Best Performing Tata Mutual Funds for SIP

Choose from the list of the best Tata Mutual Funds to enjoy the consistent, flexible, and stable growth from one of the most trusted AMCs in India. These schemes are selected after extensive research and analysis.

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Best Performing Tata Mutual Funds

Tata Mutual Fund has innovated a variety of top performing schemes in multiple categories to assist the investors with different investment objectives. The funds are handled by experienced fund managers who strive to invest the corpus in order to deliver consistent and long-term returns. Tata AMC offers the highest quality of service to the customers due to which the number of investors has been increased dramatically. Due to significant experience in a large number of industries, the best schemes of Tata Mutual Fund have performed remarkably well and assisted millions of successful investors to increase their financial strength.

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Best Mutual Funds from Tata MF in Equity Category

The equity schemes of Tata Mutual Fund have been most productive in the long term. A variety of equity schemes of Tata MF have been chosen by a large number of investors to gain long-term capital appreciation. Equity schemes possess high risk and are most beneficial in the long term horizon. The management team uses innovative strategies to seek the stocks with the best growth potential and reasonable risk. The performance of equity funds depend upon the market conditions, in addition, superior management strategy at Tata MF has allowed the best Tata Mutual Funds in equity category to prosper. 

  • Tata Digital India Fund : It was the best performing mutual fund of 2018 with the highest returns. It is an IT sector fund which invests in equities of IT industry.
  • Tata Equity P/E Fund : This fund selects the stocks with attractive P/E valuations and is among the top performing Tata Mutual Fund in the category of value-oriented mutual funds.
  • Tata India Tax Saving Fund : It is an ELSS (tax saver) fund which invests in the equity instruments of potential industries to allow tax benefits as well as capital appreciation in the long term.

Best Mutual Funds from Tata MF in Debt Category

The debt schemes of Tata MF provide regular income by investing the corpus of the fund in the securities which offer fixed income. The best debt schemes of Tata MF have allowed short term investors and conservative investors to achieve their financial goals. These schemes have a minimal risk but produce limited returns. The best performing tata mutual funds in the debt category invest in securities of good quality with varying maturity tenures in order to achieve their respective targets. Based on the quality of the security and their maturity tenure, they are further divided into various sub categories.

  • Tata Treasury Advantage Fund : It is a low duration fund which has been a consistent performer. Conservative investors can use this scheme for investments of less than 1 year.
  • Tata Liquid Fund : It is one of the best liquid funds in India which is chosen for short-term investment or for STP by the conservative investors.

Best Mutual Funds from Tata MF in Hybrid Category

The Hybrid schemes of Tata Mutual Fund use multiple asset classes to deliver capital appreciation to the investors. These schemes are of moderate risk and suitable for medium to long-term investment. The best Tata Mutual Fund in the hybrid category, Tata Hybrid Equity Fund is an aggressive hybrid fund which has a higher allocation in the equities to grab high returns while a minor portion of the corpus is invested in fixed income securities. It has delivered significant returns in the long term and maintained lower risks.


Best Solution-Oriented Scheme of Tata Mutual Fund

Tata Retirement Savings Fund : Progressive Plan is one of the best schemes with an innovative idea for financial planning for the post-retirement era. The fund aims to garner enough corpus in the earning age to provide independent financial stability to the retirees.


How Are the Best Tata Mutual Funds Selected?

The schemes mentioned above have been selected after a comprehensive analysis of all the mutual funds offered by Tata AMC. The research team at MySIPonline have done extensive research over various parameters of a mutual fund to find out the best Tata Mutual Funds.

  1. Volatility : The volatility of the best mutual fund must be reasonable. High-risk funds are prone to frequent fluctuations but if a low-risk fund shows unwanted volatility, it must be avoided. It can be checked by comparing the standard deviation and beta of the fund.
  2. Past Performance : The performance of the fund must be checked under different market conditions to calculate the future outcomes. However, this should not be the only factor as it cannot be guaranteed what happened in the past is repeated again. It can just show what a fund is able to do.
  3. Risk to Reward Ratio : The risk taken by the fund manager must be reasonable for the returns it generates. The risk to reward ratio must be lower than benchmark and peers for the best mutual funds of Tata MF.
  4. Fund Manager : The instruments for investment are chosen by the fund manager, hence apart from the experience and qualification, investors must also check the investment style, portfolio structure, and strategies for all the funds managed by him.
Invest in the Best Mutual Funds
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Why Choose the Best Tata Mutual Funds?

The best schemes of Tata Mutual Fund have been selected after intense research. Every instruments and investment of the best performing Tata Mutual Funds have been carefully observed to provide a list of top performing Tata Mutual Funds. These funds are most likely to perform better than the other schemes in their respective category. By choosing the above-mentioned fund, you can grab the opportunity to earn a propitious return on your mutual fund investments. The fund must be selected according to the suitability of the investors because every best scheme may or may not be suitable for all investors. 

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