Reliance Tax Saver Fund: Providing Growth with Tax Benefits

Reliance Tax Saver ELSS fund G is a growth-oriented ELSS scheme, which is designed by Reliance Mutual Fund to provide excellent returns along with tax benefits. Launched in September 2005, Reliance tax saver fund growth investment programme aims to generate capital appreciation in the long run from a portfolio of reliance tax saver g that has major investments in the equity and equity-related instruments.

Among the various tax saving mutual funds, Reliance Tax Saver growth is one of the preferred funds in India. Due to its track record and performance, reliance tax saver growth fund has been catering the needs of a large section of investors, and thus has maintained a pre-eminent position in the market. So take a review of this elss scheme, to get an in-depth understanding of the same and decide whether or not it is helpful for every investor.

Reliance Tax Saver ELSS Fund Growth: Investment Details

This scheme as designed by Reliance MF is an open-ended scheme that falls under the ELSS Fund category of equity asset class. Reliance tax saver growth fund is among the best tax saving mutual funds due to its primary objective of generating substantial revenues and enhancing capital growth by investing the money in the equity and related securities. As we know, ELSS funds provide tax exemptions under section 80C of Income Tax Act; the investors get an opportunity of availing tax benefits from the reliance tax saver growth fund.

The minimum amount of starting a SIP in reliance tax saver growth scheme is Rs.500 only. It is managed by one of the proficient fund managers Mr Ashwani Kumar, who keeps a regular check on daily performance and redefines the portfolio as per the requirement. The loads related to reliance tax saver elss fund scheme are zero which is an added advantage for the investors. By offering growth option for investing the funds, reliance tax saver fund aims to accumulate wealth for the investors in the long-term duration.

Reliance Tax Saver Fund Growth: Performance Review

Reliance tax saver g is among the best tax saving mutual funds in India, due to its excellent performance since inception. It has been ranked third under its category by CRISIL for the quarter ended in June 2016. With the aim of generating wealth, in the long run, it is offering returns around 32.4% and 21.0% for three- and five-year investment horizon. In addition, reliance tax saver elss mutual fund has also yielded absolute annual returns of 46.1% and 82.7% in the year 2012 and 2014, respectively.

If you wish to make mutual fund investment in this ELSS programme, then you can calculate your returns before investing, with the help of SIP Calculator. It would help you compute the net worth of your investment at a later date. Reliance Tax Saver Fund’s NAV as on October 30, 2016, amounts to Rs.50.48, which is a determinant of its overall performance.

Reliance Tax Saver G: Portfolio Analysis

The asset under management(AUM) of reliance tax saver mutual fund strategy as on September 30, 2016, amounted to Rs.5,792 crore. 98.41% of the total assets has been invested in the equity stocks of various companies while the remaining 1.42% has been allocated in the money market instruments. The portfolio is well diversified by making investments in different sectors and various companies.

The sector allocation graph depicts that the majority of the funds of reliance tax saver elss fund g scheme online has been put in the financial, automobile, engineering, services and other diversified industries. The top five holding of the plan includes TVS Motor Co., State Bank of India, Tata Steel, Larsen Toubro, ICICI Bank and Honeywell Automation. With this, one can easily contemplate the fund allotment of online reliance tax saver fund growth programme and understand the capacity of yielding desired returns.

If you too are looking for making an investment in the ELSS Fund, the Reliance Tax Saver Fund growth is one of the best strategies for your portfolio. We can assure that you would definitely achieve your financial goals by investing your money in reliance tax saver fund.

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