The major sectors in which the funds are allocated under sbi magnum global fund are financial, chemicals, engineering, FMCG, and services.
  • An investor can start the investment in sbi magnum fund g plan with a minimum of Rs.5000.
  • The returns generated by sbi global fund plan are fluctuating but have always been more than the set benchmark.
  • From the date of its inception, it has been performing in an efficient manner, and thus sbi global fund g is under the top-performing schemes.
  • This offers stable returns and capital appreciation, by putting the monies into money market instruments along with equities.

The SBI Magnum global fund NAV can be used to decide the units that shall be allotted to you at the time of investment. Accordingly, you can add this to your portfolio to enhance its worth and thus fetch aspiring returns. In addition, you can use the sip return calculator and compute the outcome of investment prior to investing.

Furthermore, by availing the services of My SIP Online using different tools and solutions, one can take the best investment decision of engaging hard earned money in sbi magnum global fund growth online scheme and create wealth for the future.