Oct 04, 2016 3 min read

Know the Reasons Why to Invest in Reliance Tax Saver Fund

If you are looking for investing your money in ELSS funds and want to opt for the best strategy, then Reliance Tax Saver Fund is one of them. Read this blog to know the reasons for the same.
Are you looking for a scheme to place your funds in order to grow them into wealth? Do you want to earn some extra money along with savings on taxes? If yes, then Reliance Tax Saver Fund is the right option for you.

Whenever we think of the alternatives of making more money, we opt for the one which offers some extra benefits. This is the most common or say a rational behaviour of an individual. Then while making an investment as well, why not park the hard-earned money in the most efficient plan, which offers manifold benefits. The Reliance Tax Saver Fund is an open-ended growth plan, which aims to generate capital appreciation by investing the funds in equity and equity-related instruments.

With a well-diversified investment portfolio, it has parked majority of the assets in the banking and finance sector. It falls under the ELSS fund category and thus provides the tax benefits under section 80C of Income Tax Act. One can avail the tax exemption on the amount invested in this scheme along with the returns and capital gain earned. Henceforth, this strategy shall help you manage your taxes for the financial year as well. So after judging the scheme on various parameters, we have come up with the following benefits offered by the Reliance Tax Save Plan, which shall persuade you to buy this scheme for your portfolio:

  1. Open-Ended ELSS Fund: This scheme falls under the equity fund ELSS category, which offers the dual benefits of capital growth and tax savings. Furthermore, it offers the flexibility as well which does not lock-in your money for any specified period.
  2. Performance: The fund has outperformed its benchmark (S&P BSE 100) and the ELSS category across various time frames. After picking up the pace in December 2007, it has been consistently outperforming in the industry and yielding higher returns unexpectedly.
  3. Track Record: The data-specific record regarding returns offered by the scheme depicts that it holds the third rank under the ELSS category as per CRISIL rating, for the quarter ended June 2016. Moreover, it offers an annualised return of 33.80% and 21% for three-and five-year investment period.
  4. Portfolio Analysis: With an asset size of Rs.5,791 crore as on 31st August 2016, it has made a diversified investment into equity and debt instruments. The majority of the funds have been allocated in the banking, engineering and automotive sector with 51.50% concentration. Accordingly, the growth potential of the capital is higher in this scheme as all the three sectors are the most productive ones.
  5. Peer Comparison: As far as the comparison of the plan is concerned with various other strategies of this category, we have already provided that its performing immensely well among its peers and holding better market possession with a three-star rating.
  6. Reliance Tax Saver NAV: The net asset value is the most important criterion to know the potential of the programme, as it helps to compute the worth of invested amount. In this case, the scheme is orienting high NAV performance and helped many investors in creating wealth. Its NAV as on 22nd September 2016 was Rs.50.751.

Our team of experts has evaluated this plan very well and knows that this scheme capacitates the ability of yielding maximum benefits. You must opt for this plan in order to fetch the aspiring returns and create wealth for the future.

With the primary objective of generating capital growth, the Reliance Tax Saver Fund shall be proved the most appropriate strategy for your portfolio. You can invest in it via SIP investment plan as well to avail the benefit of making easy payments. Henceforth, this plan offers majorly all the requisite advantages which are desired by every investor.

If you too desire to buy this scheme in order to fetch the benefit of yielding higher capital growth and tax savings, then we, at MySIPonline, provide you with the best platform for the same. You can buy this mutual fund online and get benefited by its returns.