Birla Sun Life MNC Fund: A Regular Plan Offering Growth

Birla Sun Life MNC Fund is an open-ended growth-oriented plan and among the best mutual funds from Birla SunLife Mutual Fund. It invests the funds in the securities of multinational companies to achieve long-term appreciation of the capital. The risk associated with birla sun life mnc fund investment is comparatively moderate and hence it is preferred by many investors.

Birla Sunlife MNC Fund Growth: Investment Strategy

The scheme emphasizes on identifying the companies which have sound corporate governance and potential of growing higher. Along with that, the corporate management and track record of good performance are the added considerations. The focus of birla sun life mnc fund is primarily on the stocks which are driven by long-term fundamentals. Although, it also keeps a check on short-term opportunities to avail the extra benefits.

Furthermore, Due to the potential of large redemptions inherent in the open-ended scheme like this, the liquidity is also taken into deep consideration while taking an investment decision. Henceforth, equity investment of birla sun life mnc fund is made in relatively liquid large capitalisation stocks which include blue chips and emerging blue-chip stocks. The asset allocation strategy of the BSL MNC Fund is in such a way that up to 100% funds are allotted in the equities and up to 20% can be put in the debt instruments.

ABSL MNC Fund Growth: Objective

In order to provide a global edge to the investments, birla sun life mnc fund growth plan puts the money in multinational companies with a well-diversified and strong portfolio. It also owns a strong performance track record. This plan has the primary objective of creating wealth by appreciating the values of invested amount. BSL MNC Fund has a research-based investment approach which is helpful in achieving the set objectives of the scheme and offering the best mutual fund to the investors.

Birla Sun Life MNC Fund G: Performance Evaluation

This plan is designed by the top mutual fund managers of Birla Mutual Funds to help the investors achieve their set financial goals. It falls under the ‘Small & Mid Cap’ category and is ranked third for the quarter ended June 2016. The overall performance of birla sun life mnc fund since its inception is stable and offering appreciable returns in the long run to the investors. The annualised returns of this plan against the average returns of its category are almost double, i.e., 34.30% and 24.20% for three- and five-year investment horizon. Furthermore, its returns’ record as against the benchmark, i.e., NIFTY MNC, are much appreciable which has helped this fund to sustain a better market possession.

Birla Sun Life MNC Fund’s NAV as on September 22, 2016, amounted to Rs.619.07, which has helped many investors in enhancing their investment worth. In addition, the absolute returns offered by this scheme for the year 2015 were 17.4%(annually). Accordingly, it can be concluded here that the investors who are seeking long-term SIP investment in order to provide capital growth, can opt for this strategy. Birla sun life mnc fund growth is  among the best performing mutual funds in India

BSL MNC Plan: Portfolio Review

Birla Sun life MNC Fund Growth holds an asset size of Rs.3607 crore as on August 31, 2016, and 99.66% of the same are invested in the equity securities. The remaining funds are being invested in the cash and cash equivalents to provide diversification. Its top-five holdings include the following entities:

  • Bosch Ltd.
  • Bayer Cropscience Ltd.
  • Maruti Suzuki India ltd.
  • Gillette India Ltd.
  • Pfizer Ltd.

Majority of the assets are being put in the automobile, consumer non-durable, chemicals and pharmaceutical industries. With this, the scheme ensures wide diversification and hence assure high-yielding returns along with many other benefits.

Birla Sun Life MNC Fund Growth is a must to consider while planning to invest for a long-term duration and attain capital appreciation. Being a product from Birla Mutual Fund(part of Aditya Birla Group of Companies), it assures supremacy and has built great confidence in the minds of investors. Also one can calculate the returns for the investment using SIP calculator on our site. We recommend you birla sun life mnc fund growth scheme as we believe it can help you achieve your financial goals. 

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I invested in Birla Sun Life MNC Fund two years back and amazed by witnessing such a great investment ride. BSL MNC Fund has shown great performance if we calculate the returns of the last two years. Through many ups and downs, it landed safely at the end and brought excellent growth to the capital of the investors. I invested through MySIPonline, and I am surely not withdrawing my investment because I understand that it will grow more in the future. Thanks.
Deepak Kalra
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