Kotak Equity Hybrid - Growth Kotak Equity Hybrid - Growth

Kotak Equity Hybrid - Growth

  • Current NAV

    ₹54.76 0.152%

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  • Min. SIP ₹100

    Min. Investment ₹100

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Total Wealth ₹ 15,000

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Investment Returns

This Fund Category Avg. Benchmark
1W 3.03% 2.26% 1.89%
1M 4.9% 3.05% 1.64%
3M 6.34% 4.94% 2.15%
6M 15.89% 15.98% 14.29%
1Y 28.6% 29.95% 24.92%
2Y 19.97% 20.34% 18.96%
3Y 16.69% 16.21% 16.01%
5Y 17.71% 15.66% 15.9%
ALL 12.57% 13.63% 14.05%

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Risk scale

Very High

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Fund Managers

Harsha Upadhyaya
Harsha Upadhyaya

Fund Manage - 11

Total AUM. - 139411Cr.

Abhishek Bisen
Abhishek Bisen

Fund Manage - 33

Total AUM. - 0Cr.

Arjun Khanna
Arjun Khanna

Fund Manage - 24

Total AUM. - 169639Cr.


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Portfolio Analysis

Equity72.98% Debt24.53% Others2.49%

Market Cap

Top 5 Sectors





Capital Goods

Top 5 Companies

HDFC Bank Ltd.

ICICI Bank Ltd.

Power Finance Corporation Ltd.

Infosys Ltd.

Bharti Airtel Ltd.

Market Cap

Top 5 Sectors





Capital Goods

Top 5 Companies

7.18% GOI 24/07/2037

7.18% GOI 14/08/2033

7.25% GOI 12/06/2063

7.17% GOI 17/04/2030

GOI% 22/09/2033

Market Cap

Top 5 Sectors



Top 5 Companies



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This fund is suitable for those investors
  • Suitability Purpose of this fundPurpose
  • Ideal for a wide range of investors seeking investment opportunities from short to long periods, offering a versatile approach to wealth accumulation.
  • Suitability Strategy of this fundStrategy
  • Utilizes a combination of equity and debt investments, dynamically adjusting the mix to respond to market conditions, aiming to optimize returns while minimizing risk.
  • Suitability Duration of this fundDuration
  • A recommended minimum investment period of 1-3 years allows investors to benefit from both the growth potential of equities and the stability of fixed-income securities through various market phases.
  • Suitability Risk Tolerance of this fundRisk Tolerance
  • Anticipates low volatility due to the diversified blend of equities and fixed-income securities, with the fund
  • Suitability Returns Expectation of this fundReturns Expectation
  • Targets a balanced compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10-15%, offering a harmonious blend of stability and growth potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current NAV of Kotak Equity Hybrid - Growth?

Net asset value is the per unit price of the mutual fund. The NAV of funds changes every day. The latest NAV of Kotak Equity Hybrid - Growth as of 17-05-2024 is 54.763.

What is the expense ratio of Kotak Equity Hybrid - Growth?

The expense ratio of a mutual fund means the charges that you pay to the mutual fund company for managing your investments in the fund. This fund has an expense ratio of 1.37%.

What is the benchmark of Kotak Equity Hybrid - Growth?

Kotak performance is primarily benchmarked against the NIFTY 500 TRI with NIFTY 50 TRI serving as an addition.

What is the AUM or size of Kotak Equity Hybrid - Growth?

AUM or asset under management is the total value of the assets held by a mutual fund scheme. A fund with a high AUM means a lot of money has been invested in it. The AUM of Kotak Equity Hybrid - Growth is Rs 4517.82 Crs.

Is Kotak Equity Hybrid - Growth a safe fund to invest?

Every fund has different types of risk which are mentioned in the risko-meter. The investors are advised to understand their risk tolerance and decide which type of fund they can invest in.

Should I invest in Kotak Equity Hybrid - Growth?

This fund has a consistency rating of which indicates that the fund has generated average returns. However, whatever returns that the fund delivers, it does so with exceptional consistency. You can consider this fund if the predictability of returns is what you are looking for.

What are the top 5 holdings of Kotak Equity Hybrid - Growth?

The fund's top 5 holdings are in Bajaj holdings and investment Financial, Technology, Automobile, Energy, Capital Goods.

How to start online SIP in Kotak Equity Hybrid - Growths?

MySIPonline is a dedicated platform to start online SIP or mutual funds in any scheme of mutual funds. Firstly, the investor needs to complete KYC details, choose the best fund, add it to the cart, and make the payment through UPI, net banking, or debit card available on our site.

How can I redeem my investments in Kotak Equity Hybrid - Growth?

Redeeming your investments in Kotak Equity Hybrid - Growth is super easy.
• If you have invested this fund via MySIPonline, just log into the app, go to the investment section, and place your redemption request.
• If you have invested this fund from elsewhere, go to the fund house website and place your redemption request from there.

Is there any brokerage/advisory fees on Mutual Fund SIP transactions?

At MySIPonline, we do not charge any fees related to brokerage & advisory part. That makes us more accessible and cost-effective for a broader range of investors.

Who manages this fund, and what is their expertise?

Abhishek Bisen, Harsha Upadhyaya, Arjun Khanna, with an extensive experience of 15 years while managing equity & related investments. He is focused on picking quality companies and holds them for a long duration to generate good compounding returns in their funds.

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