TATA Balanced Fund : Rendering Growth to Indian Investors

It is one of the best performing balanced mutual funds in India offered by Tata Mutual Funds. The Tata Balanced Fund Growth scheme aims at appreciating the investment amount along with providing financial stability to the investors. Opting this growth oriented plan can be of great importance for one’s portfolio which has moderate risk appetite and investing online through SIP can make the process quite feasible. Before moving forward to the features of Tata Fund, let us understand the concept of hybrid or balanced fund schemes.

Balanced Fund : Meaning

The balanced mutual fund, also known as the hybrid fund is that asset class in the mutual funds’ category which invests in the debt and equity instruments on a simultaneous basis. Accordingly, the clients can now invest in both the categories by putting their money in just one scheme and avail the benefits of both at the same time. So, if you are among those investors who are willing to park money in both equities and debts on a simultaneous basis without compromising on the risk factors, then you must opt for the balanced fund schemes.

TATA Balanced Fund Growth Option

TATA Balanced Fund provides an option to the clients which renders the entire amount along with the capital gains at the time of maturity of the scheme. It means that a scheme can have two payout options, one is dividend and another is growth. Talking of which broadly, the dividend option allows the investors to have regular payouts from their investments. And the second one is growth method, it enables the investors to get a lump sum amount at the time of maturity of the scheme which includes the capital appreciation on the funds. This scheme with growth option targets at providing the client with a mixture of both, equity and debt investments that will manage the risk profile along with making suitable adjustments keeping in mind the security factor. It turns the volatility into its favor and at the same time provides the fixed returns through debt funds. Having a look at the NAV performance, it would be correct to say that it belongs to the balanced funds which aims to optimally use the hard earned money of the clients in a much better way and provide maximum returns to their investment.

TATA Balanced Fund Growth NAV Performance Analysis

Although the past returns don’t guarantee future performances of the funds, they help in evaluating the potential of the scheme to generate expected profits. TATA Balanced Fund Growth is a remarkable scheme ranked among the top-five balanced fund's schemes as per CRISIL rating for the quarter which ended in March 2017. This shows that it has maintained a recognized position in the market.

The absolute returns offered by this strategy in the recent past are commendable. They have reached up to 49.3% in the year 2014 and have been on the positive trend for a long time. The fund is outperforming the market and beating its benchmark with very high margins. The annualized returns of this hybrid scheme for three- and five-year investments are 15.70% and 18.70% respectively as per the current data. Accordingly, one can evaluate that the fund has a stable performance record with appreciable returns. The returns since inception are 16.33%.

TATA Balanced Fund Performance Specifications

This scheme allows the clients to make the best possible use of their money by investing 60-75% in equity scripts and the remaining in the money market instruments. It is an open-ended scheme which means that the clients are free to invest in any of this scheme as and when they require. There is no entry load for the scheme but a client has to pay an exit load of 1% if the investment is redeemed before a period of one year. Looking at the performance of online Tata Balanced Fund NAV, one can easily realize that it works as an encouraging factor making the growth opportunities eminent and this is the reason why it is considered to be a promising choice. This scheme provides the investor with Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) as well as Systematic Transfer Plan (STP). SWP allows the clients to withdraw a fixed amount at regular intervals (monthly/quarterly) from their invested amount. While, STP allows the clients to transfer the money from one scheme to another at regular intervals. The liberty provided should be devised in right way in order to draw the best possible benefits.

Thus, TATA Balanced Fund Growth online plan is regarded as the favorable choice and you can easily invest in this strategy with the help of our site and make the most appropriate use of your money. No client require to be worried about the authenticity of the scheme as one would get only the best balanced funds for investing the hard earned money. With the help of powerful tool you can calculate SIP known as SIP calculator.

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