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Top Mutual Fund Schemes to Invest in the Year 2018

Know about the top schemes to invest in 2018.
On one side you are ready to welcome the new year night with your amazing ideas while on another side, the unforeseen tomorrow may bring the unforeseen time of the life, either good or bad. Well, it would be very grateful if your new year brings happiness to your life, but who knows what is lying in the lap of the unforeseen tomorrow. So, you should be prepared to deal with both the sides of the coins.

If you have heavy pockets, then you may resolve most of the problems, but in case you are not financially sound, how will you tackle the financial uncertainty? That is why investment is necessary. And mutual fund investments are important because they provide the best benefits to the investors in the long-term period. Let’s know about some of the schemes which have provided healthy returns to the investors in the long run. Moreover, they have the potential to generate adequate returns in the future too.

Here are some of the top mutual fund schemes to invest in the calender year 2018:

  1. SBI Bluechip Fund : Not all the investors are of same nature, that is why the schemes are also designed as per the various investment nature of the people. If you are an investor having little conservative nature and are not ready to take high risk, then you can go for large-cap equity funds. They are comparatively less volatile than their peers as they invest in the stocks of large and giant companies which are well-established and leaders in their respective industries. SBI Bluechip Fund is one of the best performers in the category of large-cap mutual funds that have provided excellent returns to the investors in recent years. Although the stock market keeps on fluctuating in every moment, the large-cap fund does not get much affected by such frequent market swings unlike small- and mid-cap categories of funds. This scheme of SBI MF can provide healthy returns to the long-term investors if the market conditions and other parameters remain in accordance. SBI Bluechip Fund
  2. Motilal Oswal MOSt Focused Multicap 35 Fund : Since its launch in the year 2014, it has been rapidly moving forward to attain growth in the long run period. The excellent investment strategies of the fund manager help this scheme to perform consistently in the fluctuating market situations. However, Motilal Oswal MOSt Focused Multicap 35 Fund scheme is not an old player in the market, but still, it is holding the 1st rank by the CRISIL ratings for the quarter ended September 2017, for its performance. You can also see the trailing returns as shown in the table below. As per this table, it has provided over 40 percent returns in one year. If you too want to invest in this scheme to reap the benefits of consistent growth in the capital in the long-term period, then you should know about the investment details of this scheme. It is a multi-cap equity scheme which invests majorly into the stocks of large and giant companies. This helps it to attain stability in the long-term period and the investments in other stocks help it to grab growth opportunities from the small and mid-cap categories. Motilal Oswal MOSt Focused Multicap 35 Fund
  3. Tata India Tax Saving Fund : It is also one of the best performing schemes in the category of ELSS. Don’t you think you should bother about investments in ELSS? The tax month is approaching soon, and you can save an excellent amount of money by investing in ELSS fund. Tata India Tax Saving Fund scheme of Tata Mutual Fund is one of the best ELSS schemes in India to invest in. It has provided excellent returns to the investors along with tax benefits under section 80 C. Tata

The three schemes as mentioned above are among the best mutual funds to invest in India. They have proved their amazing capacity of providing exceptional returns by showcasing excellent performance in the past five years. There are many more top-performing mutual fund schemes which are recommended by our experts. So, get the most suitable one as per your investment objectives and requirements. We, at MySIPonline, are always keen to serve you at best. Invest in the best mutual fund scheme to get higher benefits on investments in the long-term period, and let all your financial dreams come true.

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