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From a variety of best SBI Mutual Funds, choose the top SBI Mutual Funds selected by our experts after an extensive research. Also learn how to evaluate the SBI best mutual fund.

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About SBI : A Partner for Life to Build Constructive Financial Status

Becoming a world-class fund house for all asset classes is the vision of SBI Mutual Fund for which they are intending to establish mutual funds as a viable investment option to the masses across the country. They are keen on developing innovative and need-specific products for the investors to make them capable of attaining desired financial goals. MySIPonline and SBI Mutual Fund share the common objective of keeping the interest of investors at priority, and thus have come together to bring technology and financial products at a single destination.

Value-Based Fund : Recommendation Philosophy

Our fund recommendation strategy focuses on high-quality mutual funds having sustainable comparative advantage and investing in the most significant companies and sectors of the economies, so that the growth and returns can be directly attained. Our research and planning department aims to strategize such investments which they believe will appreciate in value, whilst shorting funds which shall depreciate. Read how we do that!!

Creators Who Build Financial Plans for You

We strategise investment plans by scrutinising your current financial status, future goals, risk appetite, and various requirements to help you choose the best-performing schemes from the wide range of products of SBI Mutual Funds. Our team of financial planners are working in cooperation with the research department which regularly updates them with the market trends and opportunities so that they can grab to build plans suiting your needs.

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Researchers to Keep a Check on the Funds

Our entire research department works in collaboration with the research and analysis team of SBI Mutual Fund and get to know every single update about the changes made in the philosophies by the fund managers. Our researchers have the primary objective of making successful financial plans, and for that, they have solid analytic and highly intellectual strategy base. Here’s how we do it!

  1. Keep a Check on Fund’s Performance : Our research department is intended to do various analysis of individual scheme to get insight into the essence of their potential. They keep evaluating the performance of the funds in correspondence with the market trends so as to evaluate their potential.
  2. Evaluate the Risk Elements : At every stage of investment, the risk has to be balanced with return, and our research teams takes care of it. The researchers measure the risk elements of the scheme to match with that of the investors so that they don’t lose their money’s worth.
  3. Asset Allocation is Essential : We understand the essence of asset allocation and that is why our research department keeps a regular check on the holdings of SBI Mutual Funds to make sure that the funds have been utilised in an apt manner.
  4. Stay Updated with Fund Managers’ Strategies : Every recommendation made by our experts is based on evaluation; we are updated with the changes in the philosophies adopted by the fund managers of SBI Mutual Fund and accordingly restructure the recommendation for every investor.

Our Association with SBI Mutual Fund

We are united with India’s leading brand of mutual funds to bring the most sophisticated and matching investment products for the investors. We are savvy in technology and SBI Mutual Fund has core solutions for every financial need, and our fintech collaboration aims to bridge the gap between savings and investments. Our entire team works in collaboration with SBI Mutual Funds and remain updated with their fund methodologies to make the right recommendation to the investors. We make sure that every investor across the country gain the real benefit of the investment industry and build riches for their financial future.

Exceptional Award-Winning Services

We have been applauded by the industry experts many a time for the customer-centric solutions which we have delivered in collaboration with SBI Mutual Funds in India. Yes, we are the WINNERS, and it has been possible with the support, trust and love of our clients. Accepting challenges is in our genes and we have successfully overcome the major critics in a simply amazing way.


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