May 11, 2017 2 min read

Indian Economy is Likely to Double in Next 8 Years!

With the economy’s size to get doubled in the upcoming year, know how investors can gain enormous benefits.
After reaching the USD 2 Trillion benchmark, now India is expected to grow widely in the upcoming eight years and is likely to double the economy. It has brought greatest opportunities for the investors, especially in the domestic companies as said by an expert in the mutual fund industry.

After implementation of the GST regime in the country, the business shall definitely attain boost and the domestic-driven companies would be able to grow earnings by 18-20 percent. In an interview held with the member of Reliance Mutual Fund, this analysis has come into the mark. With Goods & Services Tax Act, many of the sectors will shift from organised to unorganised which will lead to compounding growth of the domestic companies in the next ten years. This is how economy shall earn high worth of income and would be able to expand its growth prospects.

The coming season of monsoon shall play a pivotal role in the performance of the companies which are based on agriculture activities such as fertilisers, tractors, autos, irrigation, etc. Furthermore, the government has various plans for enhancing the rural income, raise agricultural productivity, and ensure India’s self-sufficiency which foretells the well-being of the fertilisers and agro-chemical sector in the upcoming scenario.

It is expected that the global companies will diversify their sourcing out of China due to the suppression of population, and as regarding chemical industry India has a better advantage over China, the supply of fund can be enhanced. Accordingly, the domestic industries in India are going to avail the maximum benefit of the world economy and will be empowered to produce tremendous growth.

Opportunities for the Investors

Now, when the economy is on the increasing pace and expected to reach its peak, the investors have the greatest opportunity to accompany growth of the country. Not only the economy is going to get expanded, the citizens as well as the investors shall also be empowered to create riches. The domestic sectors including the agriculture industry have high growth potential for the investors and being a part of them can definitely lead them towards financial growth. By making investments in the Indian economic sectors or companies, one can assure higher earnings with capital growth.

Mutual funds have a variety of schemes which have diversified the funds in several sectors and corporations to minimise the risk exposure and enhance profits. By investing your money in them, you too can lock your growth and be sure of attaining your investment goals. Patience is the essence of achieving success in investment, and when the economy is certainly going to grow higher, being patient in the long-term investments shall not be evil in any context.

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